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Published on October 5, 2013

Author: TodichFloralDesign



London floral stylists blog:

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API Home CORPORATE FLOWERS WEDDING FLOWERS EVENT FLOWERS Gallery Blog Contact Follow us on CALL US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 020 7737 1166 September 24th, 2013 The summer is slowly passing in Serbia, and it has been one full of weddings—just like any other summer. The season of autumn weddings is now on the go. Weddings in Serbia are a big deal (like anywhere else). In the past these events would be no less than a three day affair. In the northern area of Serbia, we are host to a multitude of nationalities and a greater number of wedding traditions. They vary from town to town, culture to culture, but one thing Serbian Wedding Flowers & Traditions Search Pages » About Categories Select Category Archives Home

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API never changes, these affairs always end up being the best parties. To give you a slight idea of what goes down at the simplest of weddings, the bride gets kidnapped, the groom drinks from his mother-in-laws shoes and guests stuff into the pockets of the musicians – to name a few. Of course, there is order to this chaos, everything is arranged in a timely manner and even the youngest of couples stick to tradition and add their modern, youthful and personal touch through the décor. Even the menu follows tradition, you will never go to a wedding here and find exotic foods, it’s all wonderful home-cooked meals on a bigger scale. Chicken soup is a standard, and it is brought out to guests singing the national anthem. But this does not mean that young brides are showing up in their mother’s dress, and that the reception is decorated with dusty old artificial wedding flowers. The décor is where the bride still has some leeway. Romance is always the first and foremost at weddings here. This summer the weddings I attended all seemed to be following a natural wedding flowers look. Every single one seemed to have green flowers as one of the base colours of the décor. A friend of mine, who is energetic and chipper, matched her light-green flowers with bright /1/”>pink flowers and /5/”>yellow flowers; this really conveyed her personality well. My laid-back quiet cousin also had green fresh flowers as her base colour with /10/”>peach coloured roses adding the romantic detail. The dresses I saw this summer also a reflected a more natural look, long flowing dresses. In fact, I didn’t see one corseted, princess dress over the course of the summer. It seems to be all about romance and Mother Nature this summer. Not only were the dresses flowing but the bouquets as well, long trailing bouquets were a constant. Even my cousin with her peach roses, Archives » September 2013 » August 2013 » July 2013 » June 2013 » May 2013 » April 2013 » March 2013 » February 2013 » January 2013 » November 2012 » October 2012 » August 2012 » July 2012 » June 2012 » May 2012 » April 2012 » February 2012 » January 2012 » December 2011 » November 2011 » August 2011 » June 2011 » April 2011 » March 2011 » September 2010 » July 2010 » June 2010 » May 2010 » April 2010 » March 2010 » February 2010 » January 2010 » November 2009 » October 2009 » August 2009 » July 2009 » June 2009 » April 2009

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API had trailing grass details. This summer the table top flower decorations seemed to be more demur. There were small wedding flower arrangements in glass vases; the greenery used to decorate the venue was used to fill the space, while the flowers served as the centerpieces. One tradition that I was not aware of that I found out about this summer. If you are unable to attend a wedding or spend only a short time at the reception, it is quite commen to place a bouquet of flowers on the reception table. The bouquet type and the wedding flowers you choose should be a reflection of how you see the young couple and a card with your best regards is also a great addition. Even if you don’t want your wedding to last “three days and three nights,” I think there are some wonderful ideas for an upcoming wedding in our old and slightly crazy traditions! Tweet 0 1 Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments » September 5th, 2013 Todich Floral Design is a wedding florist in London that offers Bridal Bouquets in a variety of shapes & Styles – It’s the magic and romance of weddings that make the spring and summer seasons a special time of year. Planning a London wedding can be a daunting but exciting process, it is always advisable to start researching and planning early so to not get too over- whelmed and stressed for the big day. The bridal flower bouquet is one of the most important elements of a UK wedding day. Bride Flowers » April 2009 » November 2008 » August 2008 » July 2008 » June 2008 » May 2008 » April 2008 » March 2008 » February 2008 » January 2008 » December 2007 » October 2007 » September 2007 » August 2007 Recent Posts » Serbian Wedding Flow ers & Traditions » Bride Flow ers » A Summer Wedding by Todich Floral Design » Secret Rose Garden in London’s West End » Red Rose Wedding Flow ers Wedding flowers blog » Serbian Wedding Flow ers & Traditions Tag Cloud buttonholes design floral fashion floral fashions flowersflow ers london garden reception pedestal flow ers restaurant flow ers rose roses Season for w edding flow ers Secret Rose Garden spring flow ers for w edding Spring w edding flow ers summer w edding flow ers summer w eddings w edding w edding bouquets w edding bouquets london w edding flow ers w edding flow ers london Like 2

