What Are The Advantages Of A 358 Welded Mesh Security Fence?

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Information about What Are The Advantages Of A 358 Welded Mesh Security Fence?

Published on May 31, 2019

Author: gryffinau

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slide 1: What Are The Advantages of A 358 Welded Mesh Security Fence Whether it’s an unwanted opportunistic intruder or premeditated terrorist security threats can come from anywhere. Having a security fence effectively protect your perimeter and keep it secure requires a unique and superior form of security fencing. This is why Gryffin has made their own exclusive 358 Welded Mesh security fence that is made from superior high-tensile Bezinal 2000 wire featuring a special coating using a unique formula of 10 Aluminium and 90 Zinc. Below are the main advantages you will benefit from when installing this high-security fencing to protect your infrastructure.  Maximum Visibility slide 2: Because of its unique design 358 Welded Mesh provides maximum visibility while establishing a fully protective barrier. ‘358’ refers to its mesh panel design which is made up of 3” x 0.5” opening sizes with an 8-gauge wire diameter. This allows the security fence to provide full visibility to the outside to clearly detect any intruders that are near the fence and instantly identify any security breaches. This also provides a clear line of sight for security cameras and other security personnel. This makes 358 Welded Mesh ideal for detention facilities transport emergency services and mental health facility applications.  Climb Resistant The 358 Welded Mesh design means that intruders are unable to easily climb or scale over the protective security fence. This is because its panel design doesn’t allow for toes and fingers to fit through rendering the high-security fencing very difficult to climb for potential intruders. slide 3:  Cut Resistant Another great benefit is that the 358 Welded Mesh security fence is highly resistant to security breaches from cutting tools. Due to the small aperture design normal hand cutting tools aren’t able to properly fit between the gaps and find a position to cut the wire.  Strong Durable Gryffin’s 358 Welded Mesh security fence features a unique coating which provides a much longer lifespan as opposed to other security fencing in Australia that is made from a wire coating of 5 Aluminium and 95 Zinc. When looking for a security fence that will provide maximum security to protect your critical infrastructure talk to the security fencing experts at Gryffin about their superior 358 Welded Mesh security fence. For all the information you need to get started visit their website today. slide 4: Get in Touch With Us Address : 8 Bessemer Rd Bayswater Victoria 3153 Australia Phone : 1300 761 806 Email : salesgryffin.com.au Website : https://www.gryffin.com.au

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