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Published on January 27, 2016

Author: AngelaRobinson22

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1. Welcome to Net Energy Metering Training Angela Robinson Billing Specialist, Ambit Energy December 4th 2015

2. What You Should Know About Net Metering  Net metering allows residential and commercial customers who generate their own electricity from solar power to feed electricity they do not use back into the grid resulting in a credit.  Many states adopted net metering in the early 1980s as a way of implementing the requirement known as PURPA 210 which states that utilities must buy the output of qualifying small power production facilities.

3. Net Metering, Solar Energy and the Grid

4. Net Metering, Solar Energy and the Grid Solar panels produce energy during peak hours of the day, supporting the grid when most needed. If a household is away at work or school for most of this time, their daytime energy needs might be minimal. NEM provides a mechanism for consumers to trade in their daily generation to meet their electricity needs at night. Without it, solar would not be a viable financial investment for many consumers.

5. How is excess generation credited and at what rate should a self generator be compensated?

6. Excess Energy Credits and Rates  Excess Energy  The customers excess kwh’s are banked and will roll forward to be applied as a credit where there is consumption on subsequent bills until fully exhausted.  Monthly credits result in customers receiving the full retail rate of the amount of energy that is netted.  Settlements for Excess Energy  Excess energy left over at the end of a annual billing period or at the time a customer drops service is bought from the customer by the utility.  A settlement is performed at the avoided cost aka the wholesale, full retail or average rate depending on the market rules.

7. Where is the net metering indicator on EDI transactions?

8. Net Metering Identification in PJM Net Metering Identification in PJM Monthly Usage (867MU) Enrollment Response (814E) Historical Usage (867HU) Monthly Interval Usage (867IU) Change Request (814C) Data Dictionary USGM-LDC->ESP GAAE- LDC>ESP USGH-LDC>ESP USGI-LDC>ESP GAAC-LDC->ESP EDI Record 6000.14 5000.203 6000.118 6000.14 5000.23 EDI Indicator 87 or 9H NETMETER NETMETER NETMETER NETMETER

9. How is customer generation and consumption communicated to Ambit via EDI?

10. Generation and Consumption via EDI The utility will send electric suppliers the monthly consumed kWh and generated kWh along with the net consumed kWh (zero if generation is greater than consumption). ESG Sender Transaction ID: 2014-05-16-

11. What is the appropriate size for a self generator’s installation and should there be a limit to how much a customer can generate?

12. Net Metering Caps  Most states have limitations on size installations to limit the incentive to generate only to offset the amount of demand the customer uses  Some states also limit the amount of total net metering generation a utility has to purchase to a percentage of their total peak demand  Size limits help prevent the risk of individuals over generating to take advantage of the incentives and rate subsidy

13. NEM Rules and Tariffs Tariff Rules by Market Market Tariff Link Section/Page True-Up Date Supplier Rate Effective Date ACE ACE Tariff No.62 Anniversary Wholesale June 1, 2015 PSEG PSEG Tariff 15.5 Anniversary Wholesale June 7, 2010 JCPL JCPL Tariff 13.05 Net Metering Billing Anniversary Wholesale April 1, 2015 Pepco MD Pepco MD Tariff No. 52.3 April - Utility handles Average March 1, 2014 Pepco DC Pepco DC Tariff R-45 Monthly Full Retail April 14, 2011 Delmarva DE Delmarva DE Tariff Original Leaf No. 105c Anniversary Average July 11, 2011 Delmarva MD Delmarva MD Tariff No. 103 April - Utility handles Average March 1, 2014 BGE BGE Tariff 98A April - Utility handles Average December 1, 2011 PPL PPL Electric Tariff No. 19L.4A June Full Retail January 1, 2013 PECO PECO Tariff No. 45 June Full Retail August 31, 2012

14. Open Forum

15. Sources http://www.seia.org/policy/distributed-solar/net-metering http://www.irecusa.org/regulatory-reform/net-metering/ https://www.ferc.gov/whats-new/comm-meet/011906/E-3.pdf www.kcc.ks.gov/energy

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