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Published on January 3, 2008

Author: Noormahl

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  What you should know Slide2:  Although water is what makes a wetland, it isn’t always easy to find. Have waterlogged soils or are covered with relatively shallow layer of water. Support plants and animals adapted to live in watery environment. Some are only damp Some are saturated below the surface Some are only flooded sometimes Some are just above the surface Slide3:  Wetlands Facts 6% of the earth’s surface is wetland (slightly smaller that entire US) More than half lies within tropical or subtropical latitudes in rain forests, river deltas, and coastal swamps Canada has 15% or worlds wetland acreage Slide4:  Wetlands at Work Flood Busters Silt Trappers Storm Breakers Slide5:  Wetlands and Wildlife Migration Vacation Natural Nurseries Havens for Rare Ones Slide6:  Sources and Levels of Water Are not constant Tides ebb and flow Storms dump rainfall Wet and dry seasons alternate Flood and drought raise water levels Slide7:  Characteristics of Wetlands (water signs) Spongy or mushy ground (knees get wet when kneeling) Mud or dried mud cracks in low spots Water staining on vegetation Mottled or darkly stained vegetation (from previous flooding) Low spots where water might collect Land form from evidence of water ( gullies and stream channels) Slide8:  Characteristics of Wetlands (soil signs) Sulfurous (rotten egg) smell Green, dark gray, brown, or black Wet feel (sticks together in a ball or oozes between fingers) Mottled coloring (concentrations that result from mineral staining) “Gleyed” soils (Gray, blue, blue gray, green gray colors) Slide9:  Characteristics of Wetlands (plant adoptions) Long oxygen transporting tubes Ability to float on shallow water Knees in root system for oxygen intake Shallow or exposed roots Swollen tree trunks thickened Common plants…cattail, wild rice, jewel-weed, duckweed and water hyacinth Slide10:  Characteristics of Wetlands (Many different types) Bog Pocosin Carr Fen Playa Muskeg Slough Mire Swamp Pothole Slide11:  Functions of Wetlands Wetlands at Work... Flood Busters: Leaving wetlands in their natural state is a good way to control flooding. Wetlands act like giant shallow bowls. Water that flows into these areas naturally loses speed as it collects and spreads out. The vegetation in wetlands also help to slow the moving flood waters. As a result, the damage to developed areas near wetlands is less than areas located near wetlands that have been drained and filled. Silt Trappers: When flood waters are slowed by wetlands the silt and other sediments that are carried by the water settle out among the roots and stems of the wetland plants. This protects the lakes, streams, and other bodies of water downstream from destroying living habitats. The wetland plants also filter pollutants from the water like excessive nutrients and chemicals that the silt is carrying along. Much of this water is generally used for our source of drinking water. Storm Breakers: Wetlands serve as buffers between the wind and waves during storms. Wetlands also bind the soil and help keep it from eroding during storms. Wetlands take the punishment and help protect the farms, forests, and buildings located near large bodies of water. Slide12:  Wetlands and Wildlife… Migration Vacation: Thousands of birds and other water fowl stop into wetlands to refuel on the food supplies on their way to winter or summer homes. Some birds make their winter homes in wetlands where they nest. The population during migration goes way up in wetland areas because of the rich abundant food supply. Natural Nurseries: Many young critters get their start in wetlands. Fish, crabs, and others spend their young lives in wetlands before moving on to open waters. The thick wetland vegetation offers a good place to hide from predators and offers a rich food supply for young growing animals. Havens for Rare Ones: About 35% of all animals and plants that are listed as threatened or endangered in the United States either live in or depend on them in some way. This isn’t a good fact because wetlands are still being dredged, drained, and filled in for farms, houses, and developments. So, 1/3 of all endangered animals and plants are linked to wetlands. This is a scary statistic because only 5% of the lower United States is wetlands. Slide13:  OPPORTUNITIES *Toyota TAPESTRY Grants for Teachers The Toyota TAPESTRY program offers grants to K-12 science teachers for innovative projects that enhance science education in the school and/or school district. Fifty one-year grants, totaling up to $500,000, will be awarded this year. To apply for funding, qualified teachers must write a Toyota TAPESTRY proposal according to the proposal requirements. The deadline for receipt of proposals is January 20, 2000. Proposals must describe a project, including its potential impact on students and a budget up to $10,000. Recipients of Toyota TAPESTRY grants will be notified via Federal Express no later than March 1, 2000. Non-recipients will be notified by May 1, 2000. Grants will be awarded in two categories: Environmental Education and Physical Science Applications. Projects are funded in the Environmental Education category that emphasize the efficient use of natural resources and protection of the environment. Projects are funded in the Physical Science Applications category that relate the laws, principles, and concepts of science (physics and chemistry) to phenomena and events relevant to students' lives, and should involve students' own experiences and interests. Education Specialists, please forward this information to your teacher contacts. For more information, call 1-800-807-8952

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