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Published on October 5, 2013

Author: TodichFloralDesign



Wedding Flowers London:

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API Home CORPORATE FLOWERS WEDDING FLOWERS EVENT FLOWERS Gallery Blog Contact Follow us on CALL US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 020 7737 1166 November 5th, 2012 Last Monday we had a request come in from a lady who was hosting an event at UCL that coming Friday, and she needed some design ideas ASAP! I started with designs that included chilli peppers, roses, and ivy – something a little different and fun! – In addition to a suggestion of something more traditional that replaced the chilli peppers with orange freesia. She really liked the freesia, so I sent her some images of all the flowers that come in that lovely burnt orange. I settled on ‘Cherry Brandy’ roses, ‘Tom Pearce’ Chrysanthemums, ‘Prinses Irene’ tulips, and red oak foliage, designed in glass fish bowls; I thought that the vases looked great, UCL Event Flowers Search Pages » About Categories Select Category Archives Home Page 4

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API and luckily our client agreed! Archives » September 2013 » August 2013 » July 2013 » June 2013 » May 2013 » April 2013 » March 2013 » February 2013 » January 2013 » November 2012 » October 2012 » August 2012 » July 2012 » June 2012 » May 2012 » April 2012 » February 2012 » January 2012 » December 2011 » November 2011 » August 2011 » June 2011 » April 2011 » March 2011 » September 2010 » July 2010 » June 2010

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pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API Tweet 0 Posted in Events | No Comments » October 26th, 2012 Our Spooky Halloween Events » Serbian Wedding Flow ers & Traditions » Bride Flow ers » A Summer Wedding by Todich Floral Design » Secret Rose Garden in London’s West End » Red Rose Wedding Flow ers Wedding flowers blog » Serbian Wedding Flow ers & Traditions Tag Cloud buttonholes design floral fashion floral fashions flowersflow ers london garden reception pedestal flow ers restaurant flow ers rose roses Season for w edding flow ers Secret Rose Garden spring flow ers for w edding Spring w edding flow ers summer w edding flow ers summer w eddings w edding w edding bouquets w edding bouquets london w edding flow ers w edding flow ers london

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API With Halloween just around the corner, we have been getting some pretty spooky requests in! Physalis alkekengi – Chinese Lanterns –, ‘Bacarra’ roses, black tulips, Pineapple leaves, Pandanus leaves, Grevillea, and twisted willow all create wonderfully sinister arrangements. This week, we are designing the weekly vases for our clients with miniature pumpkins on sticks being arranged with the flowers – sadly the flowers that are being used are orchids which, although beautiful, and are not very creepy! We recently designed a wedding with a bridal bouquet that featured Chinese Lanterns, red Nerine, ‘Treasure’ calla lilies, and pin oak foliage, creating a lovely over-the-arm display. The bridesmaids’ posies also had Chinese Lanterns and Nerine but no calla lilies, which created a nice symmetry with the bride’s bouquets without matching the design exactly. The buttonholes were Nerines, and all the table displays were fishbowls filled with Chinese Lanterns, which looked fantastic in the wood-panelled room with a roaring fire in the corner. Another wedding that we are designing, which is less eerie but very beautiful none-the-less, had a similar structure within the bride’s shower bouquet and the bridesmaids’ hand- tied bouquets: the bridal bouquet is going to use dark red freesia, red Nerine, red skimmia, red hypericum, and white Common Lilac with a shower to the front of the design made of burgundy Amaranthus and pin oak; the bridesmaids’ design are going to use white freesia, white Nerine, and red Skimmia – which I think are going to look lovely next to the bride’s bouquet. The groom’s boutonniere is going to be a head of dark red freesia and a head of red Nerine, framed by pin oak to match his bride’s design, and the groomsmen’s buttonholes are just going to be a single white head of freesia – very simple, but very beautiful. And the father-of-the- bride and the mothers are going to have little designs made of small clusters of white freesia and white Nerine to pin to their outfits. We had an event come in from a design company that requested that all the designs – domes of ‘Bacarra’ roses, domes of ‘Grand Prix’ roses, and domes of ‘Red Naomi’ roses be placed in

