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Published on July 8, 2009

Author: newtbarrett


Welcome Current Wedding Planners & Future Content Marketers!

Now Everybody Knows Your Secrets!

Fundamental Changes in Buyer Behavior are Driving an Online Content Marketing Revolution How you can put content marketing to work online!

What We’ll Share This Evening 1. New buyer behavior changes everything 2. Why content marketing is vital in 2009 3. How to begin your content marketing strategy

So what are YOU hoping to get out of today?

1959 Wedding

1999 Wedding

Wedding Planning in 1959

Wedding Planning 1999

Marketing from 1959 to 1999: Almost Nothing Changed

Interruption Marketing: One Way Shouting to Buyers Way Buyers Too Many Suffer from Seller Info Messages Overload

The Real Reason We’re Not Buying Cars

Timeless Marketing Commandments • Your job: – B to B: Make your customers successful – B to C: Make your customers’ lives better • 1st understand, then be understood • Listen, really listen to your customers • Engage your customers in dialogue

How Your Buyers Used to Find Solutions to Their Needs: Business 2 Business Business 2 Consumer • Talk to company sales • TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor reps Advertising • Read trade publication • Yellow Pages ads and articles • See your business sign • Read product literature • Read an article about you • Go to trade shows • Talk to trusted friends • Talk to colleagues

Marketing from 1999 to 2009: Almost Everything Changed

The Fate of Marketers Who Fail To Make Fundamental Changes

Buying Transformation • Make up their own minds • Thorough research before contact • Don’t want to be interrupted • Don’t want to be sold

2009 Wedding

Wedding Planning in 2009

Wedding Planning 2009

21st Century Marketing: Traditional Media Can’t Do the Job

“Your Brand is What Google Says It Is,” -Author, David Meerman Scott

Future Belongs to Content Marketing: Buyers Find You

Content Marketing = Thinking Like a Publisher • Who are your customers? • What are their most pressing concerns, interests, problems? • Provide relevant & compelling content to address those problems • Become trusted source of information and potential solutions • Make it easy for them to take action

Content Marketing: The Least Expensive Marketing Tool!

Your Next Steps: Answer These Questions • Who are your ideal customers? • What are their most pressing problems? • What online information can you provide to solve those problems? • What changes are essential to rebuild your online presence to make it customer- centric and content rich? • How can you build a community?

The Old: ‘Tween Waters Inn

The Old: Wedding Page

The New: ‘Tween Waters Inn

The New: Wedding Page

"If you want something decent about you in Google you MUST blog. This is NOT optional anymore." - Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer)

The Power of a Blog: • Web-based • Available 24/7 • Provide information about you and your company • Share your knowledge and expertise • Offer help to prospects & customers • Enable 2-way communication • Create sense of community

What is a Blog? • A website that is organized like a newspaper w/ most recent articles first • An easy to manage, free website • A web presence that grows in importance over time • A potentially influential shaper of opinion and behavior • A revenue driver

Keys to Successful Blog • Target info needs of well-understood set of ideal buyers • Frequent, timely updates • Delivers relevant & compelling content • Well-structured and categorized • Open to everyone on the web • Easily findable via Google, etc. • Comment on other blogs

Focus on What’s Most Important to Your Target Brides

MixMingleGlow from Destin Florida Brides seeking wedding planning assistance generally fall into two categories: •Full Service (”I’m overwhelmed, I don’t know where to start, I need all the help I can get!”) •Day Of (”I’m a hands- on kind of gal, I’ve got lots of help, I just need a little assistance along the way“). Are You Sure You Don’t Need a Planner?

Robyn Bomar Panhandle Planner • Blogging for 15 months • Does no traditional marketing • Blog drives 90% + of revenues • Shares experiences • Shares best ideas

Plenty to Write About # inspiration & ideas (90) # YOU can do it! (84) # events (83) # parties (74) # life as an event planner (69) # decor (58) # weddings (51) # food (48) # favors (34) # halloween (26) # GIVEAWAYS (24) # Real Parties (24) # gifts (23) # extra extra read all about it! (20) # destin FL (17) # personalization (17)

Insights from Robyn • Blog first. Website coming later. • Had no idea what she was doing online. • Helps her cook up new ideas--research • “Brides get married in packs.” Lots of referrals amplified by blog • “Are you going to feature me on your blog?" Clients want exposure, too!

What We’ve Learned: 1. Changed Buyers have Changed Marketing Forever 2. Content Marketing is Vital to Your Future 3. Your Blog is Your Most Powerful Marketing Weapon 4. Yes, You Can--and You Must Start a Blog

Thank you! Nothing More Fun for Your Summer Reading Pleasure!

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