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Published on April 6, 2008

Author: neve

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Slide1:  Israeli Settlements in the West Bank November, 2007 www.peacenow.org.il Slide2:  The West Bank 600,000 Palestinians (+500,000 in Gaza Strip) 1967 Slide3:  120 Israeli Settlements 2007 267,500 Settlers* 2,400,000 Palestinians * East Jerusalem Excluded Slide4:  The Oslo Agreement Area A - Full Palestinian Control Area B – Israeli Military Control Area C – Full Israeli Control Slide5:  The Oslo Agreement Slide6:  105 “ILLEGAL OUTPOSTS” ~3,000 settlers 2007 Slide7:  Roadblocks & Checkpoints Roadblocks - 467 Manned Checkpoints - 93 Only 35 Checkpoints are “last before Israel” CPs Based on Btselem & Ocha Slide8:  The Separation Barrier 760 km 30 km - Wall 730 km - Fence Slide10:  Construction In Settlements On Going Building - In 88 Settlements (75% of the settlements) ILLEGAL OUTPOSTS:  ILLEGAL OUTPOSTS Slide12:  Haro’e Derech Ha’avot Israel’s Obligations to Evacuate Outposts::  Israel’s Obligations to Evacuate Outposts: Israeli Law & Government Decision (March 2005) The Road Map (May 2003) An Official Letter to NSA (April 2004) Israeli Supreme Court Slide14:  From the “Road Map”, phase 1 (May 2003): "The government of Israel immediately dismantles settlement outposts erected since March 2001” From the letter sent by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's bureau chief to NSA Condoleezza Rice, 14.4.2004: "2. Removal of unauthorized outposts: the Prime Minister and the Minister of defense, jointly, will prepare a list of unauthorized outposts with indicative dates of their removal […] The said list will be presented to Ambassador Kurtzer within 30 days.“ Migron:  Migron ~200 settlers Private Palestinian Lands Taken by the Settlements:  Private Palestinian Lands Taken by the Settlements Land Status in the West Bank:  Land Status in the West Bank Private Palestinian Land State Land Survey Land Land Owned by Jews From the State’s response to Peace Now’s Petition::  From the State’s response to Peace Now’s Petition: “The issue of the petition is a complex and most sensitive issue, where, among others, security considerations and foreign relations aspects of the State of Israel are concerned” Main Findings:  Main Findings 80.25% of the settlements and outpost sit (fully or partially) on Private Palestinian Land (130 of 162) Only 27 settlements and outposts are “clean” from Private Palestinian Land or Survey Land The Total Area of the Settlements:  The Total Area of the Settlements Ofra:  Ofra Private Palestinian Land - 93.2% Survey Land - 0% Jewish Land - 2.9% State Land - 4% Ariel:  Ariel Private Palestinian Land -35.1% Survey Land 1.9% Jewish Land0% State Land - 62.9% A Solution is Possible!:  A Solution is Possible! Slide24:  120 Israeli Settlements The Situation Today 267,500 Settlers + 180,000 in Jerusalem 2,050,000 Palestinians + 250,000 in Jerusalem Slide25:  8.6% of the WB 49 Settlements The Separation Fence 190,000 Settlers + 180,000 in Jerusalem 70,000 Palestinians + 250,000 in Jerusalem Slide26:  2.2% of the WB 21 Settlements Geneva Initiative 140,000 Settlers + 180,000 in Jerusalem 0 Palestinians annexed Slide27:  For further information: www.peacenow.org.il

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