Whale and Fish Differences second one

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Information about Whale and Fish Differences second one

Published on September 17, 2007

Author: WoodRock

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Whales and Fish:  Whales and Fish By Mrs. Allison Skin:  Skin Whales have smooth rubbery skin. Most fish have scaly skin. How they breathe:  How they breathe Whales breathe with lungs and must come up for air. Fish breathe with gills and get oxygen from the water. How they swim:  How they swim Whales move their tail fins up and down to swim. Most fish swing their tail fins sideways to swim. How they are born:  How they are born Whales are born live. Most fish hatch from eggs. Whales make beautiful sounds:  Whales make beautiful sounds Click here to go to a web site where you can hear whale sounds.

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