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API important elements of a UK wedding day. There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right wedding flowers. Seasons are the first aspect to look into, it is recommended to discover which blooms will be in season at certain times of the year, for example; Tulips are available in winter , Peonies are available in spring, Hydrangeas are available in summer and sunflower are available in autumn, If you are looking for wedding flowers in London then London florist Todich Floral Design offers an award winning service like no other. Established in 2001; the company specialises in all aspect of providing bespoke wedding flower arrangements. The florist designs bridal bouquets, bridesmaids flower bouquets, wedding buttonholes, flower corsages, wedding candelabras, wedding reception flowers and church wedding flowers. The wedding consultants will help guide you through every step until the day of your wedding, they will help you choose your wedding bouquets, London and our skilful team will even help advice suitable wedding flowers with taking into consideration the colour scheme, wedding theme, seasonality and budget. Todich Floral Design offer free personal consultations to all London brides getting married in London. Todich Floral Design offers a timed flower delivery service to all London weddings; we deliver the wedding flowers on the morning of your special day and will even install the large flower displays free of charge! We at Todich Floral Design even go that one step further and provide a wedding flowers collection service and the end of the ceremony. Our online portfolio is regularly updated with our latest bridal wedding flowers, take a look at our Facebook and twitter page for new blogs and wedding photo albums.

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API Contact us for flowers delivered in London, by calling 02077371166 or by emailing Tweet 0 5 Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments » August 27th, 2013 London florist Todich Floral Design had the pleasure of designing beautiful bridal flowers for a London summer wedding this weekend. The new bride contacted our consultants as she wished for our floristry team to provide the flowers for her special day. The bride and groom were getting married at The Thistle Hotel, Hyde Park which was a spectacular venue that caters for many London weddings. The happy couple wished for a country summer theme to be incorporated into her flowers designs. The bridal bouquet was a loose hand-tied posy made up entirely of large daisy heads and craspedia. The wedding bouquet was designed to look like wild country flowers that had been hand-picked from an English meadow. The flowers were designed to match the theme of an English country garden and were finished with a sparkling gold ribbon. We created three bridesmaids bouquets entirely with small daisy tanacetum flowers which were tied loosely with gold ribbon and pearl pins. The flower colours matched the bridesmaids light yellow dresses and were very much in trend with today’s floral fashions. A Summer Wedding by Todich Floral Design Like 3

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API with today’s floral fashions. The groom’s boutonniere incorporated the wedding flowers design and included a large daisy flower which was tied with string and gold pearl pins. The floristry team were very happy with the results and the bride and groom were thrilled too. Todich Floral Design creates flower displays for all aspects of the wedding; from intricate flower buttonholes to large reception pedestal flowers the talented florists skilfully decorate venues with stylish flower designs. The London florist offer a same-day delivery service to all London weddings, If you would like to speak to one of our consultant about a UK Wedding then give us a call on 02077371166 From all the team at Todich Floral Design. Tweet 0 2 Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments » August 19th, 2013 The garden theme continued for the August window installation at our client’s French restaurant in London, the florist team created a beautiful secret rose garden As you know we get very excited about designing the window and deciding on the different props; the head floral designer Laura Fisher has been out sourcing props and found an old antique garden bench which would be the centre piece of the flower design. We wanted to create an overgrown effect and also an old fashioned element to the garden, so we chose antique style roses of different heights in soft pinks and apricots; white heather plants which added texture and interest; a selection Secret Rose Garden in London’s West End Like 1

