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Published on May 27, 2018

Author: elari

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slide 1: 01 T T T LIZ SWANN MILLER MEAL PLAN FREE 14 DAY INSIDE AS SEEN ON slide 2: 02 oht e ht eee N o t o th to e eoe o o e hotoo o othee thot o tte eo o the oht hoe The oto oe th oo ee to oe he oto o the et e Th oo ho ot e e to oe o tet e oto o o o tetet o e oe ot o o h The publisher and author are not responsible for any specifc health or e ee tht ee e eo e ot e o e o ete oeee o tetet to to o eto to eo e o oo the oto th oo United States of America e slide 3: toto he e e Tox o Tox oo Tox te Tox Tox o Tox thet te Tox ee ot t Tox De oeto W R Understanding the Body’s Detoxifcation System o e Te ot Detox eoe eo tht e the e Te Detox o oe R W L N I h t hee D the e Te Detox Chapter 4: Debunking the Diet Industry: The Real Truth About Detoxifcation and Weight Loss o t e Thee e e ot e to o o t o the e Te I R R tt th the e Te Detox t to xe the oe o t The e Te Detox o o to e e Te o the Detox eo o e to o e Te T T o the e Te Detox et to Too o T o Detox to the ext ee N W N t o th the Thee ote t ohte o te o te eet o o eht o t t tte ot e t tt oh te e oex e et the ht ot t eete The e e te h o t D oh M I E What Afects Metabolism R Rule 1: When you create a calorie defcit you automatically burn fat and lose weight. e t e he o e to oe Table of contents slide 4: e oe the o o o o eto o oto ho h t o oe Rule 4: Follow this scientifc principle: Keep your catecholamine level high and your insulin level low. E S I L L I e oe the ht hot Te t h t t Doet tto x ee The to t e te o x ee th o Det h t to Do ot to o t t eet to oe E o to e hotTe t o o t e Th o Th ote ot t The e Te Detox Det he D he eete to t eete eto etho he ote to t ote eto etho he he ee t The e Te Detox he D The e Te Detox he D Research Proving the Efectiveness of a Fat Fast Saturated Fat Benefts Monounsaturated Fat Benefts otte t T t the ot he oe etto e o te Dete o Step 2: Creating a Calorie Defcit Based on Your Unique BMR W L A Add Super Greens and Shakes to Keep Weight Loss Going Strong Keep Working Out oo the o e to oe o t eht M M W eo t o o o e Keep a Journal otto o e Detox R W S M Te h D The ot e o ote ete T eee to slide 5: T o ete T oot e t tte th oet t oe o to De e eh ee Keep Moving with Bent Over Rows Do De ht o T o ett tte et tt oet ee ht o oot ho oo e xt t xee e t e oe et th the eto e oot t e te e Keep Working Out to Keep Weight Of I W slide 6: 06 I otto o o eo to o o R t ehe oe te oeeht ett o e oe te t detox methods brought me back to health and I am 100 percent conf dent that if you apply the etho e ote he e o e e o o to the o o o e body that feels great and looks fantastic. From the f rst day of this detox forward you’ll notice that the numbers on the scale decrease while your body shrinks and your clothing f ts better than t h e te oe te ee t o o e e o ee o eeet tht eoe oe ot the he o e For many who were once just like you these immediate signifcant improvements in appearance and overall well-being result in a higher level of confdence that can lead to a whole new o utlook o e e te h hee e eo e tte heth ete tt ee hoe tht o he exeee o ht T R ete th o eoe to the ote te et o tht o oth oe th ot oe te he ee et R INTRODUCTION slide 7: 07 te e e oe e te o oe oe o et oo ee he o et te o et oto ete e o R the et o oe th ee o eeh ot thee e o e o tet t ot oe o thoe et tht o e o oe ot othe te t oete o tht o o eeoe oe ee o oe ee he t to e o thoh e eeh othe o oto o oe et oo o e e tht th exeee ot e eete o e R . I’ve broken down difcult concepts to e the e o oe to e to e t e o eeoe to eo e tte th he t the oee t to e e oe o o et the e oto thot o ext While I have done my best to create this book with no “fuf” I feel it is extremely important to ex the eo eh the etho e eoe he tee to he and get to the actionable parts of diferent systems. You might not be surprised to learn that I ot et the ext et he o th o oe h The e e he tee to te ht o oo to e oe the t tht ot e o ee oe ete to o ee tt e he tht o ot t to eet te ee e the ete oo o tht o et h the te o et the ee e t ee to oo the e t e to t eht o R oe o to thee ooet o e e to e t