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Published on March 6, 2014

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Honor your genetics and be realistic with your weight loss plans goals

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Some soccer players perceive themselves as being energy-efficient and having to eat “less than they deserve.” and have a weight loss plans They express these complaints: •I eat less than my friends but I still don’t lose weight. There must be something wrong with my metabolism. •I maintain weight on only 1,000 calories per day. I want to lose a few pounds, but I can’t imagine eating any less. •I train every day and eat only one meal a day. I can’t understand why I don’t lose weight. http://www.footballshowtime.com/index.php/Health/weight-loss-plans.html

Does Nature slow an athlete’s metabolism to protect her from getting too thin? Or, does the athlete become very inactive when she is not exercising? That is, after a hard soccer game, does the player take a nap, watch TV, or relax more than usual? Hence, the trick to reversing “energy efficiency” may simply be to remain active in a low-key fashion,weight loss plans easy index by walking around or gently moving more throughout the entire day, not just when training. http://www.footballshowtime.com/index.php/Health/weight-loss-plans.html

of them are simply trying to get to a weight that is abnormal for their genetics. For example, some female soccer players lament what they call their "fat thighs." They fail to understand that fat in the thigh area is sexspecific. It is a storehouse of fuel for potential pregnancy and breast-feeding and is supposed to be there. Just as women have breast tissue, women also have thigh tissue. Women havefatter thighs than men because women are women. http://www.footballshowtime.com/index.php/Health/weight-loss-plans.html

Target Weights Although only nature knows the best weight for your body, the following guidelines offer a very general method to estimate a healthy weight range. Add or subtract 10%, according to your body frame and musculature.how to lose weight healthy (Note: These guidelines do not work for very muscular soccer players. http://www.footballshowtime.com/index.php/Health/weight-loss-plans.html

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