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API of climbing plants which were entwined throughout the old bench to create an overgrown feel. We wanted the garden to have a magical feel and of course, remain small and wonderful. The window was again lined with moss and this time we also incorporated stones to create a path throughout the flower design, we also used old bark throughout the display to create interest. The chef and his team always take a great interest in the window installation and they have even donated props to be added to the window display! Our floral design team in London feel it is fantastic to work with such an enthusiastic and creative client We are already working on September and it’s exciting so watch this space! If you are interested in corporate flowers by a London florist, then contact Todich Floral Design’s styling team on 02077371166 or email From all the team at Todich Floral Design Tweet 0 0 Posted in Plants, Restaurant Flowers, Window Display | No Comments » August 12th, 2013 The red rose flower is unquestionably the most beautiful of all roses. Red is the colour of love and symbolises lust, desire and passion. Red roses are immensely popular on Valentine’s Day which is why the price almost triples in value. A single red rose has a meaning of love and is traditionally given as a sign of affection to friends and family members. There are hundreds of different varieties and Red Rose Wedding Flowers Like 1

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API shades of red roses, ranging from bright red, crimson to dark burgundy, the high street favourites are still the classic Grand Prix’, Ruby Red’ and ‘Naomi’. Red roses are great flowers for romantic Valentine weddings; we have designed many valentine themed wedding ceremonies where the flower arrangements have varied from classic to contemporary designs. Many of our brides wish for classic wedding flower bouquets. All-red roses or even red and white rose bouquets work brilliantly for timeless designs. Our florists tend to mix roses with freesias to create sweet smelling flower displays. On occasion we have been asked to create a modern flower designs especially for a valentine’s themed wedding. Our florists have constructed heart shared wedding bouquets where they have stylistically arranged still grass into a shape of a heart around the flowers. The team often decorate the bouquet with pretty diamante jewels for an extra WOW factor! The colour red is also associated with the festive Christmas season. Red roses and other red flowers are often used for Christmas themed weddings. Our florist decorated a Christmas bridal bouquet with cinnamon sticks, orange slices and miniature baubles for a recent London wedding.

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API Red rose wedding posy bouquets will always be in fashion due to the classic colour scheme and traditional flower design. Roses mixed with trailing ivy and tied with white satin ribbon and a pearl pin seems to be the favourite bridal bouquet for many London weddings. Todich Floral design has delivered wedding flowers to London for over 17 years. The floristry company are able to design bridal bouquets, bridesmaid’s bouquets, flower girl baskets and bouquets, flower buttonholes, flower corsages, church arrangements, church pew-end flowers, flower pedestals, flower hairpieces, reception flowers, table arrangements, mantelpiece arrangements and thank you flower bouquets for every UK Wedding. Todich Floral Design offers a free one-to- one consultation service where the consultant’s works with the bride through every step of the flower design process. If you would like to speak to one of our floral design team in London then give us a call on 02077371166 or email From all the team at Todich Floral Design Posted in Rose Wedding Flowers, Rose Weddings in London, Weddings | No Comments »

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API Tweet 0 1 August 8th, 2013 Event Floral Design Our florists at Todich Floral Design recently got the chance to design beautiful contemporary event flower arrangements for a private event that was being held in St John’s Wood, London. The private party was located in a stylish roof-top apartment which had breath-taking views of London. The event included high- profile guests and the host wished for us to provide flower displays to decorate the entire venue. The host has been a regular client of our flower shop in London for the last 10 years. The client always requests the London florist to provide flower arrangements for all of her London events. The main focal point at the venue was the buffet table; this required a stylish long and low flower arrangement that matched with the overall colour scheme and style of the room. Our florists created a beautiful event floral design in vibrant reds, magentas, and whites. The flower display was to be placed onto a red table cloth which was surrounded Private Event Flowers – for a London party in July Like 1