e to ee to oto o e to ee te o e  The et oto o R ext tht the t ot o the et program. It consists of four phases each with radically diferent elements. For example during the frst phase of the diet you’re likely to see a weight loss that averages between fve to eight pounds. During the fourth phase you’ll learn how to determine your BMR plus you will learn how to use it to calculate the number of calories and amount of diferent tet o ee eh oe to eet o eht o o o o e ho to te o e to ee o eto hh to o e ho to ete t e e o o o o e ho to e o hooe to tte t ho to e oto eet to t oot o eht o  E he the et oto o th oo he o et o t t t exee ote h the otet to ot oe o et et e e e o oe oe eht thot exee t t ot he oeet to the slide 8: 08 eto o oot o eto oe oe ot the ot o te t te to exee et e he o t o e to et t o e tet ot te th R o eo oe eo t o h oot tht te ee to te To t th to eete ot eoe e oe te th th o o e e exe the th o o th  W M M Most people fnd the third section to be eye-opening ee t e oe o the ot oteeete oo th ot oe ho thoe th eet o eh the o e t ot o teet t t t eeet o th o e o oe thoh o oe hee o oe hoe hot o etooo oto hh t tee o e o R o o oo thoh th o tet All in all these pages you’re reading now are meant to help you strip of fve ten ffteen or maybe ee tet o o to t oe eo o he oe eht to oe o fnd that it’s very easy to repeat the cycle and use a variety of tricks contained in this book to keep your weight loss going until you reach your goal. Inside these pages you’ll fnd the keys to et the o oe te ee o e thee etho to eoe e heth o t to e oth ot o eh hethe oe te to eeo “6-pack” abs attain a super-lean single-digit body fat percentage or ft into clothing you’ve o ee ot eoe the oto o e hee he e o e oe The tte eet o oe eht o e e o th o etho o eet the eht o et o ote he th oo et oo the e eete hee to the ette o oete to o o he eo the lifestyle you want. The sufering from embarrassment about your weight or your body shape will soon be replaced with enormous self-confdence and happiness and best of all you’ll enjoy a oe hethe e slide 9: 09 Modern life brings many conveniences and benefts with it but along with things lik e cars thoe oo oe oto The eoe t e e o tox te ot o t ot e t e oe worth mentioning. By the time you finish reading this chapter you’ll be amazed at how many tox thee e o e ee oe otte to oe eht the t oe o The R The oeto etee tox t ot e e to o et t o oo ee ho thee to ee ete e e ee tete Where are Toxins Found h ee o o oe he othe tox ete hee ee eto eto e o oo oo thee ee o the te th t oe ot o o t he t Tox e ote o o CHAPTER 01 slide 10: 10 ote ee eoo te e e e ote thet te e o thee ot tox too oe oe o tox e oo o exe too oo te h e and artifcial favorings and dirty air and water are a few things you may already avoid. Other sources of toxins are less prominent. Did you know that many household products and eo e eto ot tox Thee e oe he o ethe e e as when you apply things like artifcial fragrances and petroleum-based moisturizers to your skin. Tox o ote oe e e exoeo tox Th o thee th tht e oe eth et o ott o o ete tox too Thee ot ote oe o ot tht e ete times of stress as well as from byproducts of persistent negative emotional states. Known as eoeo tox thee othe eoe tox e t o o o ohe oee et te oe oo t tox ot hee to hte o t o eee to o the tth ot ht o to o o hee t oe o R e o system and give you a clean slate frst though it’s helpful to know what you’re dealing with. Toxins in food oo et to oh o oe t o the ot tht oo thee oht to e t et to the eet e Te thee e ote toxins in natural foods but the worst ofenders are processed things like cereals white bread tt othe te tht he ee he tee Manufacturers didn’t mean to harm anyone when they frst set out to create shelf-stable foods in t the ee t to oe eo he oe tht e eoe o ete eoe e ee etho o to oo e to e To thoh oo te o e tht the e o h te et o ot e tht the ot e ott to e eth oo oo tox e  t te tte oee et he tte e exoe to het he the eee o o the t to toe hh e eo oe slide 11: 11 ot oee et ot o tte oe thee e hhote oo t the eet oto o toe to o  Too h oe tt t ee o e ottoee o oe safower etc.  oee t hhtoe o  Genetically modifed foods particularly GMO corn and soy  t het h tot othe tox h teo T o ot