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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: shuklavp

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SmartrHomes is a response to solve a real problem of increasing cost of water and utilities. We believe that making you aware will help you act responsibly. And the first step in bringing awareness starts with measurement and comparison. After all, what you don't measure, you can't control.

At SmartrHomes, we aspire to work for a connected future by bringing intelligence to the devices around us, so that when the devices become intelligent, we start enjoying life without worrying about them. In the future, we will never need to worry about energy management, security and well being. SmartrHomes will make our lives smarter by intelligently reporting and taking decisions for us. At SmartrHomes, we aim to reduce the consumption of resources, offering you greater security and control, without affecting your quality of life. Interestingly, this also saves money.

Our first commercial offering is SmartrWater; world’s first 100% automated water metering system for housing societies. The system is made of wireless, low energy, self-powered water meters with real time measurement, monitoring and control of water. SmartrWater is available for both old and new high rise apartments and doesn't require complex re-plumbing hence offering 3x the value at ½ the cost of a traditional system.

Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

What to expect? 1. The current water scenario 2. The case for water metering in apartment complexes 3. Our solution 4. Next steps Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

“The next world war will be fought over water not politics.” Boutros Boutros Ghali Former UN Secretary General Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

Germany 35 Million USA 59 Million India 741 Million Brazil 0 Million South Africa 9 Million 741 m (>61%) of Indian Population faces water scarcity Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 China 606 Million

Asia has the highest gap between population and available fresh water. 13% 15% 8% 60% 36% 8% Europe North America 26% 6% South America Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 13% 11% Africa Asia 1% 5% Australia % of global population % of global available freshwater

Domestic water consumption is set to grow 3x by 2050 % of total water consumption by sector 8% Water consumption in India R CAG % 56 0. 277 10% 93 115 82% Total Consumption (Bn liters/day) Per Capita Domestic Consumption (liters/day) 1,658 88.9 441 1,745 167 Domestic Industrial Agricultural Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 Year 2000 2050

Cities are facing severe water shortage 61% 45% ● In 2025, 65% of households across 7 major cities will face water deficiency ● Cities are reaching out to distant water sources, e.g., Delhi and Chennai get water from rivers that are 250 Km and 450 Km away, resp. 34% ● Government water distribution is inadequate Year 2007 2025 2050 Urban population as a % of Total Population, 2007 - 2050 Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 ● Increasing reliance on private water suppliers (tankers)

Water Crisis getting worse in Bangalore In summer Bangalore city needs 1,450 million litres of water per day (mld), but only 900 mld is available Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

Changing cost paradigm Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

Do you know that ● ● ● ● ● ● Apartment associations charge fee either a flat rate or based on apartment area as part of monthly maintenance Actual consumption goes unnoticed The average cost of water per month is 2x of electricity bill*. People who want to reduce have no visibility on actual consumption Per apartment water metering is not an individuals’ choice - the entire apartments association has to participate The first step in controlling is to measure because you can’t control what you don’t measure. Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 * Based on primary research on individual metering done in Bangalore

How does water metering help? Overall Water Consumption impact after metering > RoI on investment in water metering > *For private water users only. Depending on cost of water and consumption. Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 20-30% reduction 18-24 months*

Why apartments find it tough to adopt water meters? Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

Prevalent plumbing practice A single meter can’t be installed per apartment due to multiple inlets Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 Service Ducts

Modified for individual apartment metering Extensive Re Plumbing required for installing traditional meters in basement or rooftop > 4x Pipe and Plumbing > Separate Kitchen water, questionable? Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

It is expensive to adopt traditional water meters. Not feasible Existing plumbing with multiple water inlets per apartment not suitable for individual metering Expensive Installation of traditional meters, either on the rooftop or basements, is too expensive due to extensive re-plumbing required Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 Manpower Extra staff for physical meter reading & billing calculation Inaccurate Inaccuracy due to manual reading and tariff calculations No control No real time monitoring and control to manage water

Welcome to a Smartr world. Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

World’s first 100% automated water metering system + + World’s first smart community Hub Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 Cloud based, secure home automation platform Self-powered wireless smart water meter