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API skulls, eyeballs scattered throughout the designs and on the tables, and blood dripping down the leaves – all fake of course! Very scary! Another request came in for a masked event that required all the Grevillea be sprayed black and hung as garlands and swags around the room to throw shadowy and ominous shapes across the walls; it created a spectacular atmosphere for a stunning event! Please feel free to contact our design team to get involved in the action Tweet 0 Posted in Events | No Comments » August 29th, 2012 We are proud to announce that our Autumn wedding bookings are going through the roof this year! We have recently noticed a growing trend towards Autumn weddings and we are pleased to announce that we have created a new range of floral designs ready for the new season. Traditionally we have found that brides used to go for summer sunshine on their special day; but now we are finding that there has recently been a move towards the ‘cheaper- to-book slots’ later on in the year. We believe that as a result of the busy London events and continuous rain that many couples have started to “think outside the box” and are now planning to marry in September, October or even November, extending the thriving wedding season well into the autumn months. Head Wedding Consultant Laura Fisher says that ‘Opting to have a wedding in the autumn season gives a whole new choice of variety for bridals bouquets and venue decorations, the new seasons means that A September to Remember! Our Autumn Wedding Flowers

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API new flowers and colours are readily available’. Our florists have put together a special selection of autumn designs which includes a colour palette of warmer tones and suits many different styles. Our floral buyers have also noticed that Orchids have become much cheaper and are more readily available at this time of year; our autumn portfolio includes cymbidium orchids, amaryllis and other flowering bulbs which are all now available to order on their online catalogue on our sister site Tweet 0 0 Posted in Weddings | No Comments » August 22nd, 2012 Wedding season is in full bloom at Todich Floral Design, We have been kept busy with nuptial celebrations during the summer season. In national wedding statistics June and August are the most popular months for getting married and we certainly have been flourishing this year during the month of August. Our most recent wedding was held in Battersea, London at the stylish Hotel Verta. We were contacted by 2 brides whowere A Purple & White Summer Wedding

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API getting married on Friday August 17th 2012 and they wished for us to decorate their wedding with our stunning flower designs. The brides favourite flowers were roses & their favourite colours were purple and whites, they wished for us to incorporate the deep purple & traditional flower within their arrangements. The brides wanted to have matching bridal bouquets, our florists created beautiful designs which included deep purple lisanthus that was surrounded by a contrasting frame of ivory avalanche roses; we then added dark cordyline leaves around the edging and looped lily grass that was scattered within the design, The bouquets were then finished off with beautiful cream pearls and ivory satin ribbon. We also designed 2 identical bouquets for the maid of honours. The bouquets also included the same flowers but were created with a slightly different style. Our florists expertly arranged the avalanche roses and surrounded them with a frame of fresh purple lisianthus, we then added a collar of folded cordyline leaves and scattered looped lily grass within the arrangement, we then finished the design with gold pins and gold satin ribbon. The happy couple also asked for us to create 2 rose buttonholes for close family members, we put together a single avalanche rose arranged within looped lily grass and finished the design with decorative gold pink and delicate gold wire. The happy couple were having a small reception at the Hotel Verta, The venue has contemporary classy décor and looks out onto the river Thames, The venue is very popular at weddings and it is key that we were to design the flowers to be special and unique to them, we were asked to make the top table arrangement into a long and low rectangular vase, conscious to keep with the colour scheme we included ivory roses, purple

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API lisianthus, and finished the display off with looped lily grass, cream pearls and ivory satin ribbon. The wedding reception consisted of 4 tables, the brides wanted hand-tied bouquet placed in fishbowls as their table centres; we created beautiful hand-ties of roses, spray roses, lisianthus and soft seasonal foliage. The table centres were kept to a simple and beautiful style that suited with the décor of the venue. Todich Floral Design loves that every wedding is unique, no two weddings are ever the same and the variety of colours and flowers available means that the level of choice can be very overwhelming. Our florists and wedding consultants are trained to guide every individual to the perfect flowers for their wedding day. Tweet 0 Posted in Weddings | No Comments » August 21st, 2012 Todich Floral Design loves a summer wedding; there is a vast variety of flowers available A Lilac Summer Wedding

