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Published on December 12, 2008

Author: jfwilson1


Web Site Evaluation : Web Site Evaluation T. Weinberg, Library Media Specialist, Tomlinson Middle School 2008 Why do we need to evaluate web sites? What criteria can we use? Is it okay to use a site I found on the Internet? : Is it okay to use a site I found on the Internet? Straining out the trash : Straining out the trash Anyone can publish on the Web! Publishing companies edit books and check facts The Web has no editor 6 Steps to Web Site Evaluation : 6 Steps to Web Site Evaluation Who What When Where Why How Adapted from Kathy Schrock Who? : Who? Who is the author? Is an author biography included? What are his or her credentials? Education? Experience? Affiliation? Does the author’s experience really qualify him or her as an expert? Is this a personal page or is it an endorsed part of a site belonging to a major institution? (Clues pointing to a personal page: ~ tilde, %, users, members) Is the page hosted by a free server like AOL Members, Tripod, Geocities? The author’s name isn’t on the site- should I just leave it out? : The author’s name isn’t on the site- should I just leave it out? Look for clues! : Look for clues! Is there a link to a home page? Is there a link called “about us” or “contact us” or some other indication that it might contain author information? Delete characters from the last part of the address line up to the next slash to go back a page. Continue until you reach a page with more information about the author. What? : What? What information is on the page? Is the information complete? Is the information accurate?- Can it be verified? Are there errors on the page? Does this information help to answer my question? What makes this web site better than another source? When? : When? When was the site created? When was the site last updated? Is it recent enough for you to use? USA Today Has the author of the page stopped maintaining it? Be suspicious of undated material. Where? : Where? Where is the information from? Are sources listed? Are those sources real? Have you or your librarian heard of or been able to verify them? Where can I go for more information? