What 3 Business Models are Scalable

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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: jantriplett

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There are good reasons to use a business model that is scalable and has room to grow. There are consequences if you don't. We have found three viable models but they differ in many ways including how they relate to the personal goals and interests of the owners or partners. Is there one that's right for you or should you stay a freelancer or lifestyle business owner? This poses questions to consider, provides resources, and includes books worth reading and useful Business Success Center events to attend online or in person.

+ BOSS-Talks Scalable Business Models Presenter: Jan Triplett, Ph.D. CEO #BOSSModelsFeb2014 Business Success Center Sales, Marketing & Financial Strategy

+ This is me. We produce smarter owners, better sales, scalable businesses! •  We’re the place to come for tools & systems to ramp up or scale your business •  30 years of successful results •  High tech to no tech firms •  Service & product businesses •  A-Z industries & professions •  Award-winning, Internationally recognized •  NCRC Professionally certified •  Proud to be green ©Business Success Center, Austin, TX 2014. All rights reserved. 2

+ 3 Goal of this BOSS-Talks (Business Ownership Success System) n  Get ideas to share and use in your business situation. n  Information is from: n  My book, Networker’s Guide to Success 3rd Edition, Planning to Go (to be released March 1) and n  My posts at http://ownersview.com/owners-viewblog/ n  ©Business Success Center, Austin, TX 2014. All rights reserved.

+ 4 Agenda n  Kinds of Models n  Things to think about n  Q&A as we go along n  Worth Reading n  Events Worth Attending ©Business Success Center, Austin, TX 2014. All rights reserved.

Scalable  Business  Models   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   5  

Scalability  Defined   "   Scalability  is  the  ability  of  a  business  to  handle  a   growing  amount  of  work  in  a  capable  manner  or  its   ability  to  be  enlarged  to  accommodate  that  growth.   "   It  implies  that  the  underlying  business  model  offers   the  potential  for  economic  growth  within  the   company.   From  Wikipedia   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   6  

Business  Model  Defined   "   Describes  the  rationale  of  how  an  organization  creates,  delivers,   and  captures  value  (economic,  social,  cultural,  or  other  forms  of   value).   "   In  theory  and  practice,  it  is  used  for  a  broad  range  of  informal  and   formal  descriptions  to  represent  core  aspects  of  a  business:        Purpose      Target  Customers    Strategic  Business  Units  (what  the  business  sells)    Strategies    Infrastructure  and  Organizational  Structures      Trading  Practices,  and    Operational  Processes  and  Policies.     "   The  process  of  business  model  construction  is  part  of  business   strategy.   From  Wikipedia   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   7  

All  are  Scalable   Business  Models   "  Product   "  Service   "  Product  with  Services   "  Services  with  Products   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   8  

Models  Refined   "  Entrepreneurial   "  Proprietorship   "  Guild   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   9  

Differences  in  Models   "   Customers   "   Employees   "   Timing   "   Growth  Strategy   "   Systems   "   Exit   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   10  

Scaling  &  Exit  Are  Related   "  Money   "  Effort     "  Time   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   11  

Decide  Where  You’re   Going  First   "   Multiple  locations   "   Sell   "   Franchise   "   License   "   Go  Public   "   Close  Doors   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   12  

Who’s  Going  with  You?   Solo  or  Partner?   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   13  

How  Do  You  Know   You’re  Scalable?   "   Flexible  &  Adaptable   "   Quick  to  ID  problems,  opportunities,  threats   "   Easy  to  manage,  maintain,  upgrade,  fix   "   Minimal  disruption  when  changes  made   "   Consistent   " " " "         Deliverables  (including  access  to  suppliers)   Operations    Customer  Attraction  &  Retention   Financials   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   14  

What  if  you  don’t  scale?   " " " " " " "   Hard  to  fund     Hard  to  hire  help     Hard  to  get  time  off     Lifestyle  Business     Freelancer     Cash  flow  ups  &  downs     Business  dies;  hard  to  sell   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   15  

Now  what?   "   Analyze  what  you’re  doing  now.   "   Decide  if  scaling  is  right  for  you.   "   If  yes,  spend  quality  time  to  make  it  more   scalable  &  hire  right  —  No  hip  shooters!   "   If  no,  live  with  it  —  Padre  Island  billboard  “If   our  music  is  too  loud,  too  bad.”   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   16  

Next  BOSS-­‐Talk   "   Topic:  Successful  Business  Owner  Traits   "   Thursday,  March  6,  11:00-­‐11:30am  CST   "   RSVP  at   http://www.eventbrite.com/e/business-­‐success-­‐ center-­‐boss-­‐talks-­‐successful-­‐business-­‐owner-­‐traits-­‐ tickets-­‐10510297583? utm_campaign=new_eventv2&utm_medium=emai l&utm_source=eb_email&utm_term=eventurl_text   "   Please  tell  others.   ©  Business  Success  Center,  Austin,  TX  2014   17  

Resources n  Meet & Grow – free scalablity potential meeting (email marsha@ownersview to schedule) n  BSC’s Income Generation Partnership — select opportunity for clients wanting an active partner to help generate income. n  Consider reading: n  n  n  n  n  n  Blue Ocean Strategy by Kim & Mauborgne The Networker’s Guide to Success 3rd Edition, ebook by Jan Triplett at Apple, Amazon, & Nook or pdf from the BSC Thinking Big, Staying Small by Ruiz, Triplett, & Shipp-Evatt BSC Enewsletter “40,000 Foot View” on business strategy. Free. Checklist Manifesto by Gupta. For other business strategy resources, check out: n  n  http://www.ownersview.com Jan Triplett and Daniel Diener’s guest posts for the Business Bank of Texas ©Business Success Center, Austin, TX 2014. All rights reserved. 18

Coming Up n  Next BOSS-Talks online Thurs. March. 6(11:00-11:30 CST) “The Right Stuff: Successful Business Owner Traits”. Do you have what it takes? ______ n  B2B Meetup —Perfect Partner Mon. Feb. 24 11:45-1:00PM CST online interview with Mike Whiteside, CEO of Black Dog Salvage and star of DIY and HGTV’s “Salvage Dawgs” on growing a business and a partnership. n  First Looks Forum Mentoring Program Feb. 18 Must apply by Feb. 10. Free n  Owners MBA (Go here for more info) Find out more about our other business development events at http://ownersview.com/owners-mba-tools/businessdevelopment-meetings/ To talk, email me (triplett@ownersview.com). ©Business Success Center, Austin, TX 2014. All rights reserved. 19

+ Here’s to your success! Jan Triplett triplett@ownersview.com www.ownersview.com 512-933-1983 #BOSSModelsFeb2014

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