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API during the summer season that is perfect for weddings and events. With flowers such as hydrangeas, cornflower and delphiniums available it’s no wonder our florists love to create unique summery designs. For a hot and hazy summertime wedding, it is always best to opt for elegant blooms in shades of pinks, purples and blues; these colours really stand out in the sunshine and create a beautiful backdrop of colour at many English Venues. Todich Floral Design had the pleasure of designing the flowers for a wedding being held on August 20th 2012 in Battersea, London, The bride’s favourite colours were lilacs and purples and her favourite flowers were roses and orchids, it was a requirement to include these into her bridal designs. The overall colour scheme was a fusion of purples and lilacs, the bridesmaid’s dresses were deep mauve and the bridal dress was a blend of ivory and white. The bride has a petit frame and we found that a posy style bouquet suited her style best, we created a bouquet containing ocean song roses, ocean mikado spray roses and scented white freesias, and we then finished the design with small diamante pearls and white satin ribbon. The bridesmaid’s bouquets were of a smaller hand-tied design and included cream roses and purple freesias and were finished off with white pearls and satin ribbon. The bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquets looked beautiful when held next to each other. The groom’s boutonniere was a simple elegant design that matched the bridal flowers; the floral piece was made with a lilac ocean song rose, small lilac spray roses and finished with seasonal

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API foliage. The reception was held at London’s Hotel Verta, a popular wedding venue which looks out onto the river Thames and is an all- around luxurious and elegant setting. The couple wished for us to decorate the room with contemporary fishbowl designs that linked to the groom’s Irish background. Our florists created contemporary fishbowl designs that were placed on mirror plates at the centre of the tables. Shamrocks blooms sat at the bottom of the fishbowl vases whilst the dendrobium orchids swirled around the inside and over the tops of the vases, the florists finished the designs by scattering pink and cream rose petals all over the tables. The church was in Highbury, London and our requirement was to decorate the venue with 2 grand floral plinth designs and 8 small pew end arrangements. The plinth designs stood at the front of the alter and we wanted to make the displays as eye-catching and as beautiful as possible, the plinth arrangements included white lilies, cream freesias, lilac roses, lilac carnations, cream alstroemeria and seasonal scented foliage. The pew ends were small posy arrangements which included striking green chrysanthemums, lilac carnations, white astilbe and stems of fresh mint. The bride and groom wished to smell the mint as they walked up the aisle on their wedding day. Overall the blend of purples, lilacs and creams really worked beautifully together, the added punch of lime green created striking eye-catching table arrangements that looked elegant and contemporary, and the use of roses kept the wedding theme traditional and

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API stylish. If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself for an upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a free consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind. Simply give us a call on 02077371166 and we would be happy to help. Todich Floral Design Tweet 0 Posted in August Wedding Flowers, Design, Flowers, summer, Wedding Flowers, Weddings | No Comments » August 14th, 2012 We are a London and wedding and events florist and we are preparing to stand out from the crowd this year at Earl’s Court National Wedding Show, We intend on creating a beautiful fashionable exhibit unlike anything that has ever been seen before. This year we aspire to be different, we are fortunate enough to have secured a stand right at the front of the show, we would love new brides to come through the doors and instantly see our beautiful floral designs whilst we welcome everyone with our friendly floral team. Our exhibit will surround a tall natural wisteria tree which will be in full blossom during the days of the show. Attracting with scent and visual beauty, the display will be impressive and Todich Floral Design gets ready to stun at the National Wedding Show

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API notable; the exhibit will contain a number of bridal bouquets in a variety of different styles and colours which will then be scattered all around the stand in an assortment of glass vases. From traditional classic white, to modern splashes of colour, the bridal bouquets will be a mix of posy and tear-drop shapes and we will present the bouquets in a way that brides can touch, hold and smell the arrangements during the show. Our florists always create innovative unique floral designs such as hand-made flower hand- bags, stylish floral hair-pieces and natural vintage accessories: the display will also contain the company logo within a framed ivy and rose surround. We will welcome photography and all bridal enquiries and hope that this year will be the best yet. We look forward to seeing you at the show on September 28th, 29th and 30th 2012 at London Earls Court. From all the team Todich Floral Design Tweet 0 Posted in Design, Flower Styling, General, Lifestyle, news, Todich Floral Design News, Weddings | No Comments » August 1st, 2012 Most things are personal to each couple, but there are some traditions that everybody sticks to: it starts as soon as you’re engaged; off to the bride’s family home to be blessed by the local priest. With gold rings and arras – which are little gold coins (usually thirteen) that lay with the Colombian Wedding Traditions

