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Information about Website Redux: March Update for Library Staff

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: steadfastlibrarian



Presentation for library staff on March 5th, 2014, sharing updates on the project.

RE DUX Brown Bag Update | March 5th, 2014

Reviewing Existing Data: What we already know about our users.

From LibQual and Action Gap • Positive comments about: • • • • Equipment for checkout Chat service Interlibrary loan Fine Arts Library • Negative comments about: • • • • ILLiad and My Account being different systems Video streaming (technical issues) Individual & quiet study space Physical space in the Science-Engineering Library

From LibQual and Action Gap • People don’t know what we do… so we should promote what we do! • Space is really important… so let’s make it the best it can be, and make it easy to find out about

“ My Account vs. Illiad What I think needs a serious overhaul is the online website for checking out books. It is really clunky and I often cannot tell if I actually requested a book for express pick up or not. Also, ILL books should not be under a separate account; they should be within my UA account on the same areas as my other 'purchases.' ”

“ Print vs. Ebooks Books are not dead. We still need books! My one complaint is the ebook format. I dread it when my book is only available electronically. I love having the library electronic, but I also appreciate the ability to get books and other hard copy materials. ”

“ Print vs. Ebooks I'm a little concerned at the slow erosion of print resources in favor of electronic resources. ebooks [are]... harder to read and can cause permanent damage ”

Types of Instructional Requests Other instructional support 6) Something else entirely (9) Computer classroom (11) In-class instruction (14) In-person orientation or tour (12)

Terms used in Instructional Requests

Chat Questions • Getting full text • Finding articles based on (incomplete) citation • Finding information on a topic • Finding dissertations, films, photos • Requesting & checking out books • Citing correctly • Checking out equipment • Shh-ing people

Previous Findings from User Research • WorldCat Local search for everything • Confusing labels (e.g. Information Commons, University Libraries, Access & Use, Digital Collections, Special Collections) • Too-broad labels (How Do I…?, Services A-Z, Libraries & Collections) • Off-putting labels (e.g. Tutorials, Help) • Other access points (e.g. OSCR, UA Website)

Focus Group Recap: What the users have to say.

Who We Talked To • 6 faculty/staff, including one fairly new & one retired, from various departments • 7 undergrads of all years and variety of majors • 8 grad students, including both masters and PhD students and teaching assistants from various departments

They use the Library for Research • Searching for articles, textbooks, databases – more grad students and faculty than undergrads • Checking out books (including text books) – particularly undergrads • Subject guides – many student participants didn’t know about these, but liked the concept • Citation management – Refworks, Mendeley, Zotero all mentioned (grads and faculty, a few undergrads)

What They Want to Find • articles (peer-reviewed) • books (both physical and ebooks) • dissertations • newspapers • textbooks (not just for class) • etextbooks • data (GIS and financial) • music (CDs and scores, one participant in Fine Arts) • maps • grant information (faculty)

Their Research Process • They search for both known titles and general topics. • Grads and faculty recognize value in library databases & search tools but have trouble with our website. • Many use certain databases/tools because a faculty member or librarian once showed them how to use it. • Many use Google Scholar over WorldCat Local due to ease of use and better search results. • Almost all had challenges with World Cat: scope (just want UA library holdings), spelling issues, inaccurate results, confusion on what it is searching. • Citation management/results were important to all user groups.

“ They use ILL and Document Delivery “When the books are sent to the library, I’ve used that quite a bit” - new faculty member I use the catalog first to get a book in this library. Then if this library doesn’t have it then I go to World Cat. I will hit the little button to request if it appears we don’t have it. It is very convenient. - undergraduate junior, economics It is awesome to get a PDF. - PhD student

Students reserve rooms

Students check out equipment “ You can rent a mini projector. That is a great date night trick. I can keep it for 72 hours. Unbelievable! - PhD student, speech & hearing ”

They use Ask a Librarian “ Ask a Librarian is the coolest thing in the world. - PhD student ”

“ They use Express Retrieval I’ve used ‘hold’. That is great. I usually do it at night and come by the next morning to pick it up. - graduate student ”

