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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: afonso76

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Invest 95€ get 3 direct referrals and start winning 75€ per week.!
Wenyard is the Internet Network Marketing, Gaming and Investmens in perfect harmony!
The only BUSINESS that brings AUTOMATICALLY 500-750 referrals DAILY!!!


Financial success for you. Fast. Wenyard is Gaming, Trading and Networking. We offer the most generous bonuses, promotions and real-time platforms. ! Our arena is a financial game of skill. ‣ Virtual trading platforms combined with first-class software. ‣ Members are offered the best bonuses, promotions and gaming platforms. ‣ Play on your computer, on your tablet and on your mobile. ! A new exciting world, in a safe, reliable and high quality online environment.

NASGO is a game of skill, designed with new features that will take the concept of Stock Market Games to unprecedented heights.

‣ NASGO is a fundamentally new concept game of skill. ‣ NASGO creates a virtual world where real world, real time input affects the virtual actions. ‣ NASGO and the companies listed on NASGO are products of the virtual world, the elements driving the game are a fantastic blend of real events and fiction. ‣ Every company will report to the stock market about their activities and plans. ‣ The stock price on the virtual stock market will be affected by real world events.

‣ The stock price on the virtual stock market will be affected by real world events. ‣ The players who will understand these events and how they may affect the game will have an opportunity to optimize their winnings or cut their losses. ‣ On NASGO you can trade your stocks at any time. ‣ The closer you follow the trends, the better is your chance to maximize you profit. ‣ There is a possibility to lose money and to earn money.

NASGO is truly unique because of the multiple factors bringing liquidity to the stock market. Liquidity is the single most important factor in any market places for prices to increase. ! The synergy between the Wenyard network marketing program with its real time bonus system and the way this is linked to the NASGO stock market game creates instant liquidity as part of the bonus paid to a Mandatory Account where fund must be used in the game. The strong marketing power from thousands of active players being rewarded to create interest and activity in the NASGO game of skill is a strong reason why NASGO has potential for growth beyond most other online games or virtual financial possibilities.

COMPANIES Arctico - Clean, healthy water is what the company was built on, and it is the number one priority. Water is the source of all life. That is why consuming clean, pure, bottled water has become crucial to those seeking a healthy life. SkygoMobile is a research and development company. The company has previously developed and manufactured a series of advanced mobile telephones, but is today specialized towards user interface development for smartphones and software. Microon’s teams of visionaries and scientists have redefined innovation—designing and building some of the world’s most advanced memory technology products.   Welogic is a social web and mobile entertainment company. It develops and publishes social games. These are free-to-play games for social networking services.

Why this changes everything Now. Wenyard stands out from anything previously seen on the market! ‣ Payouts in real time. ‣ Attract the great leaders. ‣ Simplicity that allows new members get fast on track. ‣ The most generous bonuses, prizes and promotions. ‣ Business available at home, at work, in the car, on the train. ‣ Online platforms with first class, real time software ‣ The best compensation plan in the industry, ever.

The Network ‣ Build a Global Team of members where all benefit from each other. ‣ Turnover from thousands of people and their activity every day. ‣ The most effective payment plan in the industry. Wenyard Future Options (WFO’s)

Start Packages €95 WFO’s for €50 Signup bonus €295 WFO’s for €300 + Matching Bonus €795 WFO’s for €1200 All bonuses Bonuses SIGNUP BONUS MATCHING BONUS ONELINER BONUS MOMENTUM BONUS

SIGNUP BONUS When you build your team the players are placed into two teams, right and left. When you balance the team, you get paid according to the bonus plan. ‣ Bonus is paid as 1/2, ie you have 400 points in one leg and 800 points in one leg, you get paid for all of these points. ‣ Broker gives 100 points
 Pro Broker gives 300 points
 Executive Broker gives 800 points ‣ Payment is made in Steps on 400 points. One step is €40. ‣ You keep yourself qualified by buying WFO’s for €10 per week. ‣ Maximum Signup Bonus is €100.000/week and position.

MATCHING BONUS Matching bonus was created to motivate to help your personally sponsored people to success. This bonus pays out percentage based on your personally sponsored teams SignUp Bonus. ‣ 3 personal members registered - you receive 10% of their Signup Bonus ongoing. ‣ 6 personal members registered - you will receive 20% of their Signup Bonus ongoing. ‣ 9 personal members registered - you will receive 20% of their Signup Bonus and 10% on THEIR personal players Signup Bonus ongoing. ‣ You keep yourself qualified by buying WFO’s for €10 per week.

ONELINER BONUS Your Oneliner Bonus starts at the time and date you register. Payment is done in WFO’s. You keep yourself qualified by buying WFO’s for €10 per week. Payout/week 1 0 250 5 € 2 3 500 50 € 3 3 750 75 € 4 6 1 000 100 € 5 6 1 500 250 € 6 With this bonus you can get paid on everybody in the whole network downline and crossline. You become qualified for higher levels by sponsoring people and by upgrading your position to Executive Broker. Level Frontline Members 9 2 500 500 € 7 9 5 000 750 € 8 9 10 000 1 000 € 9 9 15 000 1 500 € 10 18 25 000 3 000 € 11 24 50 000 4 000 € 12 30 100 000 5 000 € 13 36 200 000 6 000 €

MOMENTUM BONUS To keep the momentum when you start your career in Wenyard we have added a special bonus for that purpose. When you sign up a person you will get the same amount of WFO’s as the one you sponsor. When you signup you get 72 hours of Momentum Bonus, and when you keep on sponsoring people you extend the time for getting the bonus so you can get it continuously. ‣ Sponsoring a Broker gets you 24 extra hours on your Momentum Bonus timer. ‣ Sponsoring a Pro Broker gets you 48 extra hours on your Momentum Bonus timer. ‣ Sponsoring a Executive Broker gets you 72 extra hours on your Momentum Bonus timer. ‣ As Executive Broker with at least 9 personal signups you also get Team Momentum Bonus, This means you get 10% of the Momentum Bonus your sponsor downlines receive. ‣ You keep yourself qualified by buying WFO’s for €10 per week.

Payments ‣ All production in your team overall will get paid to you instantly. ‣ Your bonus is paid by 70% to your Account and by 30% to your Mandatory Account. ‣ The shares you buy using your Mandatory account are locked for 30 days. After this period you can turn your profits in to cash To your account ‣ Buying Gift Certificates can be done directly. ‣ Buying WFO’s can be done directly. ‣ Transfer of funds to your Towah wallet takes 3 weeks


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