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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: donnakunde

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The Scary Truth: The Scary Truth No FDA Regulations: No FDA Regulations According to The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics, more than 80% of ingredients in personal care products have never been assessed for safety. Many products are falsely labeled “natural” and “organic.” It is legal to NOT list all ingredients in a product on the label. This is Crazy: This is Crazy Approximately 20% of personal care products have at least one ingredient linked to cancer based on the Environmental Working Group’s analysis of the more than 79,000 cosmetics products in their Skin Deep Cosmetics safety Database. 36% of products have at least one ingredient linked to developmental/reproductive toxicity . 37% of products have at least one endocrine disruptor. Nobody is Safe: Nobody is Safe Every day women use an average of 12 cosmetics products, exposing themselves to more than 160 unique cosmetics chemicals. Men use an average of 6 products daily, exposing themselves to an average of 85 unique chemicals. Some of the “Big Name” baby products are the worst. Preservatives & Fragrance: Preservatives & Fragrance Parabens like methylparaben and propylparaben are preservatives banned in sections of Europe because they are endocrine disruptors and show evidence of a link to cancer yet they are widely used in the United States. Phthalates in fragrance cause feminization of baby boys, damage to sperm in men, altered sex hormones in boys, altered thyroid hormones, increased insulin resistance in men, and asthma and skin allergies in kids. Wonder Why Cancer is Rising?: Wonder Why Cancer is Rising? Girls are starting puberty one to two years earlier than they did 40 years ago. Studies show that exposures to synthetic estrogen-like chemicals, especially during critical phases of development may be causing it. If life time exposure to estrogen and chemicals that mimic estrogen are contributing factors to breast cancer, then girls today have a potentially higher higher risk of developing breast cancer. Toxic Ethnic Products: Toxic Ethnic Products Many personal beauty products are targeted to women (as opposed to men ) with a higher proportion specifically targeted to women of color. Products like hair relaxers and skin lighteners contain some of the most toxic chemicals used by the cosmetics industry. PowerPoint Presentation: Jordan Essentials Solutions PowerPoint Presentation: “I just I want you to know how much I love Jordan Essentials! The deodorant totally works , so my hunt for a natural deodorant that doesn't leave me afraid to raise my arms at the end of the day is happily over! The Mineral Powder makeup is absolutely amazing! I mix it with my moisturizer and have a perfect tinted moisturizer and then if I need extra coverage I just add some more powder for a flawless look. As I have been traveling around and seeing friends I haven't seen for a while I have gotten lots of compliments on how good my skin looks and although I hate to admit it I sometimes have a bad habit of not washing my makeup before I fall into bed at night, so it's comforting to know that when I make that mistake it is still a natural product on my face. I also love the eye makeup remover so much and the facial brush has been amazing for cleaning my face...thank you thank you!” Kara, Customer PowerPoint Presentation:  I joined JE because it cleared up my Chronic Facial Dermatitis that I'd been struggling with for over two years, and I wanted to get off the prescriptions I was using that were not working. After one month on the Normal Face Care System, my dermatitis was gone! This led to my 4 year health journey that JE has played such a big part in! My son's eczema was cleared with the Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap and Shea Butter, my 14 year old's acne is cleared up with our acne treatme nt set (and he sells a bunch of them for me by telling his testimony to others his age , my daughter had ringworm on her face and it cleared with the Skin Relief and Tea Tree Essential Oil in just 8 days!!! (Her pediatrician is now using JE products!). The ringworm before/after photos above is 8 days of using Skin Relief/Tea Tree Oil 3 times/day. I use the Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oils on my torn rotator cuff for pain. Instead of using Over The Counter meds for my kids when they get a stuffy nose, I use our Caffeine Eye Gel and put a drop of Peppermint and Eucalyptus in it, and they are clear and good to go with no harmful chemicals. The Cucumber Eye Pillows are great for headache relief. And I sell a ton of Lemongrass Citrus Lotion Bars and Hydrating Body Spritzer for Mosquito and Chigger Repellant