What all you need to know about asbestos used in construction

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Information about What all you need to know about asbestos used in construction

Published on January 16, 2018

Author: ndcmanagement

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slide 1: For more details please visit at http://www.ndcmanagement.co.uk What All You Need to Know About Asbestos used in Construction The construction industry where it is an important indicator of development in the country it is also one of the major health deteriorating industry. This industry requires the use of various minerals like chalk dolomite gypsum brick clay limestone and etc which on inhalation or through skin contact can cause severe harm and health issues. One such mineral which I want to address here is asbestos. It is a naturally occurring mineral which is incorporated into products to make them fireproof and stronger. It is used maximum in the construction industry as compared to other industries. The various construction products that use asbestos are insulation roofing flooring cement and coatings material. Asbestos can enter the body through four routes inhalation ingestion skin contact and injection. The inhalation is one of the most dangerous routes. Here everyday small amount of asbestos fibers is inhaled and settled down deep into lungs causing lung cancer. The ingestion skin contact and injection are not that fatal but do require medical help. slide 2: For more details please visit at http://www.ndcmanagement.co.uk So now when you know a brief about it how should you go about it First of all identify the use of asbestos at your workplace. Surely itll be ample now call for some risk assessor or asbestos specialist who can actually study and measure the graveness of prevailing situation at the site. He would check all the asbestos- containing material ACM go for air monitoring and will tell you the level of risk present. If the level of risk is higher go for following: Stop working immediately Alert the other concerned person or authorities Decontaminate the person who has been exposed to asbestos for too long. If any of his belongings or equipment cant be contaminated then throw it in a separate waste bag. The workers suspected of being exposed to the asbestos-containing material must undergo an immediate medical examination. Tell other workers to stay away from asbestos affected zone Install warning signs or danger flags Consult the asbestos assessor occupational hygienist or component person for the remediation or decontamination work. Follow their instructions and co-operate them. Once it is done obtain a clearance certificate from them. After this certificate resume your work but this time make sure to keep taking measures and getting checks done in this regard on a regular interval. Being aware of workplace situations and ensuring that everybody is safe from potential hazards is extremely important. Never take your work and the health of your workforce lightly

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