They use the Library for Teaching “ There are a lot of tutorials now, but hard to find. Not sure what they are on. We need a subject guide on your tutorials. Students could be more self-service if they knew where to find information about finding information. - SIRLS professor Jason Dewland he has been awesome. We invite him to orientation and he does a demo with questions and walks them through stuff with laptops. One might think students might know all that, but they don’t. All the students I’ve talked to say he is awesome. I know that is very high touch though. - Faculty member, business

They Access the Library on Mobile (But often go to the full website). “I switch to full site view immediately. I see it (the mobile version) and am like, ‘no’.” – Undergraduate junior, PPEL

They Like… hours on the homepage texting call numbers live chat help requesting books & articles Jason!

They Are Frustrated By Ebooks… “ I’m looking for books. I’m excited when I find an ebook so I don’t have to go to the library to get them. But I like a hard copy as well. My eyes get tired as well. - PhD student, music theory You can’t read a textbook on anything with one pdf rendered on the page at a time…it is just… awkward to read in that way. Unless you buy into their proprietary system. The usability of content is not good. - PhD student, Speech & Hearing Sciences ”

They Are Frustrated By Finicky Search Tools… “ Lack of flexibility on the ejournal page. If I leave out one letter or space it won’t find anything. - PhD student, Mind, Brain, and Behavior Tried 5 different ways. You need some option for, ‘did you mean this?’ or something similar. When I click on the wrong thing and get similar call numbers that drives me crazy. - PhD student, Music Theory I go to Google to get the right spelling and then copy it over. Can we have that cheat closer? - Graduate student, SIRLS ”

“ They Are Frustrated By Search Tools Generally… I recently had a paper due I used databases like EBSCO and Jstor. Google Scholar. I couldn’t find anything. So I went to library and checked out three books. I had to “old school” read through every paper. I was searching books by name and all these irrelevant things came up first. What I wanted would be on like the third page. - Undergraduate, senior in political science It is cluttered with a lot of stuff there. I have no idea what most of it means. With Google Scholar you get citations, boom. Who cited this? It is really simple. - Undergraduate, junior in PPEL

They Are Frustrated By Things Being Hard to Find… “ The fact that there are hundreds of databases, I don’t know that. - PhD student, Music Theory I once saw netbooks on one page of the website that were available “now.” But I don’t know how to get back to that page. - Undergraduate student, junior in economics I don’t like the Services A to Z tab. It is a big long list and you wouldn’t know where to go. - Undergraduate student, sophomore in PPEL I did some research about copyright… I can find some at the library but it is click, click, click. The best resource… took six clicks. If I had not been researching for a paper I wouldn’t have bothered. - Graduate student, SIRLS ”

“ They are frustrated by study room policies… It is confusing. There are different time periods you reserve for online vs. if you come to the library. If you could do it all online it would be helpful. You can’t even reserve an individual study room. - Undergraduate student, sophomore in PPEL I was studying for finals and was told they were all checked out. I went on the app (and they were booked). I walked around every one I saw was empty. - Undergraduate student, sophomore in PPEL It would be useful to see which is empty and make them available. - Undergraduate student, junior in Sociology ”

They are frustrated that “My Account” and Illiad are different systems… “ On interlibrary loan - it is kind of hard to get to. If you go to my account, I can’t check it there. I have to go to another page and login in there. Not very convenient. - Undergraduate, junior in PPEL ”

Faculty Frustrations with WorldCat Local I hate the platform. The search box is completely wrong. I have to tell students all the time, “no, you have to go to the catalog.” – Long-time faculty member, German Studies I never use that search box. It doesn’t give me the precision or relevance I need. - New faculty member, SIRLS My students have trouble finding information. They get frustrated. They want to go to other sources. They can go to Google Scholar and find articles they want much easier. - Retired faculty member, Disability and Psychoeducational Studies For most of my research I don’t go through the website. It is not intuitive. I solely use Google Scholar… but I would prefer to use the library as my primary research tool. - New faculty member, Disability and Psychoeducational Studies