and Detoxifying Clay Mask for not only Acne, but any rash/ivy/bite my family gets! I use the Lotion Bar for my hair wax, the Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer everywhere I go, and I shred the Sea Spa Dead Sea Salt Soap in my homemade Laundry detergent! I use multiple Lip Treatments throughout the day, and I've sold more Time Rewind Eye Cream from before and after pics I show people because they can see the results for themselves! I LOVE JE Products and I use them all in my home and for my family, and I get so EXCITED to share them with others. The wrinkle pic is (right) me WITH another makeup on at age 35, and (left) WITHOUT makeup on at 38 after using our 3 Anti-Aging Serums for one year! PowerPoint Presentation: This is my son, Gavin's back when he was just 6 months old (he is now 2). On the left is his back with the eczema he had all over and on the right is about a week after I started using JE. It would get so bad and then start popping up on his stomach too. I had tried everything per the doctor's orders and assumed since I was using "the Pediatrician's most recommended product" (trying not to name drop here, but we all know the brand) I was using what was best for my child. I wasn't a label reader and would have had no clue what they meant if I read them anyways. The next step was steroids and I just had an issue with putting steroids all over my 6 month old. I was talking to a friend at work when my friend, and JE consultant overheard me. She came flying into my office and told me all about the awful ingredients in the products I was using. She handed me some Shea butter and told me to use it on Gavin and nothing else. So I did. That night he slept through the night (which he never did) and his skin looked improved in the morning. After 3 days it was looking much better but still a bit aggravated. Then Tammy asked me what kind of shampoo and body wash I was using...the same brand as the lotion I was using. The shampoo was chalked full of the most awful ingredients and numbing agents and I could hardly believe my eyes when I looked up the ingredients on the internet. I switched out Gavin's shampoo to the JE shampoo and used it all over his body, head to toe. He was completely cleared of any trace of eczema about a week after I first put a JE product on him . He has NEVER broken out since then and it is all we use for our entire family. Our secret recipe (which is no secret at all) is wash head to toe in JE shampoo, lather up in Shea butter, seal in with lotion bar! Quick, easy, no chemicals and smells amazing...what more could I ask for?! Oh yeah, made in the USA and by a woman owned company! You've done good, Nancy, you've done good! PowerPoint Presentation: If anyone saw me yesterday at launch, I was having a really hard time walking due to a cracked rib and my knee. I was in a lot of pain this morning and still limping and I put the lotion on my knee and upper area where the rib has been so painful. I laid down for probably 15 to 20 minutes and when I got up there was no pain at all in my knee!!! There is a small amount in my back, but not enough to say it is uncomfortable. Thank you, Nancy, for bringing this product to us to share; it is amazing to not have pain for the first time in weeks. ~Consultant Testimony My husband crushed his ankle several years ago. 1.5 years in healing and numerous surgeries, two metal plates and 12 screws saved the ankle barely. He had to go in about three years ago to have some of the bone shaved off because it was actually bone on bone now. PAIN in the 10th degree. He was told the next step would be to replace the ankle joint and he will lose full mobility of the foot. They don't want to do this since the joints only last 10 years and he is not old enough as of yet. The ankle has been getting worse and giving out on him . He tried the Magnesium lotion at night and got up the next morning and wanted to know where it was he wanted to put it on the ankle again. Second day and he is applying twice daily and he says it really makes his foot and leg feel good and the pain is there but is much more tolerable. It doesn't heal the ankle due to the severe damage but it is alleviating the pain and that is a good thing. Yes you know it works when my husband asks where the lotion is at so he can put it on. WHOOT! ~Consultant Testimony It worked well, I was very impressed. I put it on both knees after dinner and it worked through till around mid day. I was able to sleep through the night with no knee pain. It worked better than Icy Hot and Biofreeze hands down. I had even tried sleeping pills to sleep at night but didn't work due to the pain; I slept all night with just the lotion!!! ~ Customer Testimony I have arthritis in my hands very bad, I used the lotion and was amazed that the pain was gone, I went outside and said