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Information about What are Orthopedic Knee Braces

Published on March 21, 2014

Author: pratima0627

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What are Orthopedic Knee Braces : What are Orthopedic Knee Braces PowerPoint Presentation:  Knee braces are used by patients suffering from osteoarthritis in order to reduce pain.Osteoarthritis is characterized by pain in the knee, caused usually due to old age. The main mechanics behind a knee brace is to lift the weight from the damaged knee so that the pain minimizes. PowerPoint Presentation:  This enables people suffering from osteoarthritis to not just manage pain but also improve the ability to move and walk around, which would otherwise be confined to a few steps. There are many types of knee braces available which have varied designs and make use of varied materials. PowerPoint Presentation:  Osteoarthritis is caused due to the thinning of the cartilage which essentially envelopes the ends of tibia and the fibula. As the disease progresses, the space between the ends may reduce to the point where they touch each other. This is when the knee hurts a lot and you feel pain. A knee brace helps to take away the load away from the site of pain, thus decreasing pain. PowerPoint Presentation:  A knee brace also allows for free movement and helps you cover more distance which would otherwise be difficult due to osteoarthritis. Knee braces are made from a combination of materials such as rubber, plastic, moldable foam and metal. In case of osteoarthritis, knee brace is combined with other medical treatments for quicker recovery. Challenges of wearing a knee brace : Challenges of wearing a knee brace Although knee braces are highly recommended for people suffering from osteoarthritis, it is important to note that there are a few risks associated with the use of knee braces. Swelling: Most patients opting for knee braces suffer from swelling and redness at least during the initial months; especially if the braces are not of proper fit. Some also experience swelling around the knee joints. PowerPoint Presentation: Pain and Discomfort: Since a knee brace is usually heavy, there may be discomfort in adjusting to it. Many people also find it hot and uncomfortable during the initial days. Less Benefit: Many people suffering from osteoarthritis may not benefit at all from wearing knee braces Preparation : Preparation It is important that you discuss your condition with your doctor before you decide to wear knee braces. An orthopedic doctor will first examine your condition and make recommendations accordingly. In case your doctor is convinced that a knee brace can benefit you, he will recommend you to an orthotist who specializes in designing and building braces that fit the patient perfectly. PowerPoint Presentation:  An ill fitting brace can lead to many complications, thus it is important to custom make your knee brace from a professional orthotist. With the help of advancement in technology and science, it has now become possible for osteoarthritis patients to lead a comfortable life with the set of orthopedic knee braces. There are pros as well as cons to the use of knee braces; therefore it is very important to consult your orthopedic doctor before choosing to wear a knee brace. Although most people are able to reap the benefits of braces, for some it could turn out to be a difficult time, therefore always make sure to consult before making any decision.

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