“ Student Frustrations with WorldCat Local It seems to me the default scope is the whole World Cat library. The default scope should be things we can access. – PhD Student, Speech, Language & Hearing Science I will type in the title of the book exactly and I get way more hits than I should. And then for whatever reason, I have difficulty getting to the ebook through that thing. - PhD Student, Mind, Brain and Behavior I will look for something on Google Scholar and then go to the library to see if it has it. The library site is more cumbersome. - Undergraduate student, junior in PPEL

Other frustrations • Speed of site being too slow • Issue with losing search results when prompted to log in • Difficulty contacting a human (faculty), not knowing where Ask a Librarian goes.

They don’t know what we have or what we do “ You can feature the top stuff you want to show to users. Subject guides, Ask a Librarian. - PhD student, Mind, Brain & Behavior I didn’t know about ILL until someone showed me and talked me through it. – faculty member for 9 years ”

Users Want Info on Plagiarism and Copyright “ My old school had a plagiarism section on their website, explaining how you can avoid plagiarizing – Undergraduate, junior in sociology It would be nice if the library had a Turn It In account where you could check your papers (for plagiarism). - Undergraduate, junior in PPEL I teach 125 undergrads that don’t understand academic honesty. I can’t blame them for being confused. ABOR has one set of things. The library has this late 90s flash tutorial about plagiarism. - PhD student, speech & hearing ”

“ Students Want a Call Number Map One time I didn’t know which floor to go to. It would be perfect if you look up a book online and it said 5b and you don’t have to look. - Undergraduate, junior in economics ”

Grad Students Want Longer Loan Periods for Laptops “ When I would want a laptop in the morning, I would go to the library to pick it up before class. Then I teach and have office hours. I can’t return it within four hours and would get slapped with a fine. Four hours is not worth my time. - PhD student, music ehtory ”

More Features Users Want • • • • • • • • • • Ability to contact a human Images, prettier interface More resources highlighted on home page Personalization/customization based on type of user (faculty/undergrad), discipline, search history, etc. More support from library at orientations More integration with AHSL Etextbooks Resources in their discipline Digital subscriptions to periodicals (e.g. New York Times, Wall Street Journal) Grant seeking & writing resources (faculty)

Our structured content model: How stuff relates to other stuff.

The content audit: Documenting & evaluating our current web pages.

We have a lot of content… How much?

We have a lot of content… Current Inventory = 609 pages SiteImprove = 1884 pages Online Exhibits + 2045 pages Special Collections + 2788 pages

Content Audit Questions Basics: Page ID? Page title? URL? Content Manager? Content Providers?

Content Audit Questions Who? What? Why? Format? Content types? Audience? Purpose? Primary Tasks?

Content Audit Questions Is it usable? Is it relevant? How many page views?

Content Audit Questions

SiteImprove: What this new tool is telling us.

As of today…

Customizing SiteImprove • Setting up user accounts and groups • Adding terms to the dictionary • Reviewing 5000+ potential misspellings • Fixing priority links • Fixing 75+ spelling mistakes • Discussing what should/can be included • Investigating and setting up analytics

Join us! SiteImprove Demo Friday, March 14 2-3pm. IC Classroom.

Pattern Lab: Atomic design principles & communicating with everyone about design elements.

Atomic Design: We’re not designing pages, we’re designing systems of components. – Stephen Hay

Agile process: User stories, sprints, and more!

What is “Agile”?

User stories As a <role>, I want to <task> so that <reason>.


Work Priorities during Redux: Ensuring we can get the work done.

What’s Coming Up

Talking to More Users (#5376) • English 102 and 108 students* • Academic Advisors • ASUA • GPSC *we actually already met with English 108 but will talk about it in the next brown bag, once we’ve met with English 102

Website Survey (#4869)

Card Sorting (#5371)

Developer Sprint

Staff Directory/ People (#5389)

Remember to check out our blog

Next Brown Bag: Wednesday, April 2nd. 12-1pm. Room A314.

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