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API rings on the pageboy’s cushion to signify abundance – in hand, both sets of parents standing by, and usually whichever grandparents you can rustle up – grandmothers are key here, being the matriarchs of the household. The priest blesses you, your wedding rings, your arras, you future kids, your good fortune in finding each other: everyone and everything. That done, you’re off to start planning your big day! At the bridal shower, the bride’s mother will give her a variety of monogrammed items to take to her new home: towels, pyjamas, bed sheets, and table clothes are an example. Then the night before the wedding, the bride is thrown a serenata by her groom in her family home; family and close friends congregate to drink aguardiente – an anise- flavoured liquor favoured by Colombians – eat mini empanadas , and gift the bride and groom silver goods – plates, platters, and tea sets to name a few – for their new marital home; then the groom supplies the entertainment: typically a mariachi band, who are a group of sombrero-ed Mexicans that sing traditional ranchera love songs, and if the bride’s very lucky: maybe the groom will join in. On the wedding day, the church will be abundantly decorated with flowers – as will the venue for the reception, usually held in country clubs or haciendas - estates. There are no groomsmen or bridesmaids; accompanying the bride will be little flower girls wearing a floral circlet that matches her own and carrying little baskets filled with petals, and a page boy carrying a cushion with the blessed gold rings and arras covered in a piece of lace which will later be turned into the first child’s christening hat. After the bride and groom exchange rings, the groom lights the candle on his left, the bride the one on her right; together they light the central candle, and extinguish their original ones. This is to signify that they have become one body, and then they dance out of the church holding the lit candle. The reception will have lots of floral table designs – which are for the women to take home – alongside being extravagantly decorated throughout, as well as having well-

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API manicured gardens, using garlands and wreaths to bring in more colour. Silver sugar-coated almonds arranged like flowers are scattered across all across the tables, and the wedding cake is always black fruit cake soaked in red wine – the cake plate, knife and slice will be decorated with flowers as well. After the groom throws the garter into the audience, all the men put their shoes under the bride’s dress for her to pick a shoe at random, thereby selecting the next man to be married. There are no speeches – just a lot of champagne – and the main event is dancing; there will be a band playing throughout the evening, playing all the traditional styles of music loved by Colombians across the generations – vallenato, reguetón and merengue being some of the favourites. Before they leave, the couple will be toasted with champagne – their champagne glasses will be monogrammed – and they will drive off into the night to start their married life together; and the guests will party on in their honour. Tweet 0 Posted in Flowers, Lifestyle, Wedding Flowers, Weddings | No Comments » July 17th, 2012 Todich Floral Design are thriving with the flow of this years weddings, Every wedding arranged has been unique to the bride and we have loved the individuality that the flowers create for the couples special day. Recently our wedding consultants were contacted by a blushing bride to be who was getting married at Kensington Roof Gardens, in London on June 30th 2012. Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API The bride met with our consultant on a couple of consultations and she stated that her favourite colours were lilacs, purples and creams and she wished for us to include her favourite flower Scabiosa within the bouquets. The bride wanted simple, classic designs and especially loved pretty spring flowers. Her bridal bouquet included seasonal spring flowers that incorporated her colour scheme. Cream & lilac roses, scented purple freesias, purple lisianthus and scabiosa were mixed to create a stunning bridal bouquet; the arrangement was then finished with purple ribbon and pearl pins which matched identically to the pearls on her shoes. The bridesmaid’s bouquets were a much small versions of the bridal bouquet; the arrangements looked stunning up against the bridesmaid’s dresses. The buttonholes, grooms boutonniere, and corsages all incorporated the same colour scheme, single white roses, and a single scented purple freesia were tied together to make the beautiful delicate wedding arrangements. The registry table display included a large glass vase of staggered gladioli; the flowers were in three different shades of purple and lilac and stood amongst clear gel balls which sat at the base of the vase. The table designs were simple and contemporary; there were 8 arrangements that contained different colour calla lilies that swirled around the inside of the glass fish bowl vases. The calla lily colours mixed from lilac, purple, lavender and white. The bride also requested that we decorate her cake with flowers, we created small clusters of mini flower arrangements that were to be displayed all over the cake. We believe the use of purple flowers finished the final look of the wedding venue.