I love this, no burning from having my hands in the cold like it does with Biofreeze . I stopped using it when it got cold and have had horrible pain. I have been telling other family members that have issues with arthritis. ~Customer Testimony PowerPoint Presentation:  I received a phone call yesterday morning from a very excited customer. She went on to inform me that her daughter's attitude was awful and that she was having difficulty with hormones, sleeping and such. I recommended going into her room and spraying it over her while she sleeps and also spraying her pillow but just don't tell her that she was doing it. Yesterday when she called me she was so excited. She said that the Happiness really works. Her daughter's attitude has improved and she is sleeping again. Her daughter came up to her and said, "Mom, I just feel good, today has been a good day and I am sleeping again." The best part is that the daughter doesn't even know that her mother has been using the Happiness spray on her. Consultant testimony... my mother, who's almost 81, has had difficulty staying asleep. She will sleep for a couple hours, wake up and not fall back asleep for 3 or 4 hours. She decided to try the Happiness spray. She has been spraying her pillow before bed and while not sleeping all night, periodic bathroom break, she goes right back to sleep Also; she has not had a headache or taken any Motrin since starting the spray routine. She almost always wakes with a headache. This was after one night. Now working on night 5! PowerPoint Presentation: I have had eczema since I was a baby....over 30 years of lotions, potions and steroids...I am proud to say I now need NONE of these thanks to Skin Relief! It calms, soothes and keeps my skin naturally happy! I love all the products but the skin relief is also one of my favorites especially for winter! My hands get so dry and chapped in the winter and they crack and burn. But I started using skin relief with a couple drops of Lavender oil and my hands feel so much better! Skin Relief on a fresh weld burn, applied twice a day for four days. What a difference! After a week, there were no sign of the burn and no scarring. (See the photos to the right) My daughter had an itchy/burning rash on the back of her leg. She was ready to go to the ER. She tried the Skin Relief on a small patch (afraid of reaction). That small patch stopped itching and burning and faded. She used the Skin Relief on the rest of the affected area.. cleared up! She wants a 55 gallon barrel of the Skin Relief! I use Skin Relief on my Rosacea flare up's and it calms down the redness & irritation. Skin Relief is a MUST for the medicine cabinet! I use it by its self and is a great carrier for burns or rashes with our Lavender essential oil. Actually the Skin Relief is one of the best products I have discovered through JE! I have a history of horrible skin issues -- eczema, allergies, you name it...my skin loves to hate me for some reason. Because of that I am constantly looking for product that doesn't cause flare ups. Skin Relief is it! No flare ups and it actually seems to calm my skin...I think we like each other now! PowerPoint Presentation:  Cystic acne is a tough nut to crack. It is what I have battled since I was a teenager. I still battle it some, but my skin is better than it has EVER been. I use the oily system with the detoxifying mask and spa polish. I use the acne treatment moisturizer. I do not use the tinted moisturizer because it is too much moisture for me. I too use the tea tree in my toner mist. I have been experimenting with the amount of drops, but I think I currently have 10-12 drops in the bottle. Cystic acne is difficult because it often does not come to "a head", and it is painful. Water intake and diet and cleansing are all very helpful. I am also careful with our serums as they can be too much moisture as well. I have found that I can use the multi-peptide serum at night and the age defying in spots as needed. That is a lot of "I"s in this post, but maybe it will help. I have battled skin issues, particularly acne for years. I was medically treated for acne as a teenager. Well, thanks to JE, I am now comfortable enough with my skin that I recently went out bare-faced (no makeup) while on an anniversary trip with my husband . I would NEVER have felt that good about my skin to leave it a la natural in public in years past!  I absolutely LOVE the toner mist. Living in SC and being hot all the time means lots of sunburns. Toner mist is the only product we use after sunburns. So refreshing and hydrating to your skin! Makes the sunburns go away, we use it for every member in our house, even our baby! So good to know what we are using is safe for the whole family.  