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Published on December 14, 2007

Author: VolteMort

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Week 9:  Week 9 Plant Group #3 Large Shrubs and Vines Cornus alternifolia – Pagoda Dogwood:  Cornus alternifolia – Pagoda Dogwood Location: North Side Honors Stratified, horizontal branching. Leaves almost look whorled, but are opposite. Note how leaves all point upward on the stem. White spring flowers, fruits that turn black, and reddish/purple fall color. Cotoneaster divaricatus – Spreading Cotoneaster:  Cotoneaster divaricatus – Spreading Cotoneaster Location: SW corner of Horticulture Red drupes in fall, small glossy leaves. Arching branches…don’t prune it! Orange/red fall leaf color. Cotoneaster lucidus – Hedge Cotoneaster:  Cotoneaster lucidus – Hedge Cotoneaster Location: East side of Pearson Hall Similar to spreading cotoneaster, but not as nice in many respects. Purple fruits in the fall…instead of red. Can have good fall color. Hamamelis vernalis – Vernal Witchhazel:  Hamamelis vernalis – Vernal Witchhazel Location: West side of Hamilton Hall Similar to common witchhazel, BUT flowers in the winter and the leaves are slightly more narrow. Often has good golden fall color. Obvious flower buds in the fall (now). Amazing fall color one year at Vet. Med. Hamamelis virginiana – Common Witchhazel:  Hamamelis virginiana – Common Witchhazel Location: Many on north side of Food Science Bld. and north side of Honors Flowering in the fall…very unusual yellow/orange flowers. Very good yellow fall color....cool plant! Heptacodium miconioides – Seven-son Flower:  Heptacodium miconioides – Seven-son Flower Location: Hort Court Yard New plant introduction. Large, shinny, opposite leaves. Brown, exfoliating bark. White flowers in early fall and then pink fruit capsules later… more attractive than actual flowers Lonicera maackii – Amur Honeysuckle:  Lonicera maackii – Amur Honeysuckle Location: West side of Lake LaVerne Red fruits. Glossier leaves than tatarica. Still problematic invasive plant that should be removed. Lonicera tatarica – Tatarian Honeysuckle:  Lonicera tatarica – Tatarian Honeysuckle Location: SE of Horticulture Very invasive…deems removal. Opposite leaves, often has red berries. Similar to Lonicera maackii. Syringa xchinensis – Chinese Lilac:  Syringa xchinensis – Chinese Lilac Location: SW corner of Science Hall Smaller leaves and buds compared to Syringa vulgaris. Leaves are often “curled” by this time of year. Powerdery mildew a big problem. Profuse lilac purple flowers mid-May. Hybrid between S. persica and S. vulgaris. Syringa vulgaris – Common Lilac:  Syringa vulgaris – Common Lilac Location: Many places…look around Marston Hall Terminal buds often in pairs. Larger leaves than chinensis. Hundreds of cultivars. Leggy, irregular form… better lilacs in my opinion. Viburnum sieboldii – Sieboldii Viburnum:  Viburnum sieboldii – Sieboldii Viburnum Location: SW corner of Memorial Union Large course leaves, bullet shaped buds. Crushed leaves smell like rotten green peppers! Viburnum trilobum – Cranberrybush Viburnum:  Viburnum trilobum – Cranberrybush Viburnum Location: East side of Lagomarcino next to Turn-around drive. Very abundant red fruits in fall, often has spectacular red all color, large flat topped white flowers. Three-lobed leaves…all around great viburnum. ‘Compactum’ – 6’ compact cultivar Viburnum rufidulum – Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum:  Viburnum rufidulum – Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum Location: West side of Lake LaVerne along sidewalk thru the trees. Very similar to V. prunifolium, but has pubesence on petioles, and rusty red, brown buds in the winter. Glossy leaves. Vines:  Vines Campsis radicans – Trumpetcreeper:  Campsis radicans – Trumpetcreeper Location: Not on campus…See sample in jar Opposite pinnate leaves….compare with wisteria. Red/orange flowers. Pod-like capsule. Clematis terniflora – Sweetautumn Clematis:  Clematis terniflora – Sweetautumn Clematis Location: On fence by Welch Hall (across from the Knoll) White panicles of fragrant flowers in fall. Pinnately compound leaves. Very vigorous grower…almost weedy in some cases. Easy to grow clematis. Hedera helix – English Ivy:  Hedera helix – English Ivy Location: Climbing wall on North side of MacKay Hall Note adult leaf form on left and juvenile leaf form (lobed) on the right…leaves are semi-evergreen. Berry like fruits turn bluish, black. Can be aggressive. Hydrangea anomala spp. petiolaris – Climbing Hydrangea:  Hydrangea anomala spp. petiolaris – Climbing Hydrangea Location: New plants at Student Success Center See the sample in the jar. Opposite leaves. Flowers white, 4 petaled, in flat-topped clusters, outer flowers (sepals). Reiman Gardens plants Lonicera japonica – Japanese Honeysuckle:  Lonicera japonica – Japanese Honeysuckle Location: LeBarron Court Yard Vine like habit…weedy. Hairs on stems. Lonicera sempervirens – Trumpet Honeysuckle:  Lonicera sempervirens – Trumpet Honeysuckle Location: Not on campus….Reiman Gardens? Red tubular flowers . Connate terminal leaf. A better Lonicera vine. Menispermum canadense – Common Moonseed:  Menispermum canadense – Common Moonseed Location: See sample in Jar Lobed cordate leaf. Small flowers and white seeds that look like a half moon. Parthenocissus quinquefolia – Virginia Creeper:  Parthenocissus quinquefolia – Virginia Creeper Location: Climbing on most buildings on campus 5-leaf (quinque) palmately compound leaf. Blue fruits and purple/red fall color. Tendrils can be damaging to wood. Parthenocissus tricuspidata – Boston Ivy:  Parthenocissus tricuspidata – Boston Ivy Location: Also climbing many buildings on campus Three lobed leaf. Blue fruits and red fall leaf color. Tendrils. Wisteria floribunda – Japanese Wisteria:  Wisteria floribunda – Japanese Wisteria Location: Hort Court Yard Alternate pinnately compound leaf. Often does not flower here. Vigorous vine. Vitis riparia – Riverbank Grape:  Vitis riparia – Riverbank Grape Location: SE corner of Memorial Union parking ramp Cordate leaf. Tendrils. And you guessed it…grapes. Slide27:  See me about any questions or for help studying for the exam!!! I will go on review walks if anyone requests it.

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