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Published on November 1, 2007

Author: Woofer

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WELCOME TO THE AZTECS:  WELCOME TO THE AZTECS THEIR LOCATION:  THEIR LOCATION The Aztecs were a great nation of nomadic warriors who traveled Mexico about 700 years ago in search of a land to call their own. THE EAGLE AND THE SNAKE:  THE EAGLE AND THE SNAKE The Aztec chief had a dream in which their God appeared to him and declared that the Aztecs would build a great nation were the Eagle with a snake in its talons lands on a cactus. THE ISLAND IN THE LAKE:  THE ISLAND IN THE LAKE The warriors searched for many days and came upon a lake. They were tired and hungry. They gazed out upon the lake and guess what they saw. Exactly!! A huge eagle swooped down and grabbed a snake in its talons and landed on a cactus that was on an island in the middle of the lake. GREAT BUILDERS:  GREAT BUILDERS The Aztecs began to build a great nation in the middle of a huge lake. They named their city, Tenochtitlan. It has been likened to Venice because of its great gardens and streams. They traveled by boat much like in Venice. It was a city built of gold. THE AZTEC EDUCATION:  THE AZTEC EDUCATION The Aztecs were very educated. They were the first to create an advanced calendar that is more accurate than our own. They performed brain surgery. They were great in mathematics, architecture, building, astronomy, medicine, surgery, and farming. THE AZTEC RELIGION:  THE AZTEC RELIGION The Aztecs were very religious people. They worshipped many gods. They had a god for almost everything. They Aztecs believed that the moon and the sun were gods. They thought that the moon and the sun did battle every night and day. THE AZTECS GODS:  THE AZTECS GODS The Aztecs believed that in order to give the Sun power to defeat the moon and rise each morning the Sun must have a blood sacrifice. They believed they must sacrifice a beating heart everyday. THE AZTEC SACRAFICES:  THE AZTEC SACRAFICES The Aztecs were forced to be at constant war to obtain prisoners to sacrifice. They never killed their enemies. They captured them and held them for daily sacrifice. They were placed on a bench and their heart was cut out and placed in a stone statue of Chac-mool. THE AZTEC WARFARE:  THE AZTEC WARFARE The Aztecs were feared and hated by all of the other Indian tribes of Mexico. THE ARRIVAL OF THE SPANISH:  THE ARRIVAL OF THE SPANISH A man by the name of Hernán Cortez had heard of the infamous Aztecs. The Spanish were experiencing gold fever and Hernán Cortez agreed to come to the Americas and conquer the Aztecs and steal their gold. THE CONQUEST OF THE AZTECS:  THE CONQUEST OF THE AZTECS The Spanish conquistadors landed in Mexico with approximately 300 men and 40 horses. They traveled Mexico and met with the Indians. Upon hearing how fierce the Aztecs were, Cortez’ men became scared and wished to return to Spain. Cortez became more greedy and burned his ships. This forced his men to fight or die. THE AZTEC TRAITOR:  THE AZTEC TRAITOR Another Indian tribe gave Cortez a woman slave by the name of Malinche. She had been captured as a child by the Mayas. She was an Aztec and spoke many different languages because she had been traded by many different Indian tribes. THE COMING OF THE AZTEC GOD:  THE COMING OF THE AZTEC GOD Malinche became infatuated with Cortez because he was the first person to treat her nicely in many years. She told Cortez that the Aztecs were awaiting their god Quetecoatl to return this year. THE MEETING:  THE MEETING According to Aztec legend a tall white man had appeared and ruled and left the Aztecs after promising to return in 100 years to rule them again. Hernán Cortez was Spanish. He was a tall white man and he came to Tenochtitlan that exact year. MOCTEZUMA:  MOCTEZUMA Hernán Cortez presented himself to the Aztec leader Moctezuma and claimed to be their returning God. THE END OF THE AZTECS:  THE END OF THE AZTECS Moctezuma gave the Spaniards gifts of gold and welcomed them to his city. The Aztecs had never before seen horses and guns and wept with fear. They believed Hernán Cortez to be their long lost god. HERNAN CORTEZ:  HERNAN CORTEZ Hernan Cortez and his men killed Moctezuma. The aztecs were horrified. They had given an enemy a key to the city. As they debated on whether Hernan was actually a god. Disease spread throughout tenochtitlan. One third of the Indians were stricken and died of small pox. The great Indian nation was weakened by disease and without a leader. THE GREAT BATTLE:  THE GREAT BATTLE The Aztecs decided to kill the Spaniards however they were sick with disease and without a leader. Still the Spaniards were out numbered one thousand to one. The Spanish then sent out messages to the other Indian tribes who hated the Aztecs, telling them that they had conquered the city and killed the leader. The other indian tribes saw this as an opportunity to be rid of the Aztecs and came to help. WHAT TO DO WITH THE GOLD?:  WHAT TO DO WITH THE GOLD? The Aztecs quickly realized that they had no leadership. They were becoming sick with small pox and more and more other Indian tribes were coming to help the Spanish. While some were fighting the Spaniards. The Aztecs people, men, women, and children worked and gathered up the gold throughout the city and piled it into boats. One by one they sunk those boats into the lake. MEXICO CITY:  MEXICO CITY The bulk of the Aztec gold was lost to the world. The great Aztec empire fell. Mexico then built a great city on the site which used to be Tenochtitlan. Mexico city stands where the great Aztec city once lay. The gold is underneath Mexico city which is currently the largest city in the world. The Aztec symbol is proudly flown on the Mexican flag and today the Mexican people view the Aztecs and not Cortez as national Heroes.

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