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Published on February 13, 2008

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Mesopotamia: the Land Between Two Rivers:  Mesopotamia: the Land Between Two Rivers By: Sarah Wheeler, Emily Vyhnanek, Dominique Wimmer, Jen Sorensen, Zach Plank, and Elise Geography:  Geography Lies between the Tigris River and the Euphrates River Modern day Iraq East of the Arabian Desert South of Caucasus Mountains Lots of flooding! Religion/ Mythology:  Religion/ Mythology Ziggurats The Epic of Gilgamesh Polytheism Theocracy and the role of religion in society Political Social Structure:  Political Social Structure Mesopotamia had city states Ziggurats were used in the social structure Kings as demigods Ziggurat World Impact:  World Impact Sumerians lived in Mesopotamia from 3000-2000 BCE Cuniform one of the first ways of writing The Code of Hammurabi is the first collection of laws Bull Slide7:  Bull’s Head Bowl Examples of Cuneiform Bibliography:  Bibliography McIntosh, J.(2003). Civilizations: Ten Thousand Years of Ancient History. New York, NY: BBC Worldwide. Roberts, T. R.(1997). Ancient Civilizations: Great Empires at Their Heights. New York, NY: Micheal Friedman Publishing Group Inc. Grolier.(2000). Ancient Civilizations: Vol. 6. Danbury, CT: The Brown Reference Group. Pg. 41-45. Grolier.(2000). Ancient Civilizations: Vol. 10. Danbury, CT: The Brown Reference Group. Andrea A. and Overfield J.(2001). The Human Record: Vol. 1. Houghton Mifflin Co. Nemet-Nejat K. R.(1998). Daily Life In Ancient Mesopotamia. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. Questions, Anyone?:  Questions, Anyone? So You Think You Know Ancient Mesopotamia?:  So You Think You Know Ancient Mesopotamia? The game everyone raves about! Name THIS Cuneiform excerpt!:  Name THIS Cuneiform excerpt! Name This Building!:  Name This Building! Name the two modern day civilizations that are located where ancient Mesopotamia was!:  Name the two modern day civilizations that are located where ancient Mesopotamia was! Name a Mesopotamian city state!:  Name a Mesopotamian city state! What ethnic group lived in ancient Mesopotamia from 3000 to 2000 BCE?:  What ethnic group lived in ancient Mesopotamia from 3000 to 2000 BCE? BONUS POINT!:  BONUS POINT! What is the name of Gilgamesh’s close friend throughout The Epic of Gilgamesh???

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