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Published on August 29, 2007

Author: Mahugani


Images from the Hubble Space Telescope:  Images from the Hubble Space Telescope Neil Trentham Slide2:  5 light hours 5 light years 100,000 ly 1 million ly 10 billion light years As we move to the left, the Universe is getting younger Slide3:  Hubble can resolve a few kilometers on the Moon. This is Crater Copernicus Slide4:  We know a great deal about structures on nearby planets like Mars. Slide5:  We know rather less, but still a fair amount, about the gas giants and their moons. This is Jupiter and Io. Slide6:  Hubble has given us some good pictures of Saturn, and its rings, which are made of large snowballs. Slide7:  Comets have a complex structure when they get in the inner solar system. Here, comet LINEAR breaks up. Slide8:  Stars have a range of sizes and colours. Blue stars are big and hot. Red stars are smaller and cooler. Slide9:  Some stars are made of condensed matter and are extremely dense and faint. Examples are white dwarfs, neutron stars, or, in the extreme form, black holes. Slide10:  Clouds of gas that are about to become stars often show many interesting features. Slide11:  Regions of space where there are a lot of stars forming, like the Eagle Nebula, are often spectacular. Slide12:  Supernovae are explosions in galaxies that can outshine the rest of the galaxy for a few days. Slide13:  Elliptical Spiral Most galaxies are either ellipticals or spirals. Slide14:  M64 is a nearby spiral galaxy with a great deal of dust. Slide15:  The Sombrero Galaxy is a very big galaxy with a bulge of stars surrounding a disk. Slide16:  NGC 1300 is a barred galaxy. Slide17:  Clusters of galaxies contain very many elliptical galaxies Slide18:  Some galaxy clusters have some very big galaxies. Slide19:  Occasionally galaxies have rings of stars around them. Slide20:  NGC 4013 is seen right along its edge. Slide21:  Galaxies like M100 extend quite far away from their centres. Slide22:  The Cartwheel Galaxy has a ring of star-forming regions. Slide23:  The SMC is a small galaxy next to the Milky Way. You can see it from the southern hemisphere. Slide24:  Dwarf galaxies tend to be very diffuse. Slide25:  The Tadpole Galaxy has a long plume of material. You can see many background galaxies in this picture Slide26:  The Whirlpool Galaxy M51 is an interacting galaxy. Slide27:  Here are two spiral galaxies beginning an interaction. Slide28:  This is an interaction between three galaxies. Slide29:  This is an unusual situation, where six galaxies collide with each other. Slide30:  The galaxy has a substantial dark matter halo. Slide31:  Galaxy cluster with each other to produce large scale structure. We see this in computer simulations. Slide32:  Some galaxy have bright quasars at their centers. These are powered by material falling onto large black holes. Slide33:  In the Hubble Deep Field, we see galaxies when they were very young.

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