India’s first intelligent water meter Accurate metering First device being released on nuclious ★ ★ ★ Self diagnostics for remote health monitoring. On board intelligent tamper detection. Data encryption for secure data transfers and storage. Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 Flow control Self powered No external cabling required Robust Electronics and Firmware Wireless mesh network Real time consumption monitoring Cloud based architecture Safe & secure

India’s first intelligent water meter Monitor 2 Measure 1 Accurate metering. Ability to store consumption data on board. Real time water consumption metering. Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 Remote management through web and smart phones. Detection and reporting of abnormal usage. Detection of low water pressure. Control 3 In built valve to remotely stop water flow. Automatic detection of leakage and alert / control.

World’s first community automation hub Device connectivity ★ ★ Energy monitoring and remote control Gas monitoring, leak detection and control Home security devices Home health environment monitoring and control Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 200+ apartments Self diagnostics ★ ★ 2G/3G modem Tamper detection Remote firmware update On board data encryption On board memory Touch Screen Display

Cloud based, secure community automation and billing platform. Billing & reports ● ● ● ● Custom user defined reports Individual apartment inlet consumption report Usage trends, patterns and forecast Benchmarking of usage with others in the community Alerts ● ● ● Leakage & abnormal usage Billing and payment Device Fault alerts Intelligent features ● ● Remote water flow control for user and the association manager Separate end user and association interfaces with adequate privacy Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 ● ● ● Intelligent tariff management Pre-paid and post-paid billing systems Water source mix management

Benefits Features Conventional Meter Solution Remote managed Tamper detection Self diagnostics Accurate metering Real time measurement Abnormal leakage & consumption detection, alert and control Low pressure detection Overall Plumbing costs Long life Flexible usage reports Management tools for association Intelligent tariff management Pre-paid and post-paid billing option Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014 Very minimal Extensive re plumbing costs

SmartrWater vs. Traditional Metering Benefits Electronic Walkby Meters Traditional mechanical meters Measurement Accurate Metering Yes Yes No Real time measurement Yes No No Onboard backup in meter for usage data Yes Yes No Meter with tamper detection and alert Yes No alert Not possible Meter with self diagnostics and reporting Yes No No Remote managed from web Yes No No Leakage & abnormal consumption detection, alert and control Yes Yes (only detection but no alerts) No Flexible usage reports Yes No No Management tools for association Yes Partial No Monitoring Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

SmartrWater vs. Traditional Metering Benefits Electronic Walkby Meters Traditional mechanical meters Monitoring Intelligent tariff management for different water sources and costs Yes No No Option to convert all billing to prepaid Yes No No Option for residents to check usage online between any date range Yes No No Option with resident to shut off water supply to entire apartment remotely while traveling or on vacation Yes No No Option with association manager to shut off water supply to a specific apartment remotely in case of nonpayment of bill or water leakage Yes No No Detailed Usage report that gives inlet wise usage Yes No NO Control Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

SmartrWater vs. Traditional Metering Benefits Electronic Walkby Meters Traditional mechanical meters Monitoring Monthly usage report that gives 6 months usage trends Yes No No Option to convert all billing to prepaid Yes No No Ability to automatically compare usage of residents of each block and overall society to recognise and/or reward users conserving maximum water Yes No No No re-plumbing required Extensive re plumbing required Extensive re plumbing required No Yes Yes 1-2 weeks 6-8 weeks due to re-plumbing 6-8 weeks due to replumbing Total Cost of Ownership, Installation and Others Overall plumbing costs Extra manpower required for monthly meter reading and billing Speed of implementation Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

Comparison with traditional solution Case Study: Total cost of ownership for a 10 storeyed highrise with 100 apartments with 3 inlets per apartment Item Traditional Meter & valve Rs. 3,40,000 (1 per flat ) Rs. 24,00,000 (3 Nos.) Piping and connectors Rs. 20,00,000 inclusive Labour Cost Rs.15,60,000 inclusive Total for High rise Rs. 39,00,000 Rs.24,00,000 Cost per apartment Rs. 39,000 Rs. 24,000 3x benefits at ⅔ cost Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

Next steps... info@smartrhomes.com Confidential © SmartrHomes Technologies, 2014

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