Week Thirteen - What\'s Next

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Published on December 4, 2008

Author: wmacphail

Source: slideshare.net

Week Thirteen What’s Next? Wayne MacPhail

The future is here. It’s just unevenly distributed. -William Gibson

We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror. - Marshall McLuhan

The best way to predict the future, is to invent it. - Alan Kay

1955 This ball is really important!

1955 It says, be sure to plug in the keyboard and monitor! WTF? Oh, nice use of an anacronistic acronym for a cheap laugh Gladys, you skank.

1969 34,000 bytes of memory 4,000,000,000 G of memory 43,000 Hz 2.600,000,000 GHz $46 million <$1000

1970 Flammable Pants


1980 Not a hairpiece

2008 2010 = 2006 2004 2002 2000 1998 1996 1992 1994

2012 Four Years From Now

1980-2008 4 million times more memory

Cost per megabyte of storage by year 50.0 1986 48 1990 13.6 37.5 1994 1.3 25.0 1998 0.066 2002 0.039 12.5 2006 0.0064 0 2008 0.0034 1986 1990 1994 1998 2002 2006 2008

Watch the trends Expect disruptive innovation Imagine zero

Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovations Digital vs Film Photography Desktop vs. Press Publishing LEDs vs. Light Bulbs Twitter vs Newsrooms

Batteries Due

Analytical Engine 1837 Charles Babbage

Memex, 1945 Vannevar Bush

Home Computer, 1954 Rand Corporation

Knowledge Navigator, 1987 Apple Computer

Apple Lisa, 1984 Apple Computer

Macintosh 1984

The Trend to Zero Cost Time Storage Bandwidth Monitors Memory Processors Newspaper Readership

How to Think About the Future

Past Present Future Always concurrent

What’s next? First, what used to be next.

We’ve passed that now.

Multi-modal input with context awareness

Geo-location Geo-location Geo-location

OLED 100,000:1 ratio .002 inches thick Flaps in the breeze Will show up in photo IDs and cellphones

Wireless, location-aware silicon is the new wood pulp.

And the news? Granularity melts. Newsrooms unify. Curation rules. Newspaper thinking dies.

Online Journalism Blog

And the you? You get to make this all true.

Thanks for your kind attention.

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