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API by red tea light candles. The event flower arrangement sat at 120cm long and had four tall glass vases with submerged pink/purple Vanda orchids. White floating candles were placed at the top of the vases and were to be lit during the London event. The vases were sat within a bed of red, pink, burgundy and cerise carnations. We made sure the vases had different heights so to create maximum impact. We designed a mantelpiece arrangement which was placed next to the buffet table; the mantelpiece flower arrangement was similar but a smaller event flower design of the main flower display. It included vases with submerged Vanda orchids which were in a bed of red, pink, burgundy and cerise carnations; the flowers look beautiful against the floral wallpaper. The host required a tall flower display for the entrance hall. We kept the colours and the flowers consistent throughout. The

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API arrangement was a front facing design including red and orange dahlias, peach roses and alchemilla. We also designed an orchid plant arrangement which was framed by seasonal flowers. We placed the orchid into a glass vase and arranged red and orange dahlias as well as peach roses around some seasonal foliage. The upstairs room had a small bar and coffee table which required small flower arrangements. We stylistically arranged pink Vanda orchids, orange dahlias, yellow dahlias and green alchemillas into fishbowl vases. The exotic private event flowers were styled into a contemporary design and looked absolutely stunning! We are also thrilled our client loved the flower designs too. Todich Floral Design specialises in providing private event flowers for London corporate parties. The award winning florist offers bespoke event flower designs which are created by the talented floral team. If you would like to talk to our consultants about any event flowers for any upcoming events, or even contract flowers for London then please give our friendly team a call on 02077371166 or email Todich Floral Design regularly updates their Facebook page, to take a look at the latest arrangements click on the following link London Florist Facebook Page Todich Floral Design are already preparing for Christmas. The florist company are ready to design beautiful Christmas flower arrangements with Christmas trees. The London florist love to mix Christmas flowers with Christmas decorations. Take a look at our Christmas portfolio of designs. The team at Todich Floral Design love learning something new. The consultants get many requests for cultural event

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API flowers. The team work closely with the client to make sure the flowers are perfect for their specific needs. Take a look at our other London cultural flower arrangements. From all the team at Todich Floral Design Tweet 0 1 Posted in Corporate, Corporate Events, Corporate Flowers, Cultural Event Flowers, Events, Flowers, Private Events | No Comments » July 29th, 2013 This week we had the opportunity to design a wedding at the Kensington Roof Gardens – have you been? If you haven’t, you should go immediately; they have flamingos! Our lovely bride wanted pinks and purple and lots of beautifully scented jasmine, so that’s exactly what we gave her. Her bouquet was a vibrant pop of fuchsia peonies, accented with jasmine and a trail of Italian variegated ivy; they really made an impact against the soft pinks of her sari. We designed a large pedestal for the entrance to the bar to wow the guests as they came in; In the Spanish Gardens we created a beautiful swag to hang along the top of their gazebo using hydrangeas in varying shades of pinks, burgundy gladioli, and more of the trailing ivy and pittosporum. In the Tudor Gardens Sarah Pink Wedding Flowers, by London florist Todich Floral Design Like 1

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API wanted wild domes of flowers to continue the aesthetic of the flowers already planted there, so we used peonies, hydrangea, and lots of foliage for the centre of each table, with jasmine spilling every which way, and they were placed on little mats of grass to really emphasise the English garden look! And then to set off the romantic nature of the gardens – and the day! – We draped garlands of ivy and carnations around the ribs of the umbrellas and across the buffet tables; I thought that the ‘Antigua’ carnations in particular were so beautiful! And then in all the gardens, including the English Woodland which is where the flamingos and ducks reside, we dotted little vases of hydrangea and peonies which added little splashes of colours against all the green. Tweet 0 Posted in Flowers, July Wedding Flowers, summer, Wedding Flowers, Weddings | No Comments » July 26th, 2013 The Todich Floral Design florist team have been looking forward to the arrival of the new Royal heir to the throne. The Todich team had planned for weeks to design a mesmerising flower bouquet which welcomes the new royal baby. A New Flower Vase for a Royal Baby Boy! Like 1