et e  ete hee o o oeto o oe Tox oo e ot oe t e o et he o t heth ee o oe tox o Toxins in water ot e o the et ee o te o e o t ee tht th eo eoe o ote tete th tt e e e e to eee tht tete te e to the to et extet th te e e thoe e eoe eoe te ehe o t But many toxins are not removed from tap water and many of these often fnd their way into t oe o te too het t he ete ete he et e e e e e ote eet te ot The ot e o ee ht t the o te o o t o t to oe ho o th tete t te o o tox ot o the te tetet oe h hoe How do all these pollutants fnd their way into our water supply There are several ways:  t te e e e e etohe eh to te e  Automotive fuids like antifreeze gasoline and car oil go down storm drains and eventually fow into waterways slide 12: 12  he te o oeto ete e ot o te hee ete eh to ote eet e the to te  Water percolates through landflls heaped with garbage dead animals and chemical te t to ote te  Factory farms or CAFOs confned animal feeding operations that raise animals like he tte o the et t eee te to te The te ote ot ott tot teo hooe othe het Water travels quickly from one place to another. Everything fows downstream. Even if you live in te ehohoo o te ot h ott Luckily there’s an easy way to deal with toxins from water. Installing a whole-house fltration te he o o o teoe tox the te o t o that at least treat yourself to a good system for fltering the water you drink. There are several inexpensive options available including water fltration systems that can sit on your kitchen ote thot exee o ote tto Toxins in air Oxygen is vital to life and the air we breathe should be full of it. Unfortunately dirty air is eehee thee th te ee o e e eoet e toxins like auto exhaust smoke from wildfres harmful gases from refneries and factories and ee ote te oe the et eh tox e t o et e e e eet the too ee ote ete to th e t e ee and artifcially scented cleaners. The te the o ethe the e oxe o et th ee eth the oe tox o o oe to e th o oo oe o oto he ee o o slide 13: 13 Toxins in soil Dt t ht otte tht o oe te e ho te oe et oto the o o ee o ee oe th et th te h t animals and people as it sloughs of. ot te ee oe otte to tox o Th e ttee o eeto etoe ete hee to he t e the to the o he the e e o thee the eh to ote Some soil toxins are taken up by plants and directly consumed by people and animals. Others run of into streams when it rains or make their way into foodwaters. Some toxins are particularly etet o exe e te the eoet oe o t to te the e oe o e o eat smaller ones they take up the mercury. And as you may already know fsh often carry e e o oe e t e ote o o e tht et oe he e e t et the Knowing where your food comes from can help you stay safe. Avoiding fsh that might contain mercury usually apex species like tuna shark swordfsh etc. can help you reduce your load. Shellfsh like shrimp contain it too. Once mercury gets into your system symptoms like insomnia tremors headaches emotional he e ee tho e oe et t etox ot eoe e o o o o e oee tht o e hh e o ee o oto o tet Tetet o toxt e heto the hh to te the o ee to e e othe he et o the o o he e amalgam fllings speaking to your dentist about getting these removed is also a great way to ee the ot o e o exoe o o to Toxins in synthetic materials e eehee thee ot o the o e thet o t et part-synthetic. These complex fabrics often ofer a great blend of comfort easy care and ttte ee t o the he ee tete th oehe hee dyes fre retardant and more. slide 14: 14 Washing fabrics well before using them can help. Just be sure to wash your clothing with non- tox eteet ee o e e te oo t o eoe e tht oe o oe h e e t e te othe texte he too o et a new car be aware that much of the “new car smell” that many people f nd pleasant comes o he o t ett e o ehe e ote to e e o exoe Toxins in Self-Care Products he th t tox e eehee t e the e o e ee e ot e oe o to Th e ee ot Th eoot o he o to e he to e e e the eet t o eh ot e t o o o Th e oehe hthte e T e oo o thee ot e hoo to o othe heth e The et way to avoid these toxins is to choose products that are specifcally labeled as being “non-toxic” t o oo the ot o et e o o Fat and Toxins: A Deadly Connection When you take toxins in they fnd their way i nto your cells including your fat tissues. Although