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself or fan upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a free consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind. Simply give us a call on 02077371166 and we would be happy to help. Todich Floral Design The Brides Comments – 16.07.12 ‘We are back from our minimoon and I wanted to email to say a massive thank you for the amazing wedding flowers on our special day. The flowers looked amazing! I loved my bridal bouquet especially, I remember looking at my bouquet and thinking how beautifully you had put it together, I really liked how it looked. – thank you so much. Tweet 0 Posted in July Wedding Flowers, Wedding Flowers, Weddings | No Comments » June 27th, 2012 Temple Church & Merchant Taylors Hall – June Wedding 2012

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API Todich Floral Designs busiest wedding season lasts during the spring and summer seasons, starting from as early as March until September. Our florists love a challenge and thrive at the opportunity to be able to get creative and design beautiful and unique displays that have never been seen before. From all white arrangements to splashes of colour, every wedding request is completely different, we love the mix of varieties and styles and most of all the happy couples reactions on their wedding day. Our most recent wedding was held in London city, the wedding itself was held at the renown Temple Church, and the reception at Merchant Taylors Hall in Bank, London. Our bride contacted us using our budget planner system on our Todich floral design website, having chosen a flower selection; we then contacted her to arrange a consultation at our studio with a member of our sales team. We aim to deliver the best customer service and highest quality floral designs within our field. Every bride is treated individually and we aim to make the flowers as perfect as possible. We sent our head consultant to the venues to take note of the décor, lighting and colour schemes so to create ideas for designs that will match the style of the venues and compliment the brides wedding style. The bride’s favourite flowers are the popular roses; her request was to have all the arrangements to include roses and this was a request which we could easily fulfil. The brides overall colour scheme was a mix of creams and pastel peach, The Merchant Taylors Hall was a colour scheme of gold, reds and dark oak wood. Our florist felt

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API inspired to create floral designs which will blend in the style of the venues but also look magnificent and eye-catching at the same time. The bridal bouquet was an elegant and stylish design of white roses and white calla lilies which were framed with flowing ivy. The bouquet looks traditional yet stunning and the framed ivy made the bouquet appear unique to an ordinary white rose posy. The bouquet was finished with white satin ribbon and decorative pins. The bride had 4 bridesmaids and it was a requirement for the bouquets to compliment the dresses. The request was forthe bouquets be designed with a mix of white and peach roses that were then finished with white satin and peach decorative pins. The bride had many additional floral accessories to help complete the look of the wedding, We created 4 rose and mini rose hair combs which the colours ranged from peach to cream, The bride and groom also wished for us to design a small hand tied bouquet for the flower girl, the bouquet needed to represent Ireland, so we added small mini roses and an abundance of mixed seasonal green foliage. They also asked for 3 mini floral arrangements of cream coloured flowers to sit on the cake table. And as well as this we created single avalanche rose buttonholes for the groom and guests. Delicate corsages of cream spray roses and ivy leaves completed the look of the bridesmaid’s attire and looked stunning against the bouquets. The key words for the venues were ‘big and beautiful’, the floral arrangement needed to be eye-catching and impressive and

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API compliment the colours schemes of the venue and the wedding itself. 4 large floral pedestals were required for the floral décor of the church, The pedestals were in the colours of cream and peach and included, lilies, gerberas, hydrangeas and roses. There were 15 tables at the reception and the bride and groom required one arrangement for each, plus they wished to have 4 table arrangements for the top table. A mix of high and low, we created 7 martini glass vase arrangement which included white lilies, white roses and orange dendrobium orchids. The same flowers were also added into the remaining low oasis arrangements. The top table arrangement was to be the key floral feature of the dining hall; our florists were keen to create a beautiful unforgettable design which would complement the style of the wedding. An arrangement of white lilies, gerberas, roses and hydrangeas were included in this design, The white arrangement was then tied with flowing ivy which attached to the other floral pieces, creating an impressive flower display of white, peaches and gold’s. Finally they happy couple wished that we created 35 mini bud vase designs which were to be dotted surrounding the whole venue and flowered grand staircase to complete the final appearance of the wedding. Overall this was a beautiful wedding on a grand scale, with a simple 2 colour scheme of peach and creams, the flowers looked stunning at the venue. We were pleased that all the flowers and colours complemented each other’s and the additional floral accessories matched the bride’s requirements.

