What about seeing a gyantse horse racing festival in tibet

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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: jacob615

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What about Seeing aGyantse Horse Racing Festival in Tibet Each year, Tibet attracts many tourists from all around the world. One of the most important reasons that why people likeTibet tour is that they want to experience Tibetan cultures. One direct and effective way to feel Tibetan culture is to attend the Tibetan festivals. There are many Tibetan festivals in Tibet and Gyantse Horse Racing Festival is one of whichabsolutely worth seeing if you travel in Tibet. The Gyantse Horse Racing Festival is held in Gyantse, in Nyangchu Valley, where is one of the most pleasant towns in Tibet. Besides the Horse Racing Festival, Gyantse is also renowned for GyantseKumbum – the largest stupa in Tibet. If you travel to Tibet to Gyantse, you can’t miss the GyantseKunbum. Gyantse Horse Racing Festival is held on 20 July. Tibetan festivals are held according to the Tibetan lunar calendar, which usually lags at least one month behind Gregorian calendar. Horse racing is popular in Tibet, just like the archery. Gyantse has a long history (starting in 1408) for the two activities. The horse race in Tibetan plateau is intense. Tibetans ride their own horses to compete for the best. What about watching this excellent horse racing show? If tourists come to Tibet in July, check your date with WindhorseTour (a local China travel agency), they usually can arrange you a tour for Gyantse Hose Racing Festival. Tourists who travel to Gyantse should also not forget to see the GyantseKumbum (Kumbum means 100,000 Buddha images), which is the largest stupa in Tibet. Cover of the GyantseKumbum is the magnificent tiered structure while the inner part contains endless series of mural-filled chapels where kept exquisite paintings, giving outstanding views from its upper levels. It’s a good spot for photography. It is 35 meters (115 ft.) in height, with white layers and decorative stripes surrounding outside the stupa. The roof part is a crown-like golden dome. This picture was taken in March, 1937. There is also a Litang Horse Racing Festival in Sichuan. Litang ranks the highest town in the world and the largest town in western Sichuan. If you want to visit the GyantseKumbum then you can add it to your itinerary. YourTibet tourcan also contain one of the three holy lakes in Tibet – Yamdrok Lake, which is also worth visiting. Tourists can have a close touch on the blue water in Yamdroklake. Actually, tourists traveling in Tibet are not just to see the beautiful Qinghai-Tibetan plateau. Tourists also want to take part in and immerse themselves in the different Tibetan cultures.

When the horses gallop on the plateau, you must be very excited. Hold your breath and let your spirit gallop for a while. You will have an amazing experience. Gyantse Horse Racing Festival lasts for 7 days. The activities include the culture show and intense horse racing competitions held between villages under Gyantse County. Nowadays, folk songs and dances, barter trade, ball games are also included. Gyantse Horse Racing Festival gives many Tibetans a chance to communicate and to better improve their riding skills. If tourists can join this 7 days festival, it will be a memorable experience in their life time.

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