PowerPoint Presentation:  The kids soap saved my younger sons skin! He has very sensitive skin, he used to get rashes and what looked like burn marks from other soaps until I found Jordan Essentials kids. Now his skin is rash free and soft and he looks forwards to bath time! My daughter loves her lotion! It smells like orange ice cream and it’s the only lotion I've ever found that doesn't irritate her skin. In the winter my daughter has always had red chapped skin on her hands, face and arms since using the Bubble Blast Shower Gel; she hasn't had one patch of chapped skin. Not to mention she LOVES the blueberry smell! After finding out the truth on most kid’s products, I was excited to know JE products are safe and healthy for our kiddos. It’s a great feeling knowing they are using great products. At 2 months my son got a case of baby eczema...used the baby Shea butter and lotion bar and within 2 days it was completely gone. Best part is, it has stayed gone!! PowerPoint Presentation:  I love the hand sanitizer. It is so comforting to know you can sanitize your hands without having the terrible effects of the alcohol! I have many teachers that find it a MUST and love to receive it for a gift!! I am very thankful for the hand sanitizer. My Grandson was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma 5 years ago and is in total remission which we thank the Lord for every day. The hand sanitizer that was available to us was very harsh so we use JE hand sanitizer. It kills germs but leaves our hands very silky smooth. Love it. I love the JE hand sanitizer! We used it constantly when my son was potty training to teach good habits without drying out his poor little hands. As a teacher, the alcohol free hand sanitizer has saved my skin. I apply hand sanitizer at least 5 or 6 times a day. My skin stayed dry and cracked. Not only has the Shea butter brought the moisture back, I can apply the hand sanitizer all day and never feel my skin dry out. Our hand sanitizer saves my skin. My medicines for Chron's Disease suppress my immune system. With that said hand sanitizer is a must for me where ever I go and with Jordan Essentials I have soft skin, not eaten up skin like when you use the other hand sanitizers loaded down with alcohol. Love it and it is always with me!!! Hand saver for me for sure!!! PowerPoint Presentation:  My mom has struggled with dry feet her entire life; they would become so dry and cracked it hurt to walk on them some days, but since using the Shea butter her feet are so unbelievably soft and cause her no pain! My skin was always so dry before I began using the Jordan Essentials products. After using our shower gel, I began to notice how dewy my skin felt. Not tight and dry. It is also the better buy price wise also! I mix it myself and that way I am buying a healthy product and not paying for the water. Saves space and money! I had tried other salt scrubs and sugar scrubs before JE and never realized how clean and healthy my skin could feel until I experience products without mineral oil. Surfaces of tubs and showers are also not dangerously slick and slimy. The WOW factor is something I see on customers faces every time! Especially men! I joined JE over 11 years ago from smelling a sample of Oatmeal, Milk and Honey. The fragrance is wonderful and is still available today...see how awesome it is? The first time I tried our Salt Scrub, my skin felt amazing....so soft and supple, you do really "feel" the difference before and after use! I love the shower gel, it keeps my skin so soft and hydrated during these harsh North Dakota winters. My husband says, "Your skin is like silk" My niece got a beautiful floral tattoo on her foot (ouch) with Grandpa written. She complained of itching as it is healing so Aunt Karen to the rescue! Gave her some of our Shea butter and the itching has stopped! PowerPoint Presentation:  The JE facial care system is the first one that I've found affordable and able to properly moisturize my skin. Furthermore, the baby wash and Shea butter has helped control my kids' eczema. Love it! The JE facial line is the best facial care system I have ever come across. I use the Normal/Combination system with the acne as needed for break outs, which are a lot less frequent now! My face is smooth, tone is even, and the serums are like magic in a tube. The clay mask is another favorite to refresh and soften. I love it all! This is my daughter... Can you guess how old she is? She uses JE Face Care! She is 42! I love our serums.....all of them however I would have to say the biggest difference I see on myself is the Time Rewind Eye Cream . I am prone to dark spots on the back of my hands. After applying it to the back of 1 and not the other for a week, I was amazed at the difference. I have not done it on the other hand yet just to share the difference with customers! Join Us!: Join Us!

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