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself or an upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind. Simply give us a call on 02077371166 and we would be happy to help. Todich Floral Design Tweet 0 Posted in Weddings | No Comments » June 26th, 2012 The floristry wedding season runs from as early as March all the way to September, the busiest months being, May, June and July, We have had many brides come forward to us over the years to design their flowers and this year was no exception. This season we were contacted by a bride who asked us to design the flowers for her wedding day, her wedding was held at ‘The Painted Hall’ in ‘The Royal Navy College’ Greenwich. A popular venue which we have recently decorated for a wedding in May 2012, we were looking forward to creating completely different designs that were unique and fitting to this bride’s style. The Painted Hall – June Wedding 2012

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API The painted hall is often described as the ‘Finest Dining Hall in Europe’ it is a grand room with beautiful architecture and interior, The venues purpose was originally built for prestigious dining, and formal occasions such as weddings and events, and this is exactly how the venue is used today. Our head consultants and florists were aware of the colours and lighting of this spectacular venue and were able to easily consult the bride as to what flowers arrangements would be perfect to suit her wedding in the venue. This brides wedding was to a much smaller scale to the previous wedding this year, instead of the grand scale wedding that filled the whole venue, This particular wedding hired a dining area set up at the front of the hall which looked upon the surroundings and looked quaint and was a perfect size for a small wedding. The bride’s favourite flowers were roses and she requested that these were to be incorporated into the floral designs. Her bridal bouquet was in the design of a posy and was a mix of pure white roses, calla lilies and freesias, this simple all white bouquet was then finished with white satin ribbon and decorative pins. The bridesmaid’s bouquets were created with the same flowers but of a smaller version of the bridal bouquet. Simple, stylish and chic were the main key words to this wedding, the grooms and guests buttonholes were in keeping with the style and the theme of the wedding, they each had a white that was mixed with a small amount of decorative foliage. The top table arrangement was the key floral feature of the painted hall, the calla lilies and

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API roses were designed to be in the style of a breath taking flower waterfall. The flower stems beautifully flowed down the front of the table and was very eye catching, the arrangement was mixed with palm leaves and other glossy foliage. The idea for this arrangement came from a picture from a magazine cut out that the bride bought to us during her consultations. The venue contained 1 large top table and 4 smaller long tables, The bride and groom requested that we create 8 arrangements to complete the look of the venue, Our florists made 2 vase arrangements filled with white hydrangeas, gerberas, lilies and peonies, and 6 small arrangement filled with the same flowers, the arrangements looked classy and chic for the wedding. Finally the couple requested 4 very large pedestals to help complete the look of the room and to also have the wow factor when entering the wedding venue. We created 2 large and 2 very large designs which matched the colours and flowers of the other arrangements and look stunning when stood at the entrance and at the top table. The flower arrangements created for this wedding were simple and stylish, all white flowers gave a traditional and pure look which tied in with the colours and themes of the wedding. The bride and groom were very pleased with the final look and we were thrilled to design the flowers for a beautiful wedding. If you would like us to provide flowers for yourself or an upcoming wedding then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would be happy to book a consultation with you and talk you through any ideas that you have in mind.

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API Simply give us a call on 02077371166 and we would be happy to help. Todich Floral Design The Brides Comments ‘Hi Todich and Iwona. Just a quick post to say thanks for the lovely wedding flowers arrangements. All the flowers were gorgeous and complimented the day spectacularly and add to my fond memories of the day. Best of luck for the future ’ Tweet 0 Posted in Flowers, June Wedding Flowers, Spring Weddings, summer, Wedding Flowers, Weddings | No Comments » « Previous Entries Next Entries » Site Map | Terms and Conditions Copyright©2013. Todich Floral Design. All rights reserved.

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