Week 5: Curation

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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: joycevalenza

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Agenda (Week 5): Agenda (Week 5) PKM smackdown ! Who are you following? What are you finding? Curation lecture Search using curation tools Book remixes from Karen and Michael (remotely) About your projects PowerPoint Presentation: http://bundlr.com/b/content-curation- definition PowerPoint Presentation: Rheingold interviews Robin Good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMPSL- 1qMG8 PowerPoint Presentation: Howard Rheingold NetSmart p.120 What does Howard say About Curation ? PowerPoint Presentation: Rheingold, H. Net Smart, p. 127 Curation as search: Curation as search LibGuides Community Scoop.it Paper.li Delicious Stacks LiveBinders PearlTrees Themeefy Diigo Pinterest Bundlr MentorMob Storify Learni.st Tumblr The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators Robert Scoble: The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators Robert Scoble 1. Real -time curators need to bundle . 2. Real-time curators need to reorder things . 3. Real-time curators need to distribute bundles. 4. Real-time curators need to editorialize 5. Real-time curators need to update their bundles . 6. Real-time curators need to add participation widgets. 7. Real-time curators need to track their audience. Harold’s annotations: Harold’s annotations PowerPoint Presentation: http://www.curatorscode.org / For next week: Digital/ Transmedia Storytelling: For next week: Digital/ Transmedia Storytelling Visits by Laura Fleming and Lee Lefevre Come in with one good question each for Laura and Lee on this Padlet . Do not duplicate questions! Readings (before we meet) Read  Laura Fleming's recent posts  at the Transmedia Coalition Examine/read Inanimate Alice Fleming, L. ( 2013) Expanding Learning Opportunities with Transmedia Practices: Inanimate Alice as an Exemplar .  Journal of Media Literacy Education ,  5 (2), 3. Jenkins, H. (2007).  Transmedia Storytelling 101 .   Confessions of an Aca -Fan . Jenkins, H. et al. (2009). Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture ( Read to page 26 or more if you like.) Visit  Common Craft  and learn about Lee Lefevre and his strategies for explanations.  Watch a few of their videos. Playlists (in the left column ) Book Remixes: Angela Pagliaro , The Anti-Education Era Etonam Acolatse , Born Digital Melissa Michalski , The Dragonfly Effect

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