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API Catherine Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge) fell into labour in the early hours of July 23rd, she was taken to St Mary’s hospital where she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy of whom her and Prince William have called him George Alexander Louis. The future king weighed a healthy 8lb 6oz The floristry team at Todich Floral Design designed the bouquet in hues of soft blues and whites. The arrangement included hydrangeas, delphiniums, eryngium, roses, bovardia and veronica. The flowers complimented each other beautifully and would make an ideal floral decoration to make a home seem like a palace. ‘The flower vase would make a great table arrangement for any home or office, says florist Kalina Lokinska. ‘Customers are welcome for the Todich team to make the design for any wedding or event, simply call 02077371166 and quote ‘Royal Highness’ to our friendly consultants. Tweet 0 Posted in Design, Flowers, Lifestyle, news | No Comments » July 18th, 2013 This Saturday we designed a beautiful white wedding for a beautiful summer bride. The bride wanted her bouquet to be a tightly domed posy in white, so we decided to use ‘Avalanche’ roses, spray roses, freesia, An Ivory White Wedding – July 2013 Like 1

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API baby’s breath – coming back into fashion! – and a lovely soft green pittosporum to bring it all together; we then finished the design with a trailing ivory ribbon tied into a bow. The bridesmaid held a slightly smaller design, and the flower girl an even smaller design still; the buttonholes were a mixture of freesia and foliage or a rose-head and foliage, with the groom wearing one with a little bit of everything! For the church we created an elegant altar display using white hydrangea, delphinium, lisianthus, roses, spray roses, baby’s breath, pittosporum, and cocculus – a very shiny green foliage. The ivory white flowers worked beautifully together. A timeless classic; all-white arrangements will never go out of fashion. All-white flowers arrangements can be highlighted with a colourful ribbon and even be decorated with jewellery. The avalnahce oses were mixed with delicate lisianthus and scented freesias, minimal foliage was used and the stems were tied with white satin ribbon. The bride was blessed with a beautiful warm summers day and we hoped that she loved her wedding flowers Tweet 0 Posted in July Wedding Flowers, summer, Wedding Flowers, Weddings | No Comments » Like 1

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API July 8th, 2013 So for our next installation at the French Brasserie we, as usual! had so many ideas and we really wanted this one to shout ‘summer’! We wanted to create a fresh and relaxing feel – and what with the hot weather and busy location of Mayfair, we thought that what the Brasserie really needed was some tranquillity. The team discussed lots of interesting and diverse ideas, which always starts with a brainstorm and looking at lots of lovely images; we eventually decided to install a Cottage Kitchen Garden in the window! Gardens can incorporate such a variety of flowers, fruit, and vegetables that we really needed to research which would work best in the window so as to narrow our selection down and give the desired effect. For the vegetables we chose beautiful vine tomatoes, capsicum peppers, and red chilli plants. The team had been out collecting lots of quirky items to display the plants in which resulted in the chillies being planted in large logs which had been carved out – the effect was stunning with the vibrant colours of the chillies really popping against the dark wood -, and the tomatoes and peppers in French wooden crates – which are a great idea for your own gardens; if you are short on space have a go! The central focus of the window display were wild strawberries, which we grew up garden canes in the preceding weeks, and again planted in a shallow crate; and another interesting prop that we found was a very Cottage Kitchen Garden at the French Brasserie

pdfcrowd.comopen in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API old children’s wheelbarrow which we filled with stunning foxgloves – which are perfect for a pretty summery vibe with their striking white heads decorated with little spots of purple – and herbs; we wanted to create the effect of them just having been thrown into the basket! An old French chair was placed at one end of the design with a sunhat placed jauntily atop , and a wooden trug filled with gardening gloves and pots at the other – carrying on the idea that the garden was very much in use! Our final idea was to create the effect of a real lawn in the window, so we mossed the entire window sill, which was the finishing touch to our beautiful Cottage Kitchen Garden! Tweet 0 Posted in Design, Flower Styling, Plants, Restaurant Flowers, summer, Window Display | No Comments » « Previous Entries Site Map | Terms and Conditions Copyright©2013. Todich Floral Design. All rights reserved. Like 1

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