your body has its own built-in detoxif cation system it is not set up to adequately deal with all the tox tht oe th e to eoe t The o te o e hee ee ete t te het ee ett ee oet ee oe oet h e et to tox e o oe e ohe e he o o o to ete th the ee eoe ote tox interfered and led to an overworked system. As a result your immune system suf ers your metabolism sufers and you stay t ired sick and fat. o the tox tht o o o ho e toe e o t e Tht t o the eo h thee h tee o o o eht t T R ett rid of the fat and flushing the toxins happens simultaneously. One of the reasons your body holds onto fat despite your best eforts is that it uses that fat as a e t oe t o th e ete e o oto t e t te slide 15: 15 e to eh the o e to te tox ttet to e the et ot o h oe While the body will naturally fush toxins it doesn’t happen if you keep on taking them in by oo the t e et D o ee o t tox o o eee are triggered and your immune system steps in by increasing the amount of infammation in the o Detoxing gives your body a much-needed break from the constant infux of chemicals and it allows your system to fush accumulated toxins. The herbs in my Red Tea recipe support detoxifcation by fghting infammation boosting immunity and helping with the waste removal process. You’ll soon learn more about these herbs but frst let’s take a closer look at why etox o ott slide 16: 16 W R W R CHAPTER 02 o ht e oe h e te etox ott oe o o ot ht th oe o o o o o e o tht oo etox he o tt eht o t thee ot oe to t th he exe eht Tox t h et eoto oe tht e o oo tht e he tee to h the to ett oe o t o t o e o thee e e teete oe he et to oet oe o the oo oe e e tox o oee the ht to o  oo  o ee  o  Difculty c oncentrating slide 17: 17  ehe  e  e o ot  th  e e  o  o e  Osteoarthritis  tt e ee  t oe  te oe  h o te  e t e  Dete e e he ot otto   oo e e  oto h e How is this possible Long story short toxins afect the way cells function and over time they he e tte e oe e hh ote ote th tox tht the suferer has come into contact with and you can see the connection. ee ee otoe to et tox o o to eee tht thee ee t o oe e th tox h ee oe ete the t tht eoe e tte e th ee eoe e thoh eoe ete to e oe ee o et to ho ee tht ee oe e slide 18: 18 he the o h t eh o et tox et to eeto and even crying are among them natural detoxifcation just isn’t enough. Regularly detoxing with e te he o e ee to thoe ote th oet tht h e ee th etox to he h he o o et to et o exe t Understanding the Body’s Detoxifcation System o o o tet tox ee te o et ethe oe to ott th et th o exe o o ht to et the t D tht o ee o ethe to et the oxe tht t to e o ete te e o the et ote o et tox too The e e e e tete oo ott oe et tox oe o o h tox ot he o exhe o ete tox heee o et The oe tox o e exoe to the ete o tox o the oe o ote e efects like the ones listed above. The good news is that giving your body a break by following a e et he to ot o etox t te ot to et oete he the o ee oo You may have heard that detox comes with side efects and this is defnitely true. Depending on how toxic your system is you may fnd yourself dealing with headaches skin rashes nausea irritability diarrhea fatigue and even difculty sleeping as all the chemicals make their way out of o te How Red Tea Supports Detox All too often cleansing and detoxing is placed on the same level as deprivation. Our minds have difculty wrapping themselves around the concept of voluntary sufering which is why I’ve gone to et eth to e th oe ot eo oo te o e o endless plates of boring kale or scary cafeine colonics. I’m not saying that you won’t encounter slide 19: 19 difculty because change of any kind can feel challenging. But with the help of my diet and red te o tt o heth eoot o eto et o the o to ott heth o tht o ee tt te th o ht e This detox isn’t just about removing the bad stuf we discussed earlier. It’s also about putting good stuf back into your body so that you feel vibrant alive and joyful. It’s about dealing with insulin e oo to tht eh o o t ot h o etoh th oe o tht o heth eoe ot the th tethoht Th hee e te oe The he e te he o ee o ee detox and it makes unpleasant side efects less difcult to deal with. It also helps you stay very well hydrated so that your body feels free to fush