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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: multitune



Imagine this, a boy and a girl meets for the first time then sparks light up the sky. They talk, smile and share laughs. Boy falls in love with girl. He asks her on a date; it went well. Second date happens, then the first kiss. After a few years boy proposes, she said yes. Oh! Such a beautiful and wonderful story to be told on their day. Tears flow and smiles were around, "That is true love!" said the priest. As time passed by, years and years of happy marriage, the couple sees their wedding tape, "Let's watch it!" says the boy. He put the CD in the player, and their beautiful story that the people saw in the beautiful sunny day of their wedding turned into a sixty minute video of just blue squares, squeaky sounds and blurred scenes. That is why you need quality wedding video filming.

Wedding Film Makers In India    Blurred scenes. That is why you need quality wedding video filIagine this, a  boy and a girl meets for the first time then sparks light up the sky. They talk,  smile and share laughs. Boy falls in love with girl. He asks her on a date; it  went  well.  Second  date  happens,  then  the  first  kiss.  After  a  few  years  boy  proposes, she said yes. Oh! Such a mbeautiful and wonderful story to be told  on their day. Tears flow and smiles were around, "That is true love!" said the  priest. As time passed by, years and years of happy marriage, the couple sees  their wedding tape, "Let's watch it!" says the boy. He put the CD in the player,  and their beautiful story that the people saw in the beautiful sunny day of their  wedding turned into a sixty minute video of just blue squares, squeaky sounds  and ming.

Wedding Film Makers In India

Wedding Film Makers In India

Wedding Film Makers In India

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