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Published on June 24, 2018

Author: Hugo_White


Slide 1: Wedding Entertainment Miami Website: 1 Slide 2: Introduction Hiring the best wedding entertainment in Miami such as band, DJ, soloist, and ensemble will make it better for your guest, yourself, and the party in general. We dedicated to providing you the best wedding bands and DJs in Miami.   2 Website: Slide 3: Wedding Entertainment Miami There are no loose ends when it comes to wedding entertainment in Miami . We know that wedding ceremony procedure has been very long and hectic. There is only way to get them energy by having some high energy music band and DJ who will make the guests tap their feet and have fun. W e offer the best live music band or DJ that fits into the occasion perfectly. We cover every event at a very reasonable price range.   3 Website: Slide 4: Our Services • Qualified agents and consultants. • Professional DJ and bands. • Guaranteed high-quality entertainment. • High on energy musicians. • Provide MC/Hosting services for your event. • Avail sound & lighting system. • Our sound engineer ensures quality all night long. • Easy booking procedure. • Affordable price range & discounts. 4 Website: Slide 5: Best Wedding Band & DJ Miami Wedding is a biggest event, so why not celebrate it with the best wedding band and DJ in Miami. After the vow and incredible meal, it’s time for some fantastic music session with your friends and family dancing under the stars. With our consultants, book the best bands, DJs, soloists or ensembles who fit best to your event. We guarantee you that with our team the event will go beyond ordinary. 5 Website: Slide 6: Continue... If you are hosting a special corporate event, our team can help you choose the best corporate band and DJ in Miami along with soloist, or ensemble that fits your style. To make your events picture perfect and sound perfect, we have for you Soundworthy band, Latin mix band, Ek band, DJs and more. 6 Website: Slide 7: Contact Us Soundworthy Entertainment Corp . Office Address: 2665 S. Bayshore Dr. Suite 220 Coconut Grove, FL 33133 Phone: 1.888.793.2677 Website: 7 Website: Slide 8: 8 Website:

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