WGPOA 2007 Annual Mtg Agenda

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Published on November 2, 2007

Author: Julie

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Wood Glen Property Owners Association (WGPOA):  Wood Glen Property Owners Association (WGPOA) 2007 Annual Meeting September 19, 2007 7:00 pm Agenda – WGPOA 2007 Annual Meeting:  Agenda – WGPOA 2007 Annual Meeting Call to Order Introduction of Board Members, Committee Chairs, Goodwin Management and Others Review of 2006 Annual Meeting Minutes Committee Updates Thanks to all volunteers Treasurer’s Report Social Committee Modifications Landscape/Greenbelt Communications Capital Improvements Wrap Up / Questions / Discussion Introductions WGPOA 2007 Annual Meeting:  Introductions WGPOA 2007 Annual Meeting Introduction of Board Members President: Grace Capwell gcapwell@austin.rr.com Vice President: OPEN Treasurer: Joe Fields josephfields@austin.rr.com Secretary: Jim Dailey jim.dailey@alumni.utexas.net Section 1: Grace Capwell gcapwell@austin.rr.com Section 2: Joe Fields josephfields@austin.rr.com Section 3: Jim Dailey jim.dailey@alumni.utexas.net Section 4: OPEN Section 5: Jodi Brahosky sbrahosky@austin.rr.com Section 6: Tonya Emberton temberton@sbcglobal.net Section 7: Shawn Hoss shoss@austin.rr.com Introductions WGPOA 2007 Annual Meeting:  Introductions WGPOA 2007 Annual Meeting Introduction of Committee Chairs Modifications: Sam Myers slmyers58@earthlink.net Tim Agee Sharon Mallory Kirvin Rogers Carole Capwell Pool/Amenity Center: Shawn Hoss shoss@austin.rr.com Landscaping / Greenbelt: Karen Fischer kfischer4@austin.rr.com Capital Improvements: Rex Bryan rex_bryan@yahoo.com Social: Denise Hoss dchoss@austin.rr.com Communications: Melissa Gialusis melissa@gialusis.com 3406 Safety Liaison: Natalie Gulley Safety / Neighborhood Watch: OPEN Neighborhood Clean Up: OPEN Introductions WGPOA 2007 Annual Meeting:  Introductions WGPOA 2007 Annual Meeting Introduction of Management Company Marilyn Childress marilyn.childress@goodwintx.com Goodwin Management, Inc. 11149 Research Blvd. Suite 100 Austin, TX 78759-5227 Tel: (512) 502-7509 Fax: (512) 346-4873 Cell: (512) 750-2883 General Programs Update :  General Programs Update Management Company Responsibilities Accounts payable for WG monthly bills Annual dues collections/reporting Collected 100% of neighbor dues by April Monthly drive-throughs Annual tree report Fines assessed and collected Violation notices issued and reported to board General Programs Update :  General Programs Update Ant Bait Program Common areas, front yards 2X/year spring and fall to control fire ants Research Pest Control uses spreaders for front yards, common areas, greenbelts Backyard applications using Texas Ag extension and WG volunteers Total backyard homeowners:  123 Thanks to Wizzie Brown, Mike and Kristin Cuming, Laurie Provost Issues: Need ant bait volunteer coordinator General Programs Update :  General Programs Update Security at Amenity Center ADT motion detector based alarm system Motion activated lights Kevin Davis on call Year to date 70 calls requiring physical response Wood Glen crime issues Pool and tennis court vandalism Resident spray paint vandalism Resident pool contamination vandalism Toy gun on WG property report General Programs Update :  General Programs Update Representation at Quarterly Round Rock Mayor’s Roundtable and participation in city surveys Neighborhood cooperation with The Plantation – Garage sale dates, 3406 Safety Committee Updates:  Committee Updates Thanks to all volunteers Treasurer’s Report Social Committee Modifications Landscape/Greenbelt Pool/Amenity Center Communications Capital Improvements Thanks to All Volunteers :  Thanks to All Volunteers Mike Cuming Laurie Provost Megan and John Southard Ruth Mallory Wendy Coleman Megan and John Southard Jen and Bob Johnson Natalie Gulley Tamara Chafin Carol Murray Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer’s Report Joe Fields Financial Summary:  Financial Summary Changes from 2004 to 2007 Income – Interest from increasing cash balance Expense - $27K investment in Capital Improvements, $7K investments in communications via website design, news letters and management fees. $7K increase in utilities, $5K in maintenance and security. 2007 Income Budget - ($000s):  2007 Income Budget - ($000s) Income Dues (94%) – YTD + $9K (12/06 $6K in delinquent dues) Interest (5%) – YTD + $2K (~ $2K per month) Other (1%)– YTD + $1K (late fees, violations and misc.) 2007 Expense Budget – ($000s):  2007 Expense Budget – ($000s) Expense YTD vs. BTD Admin – Under by $4K Utilities – Under by $1K Property – Under by $4K Capt. Imp – Under by $37K Tax & Ins – Over by $4K Social Committee:  Social Committee Denise Hoss Social Committee :  Social Committee Events for 2007: Easter Egg Hunt Spring Garage Sale 4th of July bike parade National Night Out Fall Garage Sale (October 6th) Halloween Carnival (October 28th) Cocoa with Santa (December 9th) Social Committee Volunteers Make It Happen!:  Social Committee Volunteers Make It Happen! Thank You: Jen & Bob Johnson Rex & Stacie Bryan Megan & John Southard Leslie & Bill Long Josh Hoss Mike Chafin Don & Kathy Wood Seeking a new Social Committee Chair Volunteers are needed for the remaining events for 2007 Modifications :  Modifications Sam Myers Modifications Committee :  Modifications Committee Requests received: 32 Requests approved: 30 Disapproval reasons: Playscape too high (over 10 foot limit on “structures”) Garage door not architecturally or aesthetically compatible with existing style in neighborhood. Modifications Committee :  Modifications Committee REMINDERS: