What are problems for Independent trekkers in Annapurna

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Information about What are problems for Independent trekkers in Annapurna

Published on July 19, 2018

Author: landmarkdiscovery

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What are problems for Independent trekkers in Annapurna?: What are problems for Independent trekkers in Annapurna? Slide2: At 4,130m Annapurna Base Camp is moderately elevated and averagely challenging trek in Nepal. It is possible to trek Annapurna independently but there are certain things you should know before embarking for the journey. Here are the list of some major problems and their solution during Annapurna Base Camp Trek: Misleading trekking routes: : Misleading trekking routes: Problem: As you are new to Annapurna trekking routes, the sub-trail connecting to the village might create some difficulty. Solution: We suggest you not hike in the evening time. Better accompany a guide for safety. Or don’t hesitate to ask the Annapurna Base Camp Trekking route information to the public. Language: Problem: Language might be a great problem in Annapurna Base Camp Trek . All the local along the trekking trail cannot speak English. Slide4: Solution: Better carry a travel guide book describing all the trekking routes or accompany at least an English speaking porter who can translate for you. The experience is worthless until you speak with locals. Altitude: : Altitude: Problem: Though altitude is not big problem in Annapurna Base Camp Trekking route, sometime trekkers might get victimize by altitude sickness. Solution: Stay hydrated and walk in a gradual pace. Don’t race, listen to your body and get rest whenever your body needed. You can go for Poon Hill Short Trek and head for Annapurna Base camp Trek for complete acclimatization. Accommodation & Food: Problem: Don’t expect luxury between nowhere in the mountains. Though the low altitude teahouse can offer you the range of food and accommodation, high altitude teahouse offers basic services but it is comfortable. Solution: You can pack all your favorites like chocolates, energy drinks and other snacks. It is available in shopping market in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Some of branded items may not be available in Kathmandu, better get that one from your home country. Also pack sleeping bag and liner for extra comfort. But teahouse can offer you a warm blanket though heater is not available. Reservation: : Reservation: Problem: You might encounter the reservation problems (teahouse, flight and bus) as all will be pre-booked in peak season. It is very hard to find accommodation and flight ticket in high season – spring & autumn. Solution: Get all the necessary reservation booked before heading for the journey. Experience: Problem: Though trekking independently is full of adventure; you might miss something which you should not really miss. There are abundant of viewpoints and touristic sites in Annapurna region which simply an independent trekkers cannot point out. Solution: Get the complete information about the trekking routes before journey. You can read Annapurna trekking blogs and books related to Annapurna regions or simply hire a local guide. Difficulty: : Difficulty: Problem: The countless stone stairs, frequent coming ups and downs and remoteness might be the problem for beginner trekkers. Solution: Get ready for challenges. Train yourself – running, cardio, hiking, swimming and leg exercise few months before the journey. If you are new to the mountain, we suggest you to buy online premium to get ultimate experience and enjoy the trip to the fullest. All the arrangements are made beforehand and you will have hassle-free trip.

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