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Published on October 14, 2015

Author: WefieBox

Source: slideshare.net

1. | 1 No #selfie let’s #wefie

2. No #selfie let’s #wefie Who We Are We specialize in self-service and instant print photo booth services. We pride ourselves in ensuring a seamless experience for all guests, be it corporate/brand, private or wedding events. | 2

3. No #selfie let’s #wefie Why Wefie Box? Wefie (We selfie) - A photo taken in the same fashion as a selfie, but with 2 or more people. Wefie Box® is self-serivce photo booth allow people to wefie in fun and creative ways. | 3

4. No #selfie let’s #wefie How Does It Work? | 4 Step 1: Activate by touch screen or by guestures (e.g: clap) towards the Wefie Box® Step 2: Style yourself with Preview screen Step 3: Check out taken photo. Print or Share on Facebook via Wefie Box® Social Media Kiosk

5. No #selfie let’s #wefie What We Do For Corporate Events Looking to jazz up your corporate event or dinner & dance with an interactive touch? Wefie Box® provides you with the perfect platform to commemorate your company’s greatest achievements. | 5

6. No #selfie let’s #wefie What We Do For Milestone Events Take the chance to create memories with Wefie Box® for all the milestone moments in your life. Be it your wedding, 21st birthday party or anniversary – all your guests are guaranteed a picture-perfect moments to remind them of the good times! | 6

7. No #selfie let’s #wefie What We Do Celebrity Experience Up the ante with Wefie Box®’s very own celebrity experience! Thrill your guests as they play the role of Hollywood stars for the night, with a red carpet walk-in experience accompanied by an exquisite photo booth service of their ‘star shot’ before entering your event. | 7

8. No #selfie let’s #wefie | 8 Key Features DSLR Camera Quality Wefie Box® is compatible with wide range of Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras. Put the best looking photo booth photos by leveraging DSLR camera and professional studio lightning. Gesture Control Let your guests amaze themself by controlling the photo booth via gestures (e.g: clap their hands) or touch the screen for shooting. In other words, guests run Wefie Box® themself as easy as selfie with their smartphone. Branding & Customization Bring your brand or event theme to life with customized booth branding that can turn any Wefie Box® into the star of the show. Pick any shape, size, or color and we can make it! Wefie Box® can transform into any shape you like to better suit your event theme.

9. No #selfie let’s #wefie | 9 Key Features Social Sharing Kiosk (SSK) Social Sharing Kiosk - seperate stand with tablets (iPad or Android tablets) - companion with Wefie Box® allow guests to browse taken photos, send photos to their inbox, share on Facebook or print instantly.... SSK is built to scale. E.g: For big activation with hundreds to thoudsands people taken photos. Simple solution is to place more SSKs to load balacing lines of people who waiting for their turn to view or share photos. Data Capture Wefie Box® is not just a photo booth but also a marketing platform allow brands to collect customer data by requesting users to enter personal details which are useful for your further marketing campaigns or like a fan page before email, share or print a photo

10. No #selfie let’s #wefie | 10 Case Studies

11. No #selfie let’s #wefie Corporate Party | 11

12. No #selfie let’s #wefie Graduation Party | 12

13. No #selfie let’s #wefie Wedding | 13

14. No #selfie let’s #wefie Full Month Party | 14

15. No #selfie let’s #wefie Birthday Party | 15

16. No #selfie let’s #wefie INTERESTED? | 16 Wefie Box Hello@WefieBox.com 098 999 1324 Contact Us:

17. Thank You | 17

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