Any “change” to your lot or exterior of your home may require approval IN ADVANCE. See Art. IV, Sect 4 (page 16) of Covenants for details. Most changes are approved - unless specifically prohibited - but proceeding with unapproved changes can be costly to you and delay closing on sale. Modifications Committee :  Modifications Committee Typical Projects Requiring Modifications Approval (not a comprehensive list) First –time fence painting (color and design) Swimming pool addition Outside storage shed or building addition Fountain in front yard Gazebo addition to backyard Drainage modifications to front or back Building a deck Adding a gate anywhere on property Cutting down trees in front Adding shudders to front of house Building a porch or adding a pergola to back patio Changing house paint colors Changing/replacing garage doors with different design Setting up a playscape in back Adding new landscaping to front Landscape/Greenbelt :  Landscape/Greenbelt Karen Fischer Landscape/Greenbelt Committee Update :  Landscape/Greenbelt Committee Update Projects Completed (Beyond Regular Maintenance/Plantings) Common area/trails cut vines and treated with herbicide Removed overgrown trees at guard shack and “Park” section entrance Installed rain sensors Shredding behind basketball court and Becca Teal areas Shredding on north and south side of Henley Bridges mowed and trash picked up Landscape/Greenbelt Committee Update :  Landscape/Greenbelt Committee Update Proposed Projects To Be Done Granite trail work where rain runoff has washed out the granite (possible resurface work) Regular vine removal (root cut) maintenance Tree pruning common areas/amenity center (multiple bids being secured) Remove or transplant Burford hollies at Plantation (large) mail box central to allow car doors to open Native wild flowers behind basketball court and along trail near Henley Landscape/Greenbelt Committee Update :  Landscape/Greenbelt Committee Update Wood Glen Landscape Issues Homeowners along greenbelts cannot dump behind fences Homeowners backing up to Creek Bend Blvd. Maintain groundcover to keep it from encroaching under fence along Creek Bend Does trash along Plantation Drive warrant cleaning service? What else? Pool/Amenity Center :  Pool/Amenity Center Shawn Hoss Pool/Amenity Center:  Pool/Amenity Center Year-round access to the restrooms starting this year All pool rules will remain in effect requiring all children to be accompanied by an adult The pool, tennis and park areas have been a very popular place for Wood Glen residents this summer Frequency of janitorial service increased Maintenance Pool fence, water fountain, fire extinguisher (vandalism) Alarm system repairs Tennis Court: repaired fence (vandalism), added wind screens Pool/Amenity Center:  Pool/Amenity Center Future repairs be completed over the winter : Repaint bath house and fence Power wash masonry Structural repairs to the building overhang Tile and masonry repairs to the baby pool. Motion lights for the pool area will be installed. Need for furniture replacement Playground repairs: Resurface and stain picnic tables and benches. Pressure wash playground equipment Amenity center vandalism prevention :  Amenity center vandalism prevention Communications:  Communications Melissa Gialusis Communications Update:  Communications Update New communications committee chair Melissa Gialusis – melissa@gialusis.com New monthly print newsletter Communications Update:  Communications Update Electronic eNewsletter Increased circulation from 4x/year to 12x/year Since January 2007, email database grew 12%, from 238 members to 270 members New support for timely web updates Austin-based Webii Wood Glen Web and Email Access :  Wood Glen Web and Email Access The WGPOA website is your resource for up-to-date information including the calendar of events, contact info, section map, deed restrictions, modifications submission form and much more. www.woodglen.org To subscribe to the email version of this newsletter and to receive timely notices via email, join the WGPOA email list by subscribing at: woodglenpoa-subscribe@yahoogroups.com A Look Ahead…:  A Look Ahead… Please submit new story ideas and resident-authored content Submit by 9th of every month for next issue Currently researching a password-protected website allowing access to registered residents only Neighborhood directory suggested What do you think? Electronic or print? Also researching web-based tools for poll-taking Questions? Suggestions? Capital Improvements:  Capital Improvements Rex Bryan Perimeter Fencing:  Perimeter Fencing Approx 2900 ft of existing fence with entrances Options: 6mo to annual inspections and repair existing 6mo to annual inspections and spot replacement Total replacement Perimeter Fencing:  Perimeter Fencing Perimeter Fencing:  Perimeter Fencing Amenity Center:  Amenity Center Amenity Center - Priorities:  Amenity Center - Priorities Miscellaneous Improvements:  Miscellaneous Improvements Replace bulletin boards Mailbox Coverings Physical Wood Glen sign at front of neighborhood Wood Glen Resources:  Wood Glen Resources Wood Glen Website http://www.woodglen.org Board of Directors Contact Info http://www.woodglen.org/board.asp Wood Glen Section Map http://www.woodglen.org/documents/sectionmap.pdf Wood Glen Bylaws and Covenants (Searchable) http://www.woodglen.org/documents/WG_Bylaws.pdf http://www.woodglen.org/documents/WG_Covenants_Restrictions.pdf Wood Glen Modifications Request Form http://www.woodglen.org/documents/MCC_REQUESTFORM.doc Wood Glen Management Company marilyn.childress@goodwintx.com

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