toxins rather than hold onto them as it does heee o e ee tte t ehte The tte o the e te et o enjoy it in diferent ways tricking your mind into believing that you’re enjoying a treat when in fact o e e he to ot tot o e oe e te ot et t e eo t he o e the et o o to t t tte o ee the ext hte o e oe ot the oeto etee etox eht o o e oe th otte to et tte th th eh oe 6 Awesome Reasons that make the Red Tea Detox so powerful Detoxifcation o o h t o eh o eo tox t oeexoe e e slowing the detoxifcation process. By drinking red tea you can give your body some help with detoxifcation making it much easier to eliminate the toxins that lead to weight gain and harm your wellbeing. Detoxifcation helps you live better and happier and it can also help you live a oe e o oe th o ee eth te othe eee o oe et o ote oo t ht he te the o extt ht t ee o the te e et Deto et ee oe te he th t ot o the ete oe oe te ot et eh o tox o ee The slide 20: 20 powerful red super fruits and super foods provide fber that sweeps your body clean tones your ete te ete t tox o the W L Did you know that simply losing between one-ffth and one-tenth of your current weight can lead to a whole host of health benefts Scientifc evidence points to a decrease in bad LDL cholesterol and an increase in good HDL cholesterol a signifcant drop in triglycerides fat found o oo eee oe ete to hh oo ee The e ot o eht o h ote t o ete eee ete oe sleep apnea. Infammation that leads to strokes and heart attacks drops with a weight loss of ten eet o hhe te e o e e oeeht oet oe tht oo other health problems. Even when we have just a few pounds to lose we reap benefts by he the exe eht o e ho to oe eht o ot e ote o eo e te ht Thee eo e e o tt tht the ee e oe tet but their high water content fber and nutritious ingredients let you enjoy them in abundance he t e the tht o ot eht o ee o ee o eto O o ht e e to oe tht oe hto he to ee tht o ete o to oe o e ete te ee o e te e o oo hto to o oe oe o the th e ee thoh thee dehydrate rather than hydrate the body Alcohol soda and cofee are the primary culprits. Some othe ht e to ehto too o ette et oee oo e to oo oe tht o t to o t ot Besides avoiding sources of dehydration and drinking lots of water each day you’ll fnd red te otte to eo hto hh he ee eeth o ooth otte to ete ee o oo heth e eoe o e e to ee tte overwhelmed by all the liquids at frst but keep on sipping. Your body will quickly fgure out that it’s fnally getting the moisture it has been missing and the entire process of sipping will feel eoe eeh slide 21: 21 e o ee he the te D e o o the t e Det Th hott ote oe ee th et e o ot o oee oo et ot heth t t e to hoe hot o ee ot to eto ete oe ranging from heartburn to colitis to irritable bowel syndrome to acid refux to name just a few. e te e o o heee e o o thee te he to e the e o o tete oo ett the o eet t ete ete e E M e te o e to e tht o oe hee thee ee o e o e busy lifestyle as so many of us do then you will appreciate the fve-minute prep time and quick e I e etoe th eoe t e eto o oe eo o e t o the fence about undertaking this cleanse it is defnitely time for you to hop of and get started For many people it’s uncertainty that holds them back. You can take it from me a certifed foodie tht thee ote oth to e the tte etet e Te t th its rich zingy favors. Even children enjoy drinking them slide 22: 22 R W L N I Thee o h th e o etox eht o t tht oet to eoe o t to et the oe oe th e te oe oe t ot e oe got to be willing to commit to your own success and you absolutely must make an efort. This is one area where many “diets” fail. Their creators use “quick and easy” as code for “no efort required” and in the process they negate the importance of efort and commitment. I understand why this happens because in all the years I’ve spent in the diet and ftness industry he ee ee e ho to oe eht o t ot eoe ho t to e o he th eht o he oe o ee oe th o to oe thee oo o the tet to theee o the exe eht Dot et e o e ee eoe ee th o te the e oh t thee e etee Th e e to eee tht the e oe eo tht ot et tht the ot oe the et eoe t et e t t o to th ee te e ho to t the te o to th the e ee o t o o to e ee o oe o eoe e R W L N I CHAPTER 03 slide 23: 23 I’ve come to the conclusion that a successful diet is one that produces signifcant visible results oe o ee et otto hehte eeet tt me: When people see those real results and start to enjoy the benefts that come with them a “snowball efect” occurs. Improvement happens faster and results get better and better as people ee theee eo ee hethe the ett e the ee oo the oe otte the e to ee o o On R o ee e et oe the to e the ee ot to o ee to o te th th o e e he the o et toh o e e to ee the ht t the e o the te t e th o ht e oe th o weight loss goals frmly set in your sights you will be unstoppable Of course there are questions. When people f rst hear of R the t eht o et t oe the e oete oee t t eo to oe tht h eht o t eto he eet t e oo oe oe the fact that we have been bombarded over and over again with statements to that efect. The simple fact is this: In all my research over the past decade I have yet to fnd any safety data e the ee t hh eht o hee te ot o the te oe eht o e th the etho e e o e oe ot et ee oe th ext o t o the ot dangerous things you can do and the risks of sufering from serious health issues increase the oe o th t eh t th o t t oet the eo e e o eete eth the te tte e oeeht o oee ee o o eo ee ett heth oto ee te o e et oo et o o het ee ete ee e e ee toe hh oo ee oteotht o the oe thee t oet t e ee th t o ho e the exe t t h oe th o ee th e he th t the e e What Can I Achieve During The Red Tea Detox o o ot e e to e tht eeh oe tht ot et h t o ht ot o tht eeh o ho tht ot oeeht eoe e etee eht slide 24: 24 xtee o o te o t o tht ot et ot o ee the te o o o oh to the oe o eht o oe ee h et the o o ee th e t t t te eoe he to tee to oe the oet he thee o oe exte ot the otet o hoe e o e chance at a healthy life. The huge eforts and tiny rewards are simply incompatible. oe ee ete e te oet to th ot ht hee The o e e oo tht o tte ot th ee etht ee ote et e you lost a few pounds the frst week and started to feel better but then your weight loss slowed o to oe o to o e ee oo eoh o ot o oet ee o weren’t being rewarded for the sacrifces you were making. It just wasn’t worth the efort. Now th t te o eeoe t t to e tht e he oe oe Tht h ee R to help you accomplish massive weight loss in two weeks. Over the course of just 14 days you will achieve what most diets take four to fve months to do – if you can t to the tht R was specifcally designed to be an extremely rapid method for burning those eight to sixteen pounds of body fat that the average person needs to lose and some people fnd tht the o ee oe eht oo th o h th The e e et tht o et to e te t ote t oe htt et When those results come quickly you receive immediate feedback that tells you that your efort is paying of. When you feel that you’re getting what you want you stick to the plan. And when o t to the o et o o o et the ee otoe e eht o e o o tt eo ht Th h R o o oo ote oe he o ooto For most people this happens within the frst couple of days. Hold on because it gets better. Over the course of the frst week alone many people drop ten pounds of fat. When this happens you’ll ote tht o oth ee ooe o ee hte oe oote o o ee te ette slide 25: You have just finished reading the first 3 chapters of The Red T ea available for free online. There are 9 more chapters in the book that include the secret African red tea recipe for cleansing your body from unwanted fat and toxins along with instructional videos on how to make it and our members only Facebook group where I personally coach members. To get access to all that material you’ll need to purchase the full version today for only 37. You’ve come this far already why not f nish your journey and start your life-changing body transformation Get the full Red Tea Detox Program including the 4 bonuses with a total value of more than 897 today for only 37 Just click on the button below and get full access to EVERYTHING in less than 5 minutes from now Don’t forget the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which means if you are not satisf ed for ANY reason you have 2 months to claim a refund at any point in time. I wish you all the best on your transformation. If I can do it so can you Liz Swann Miller

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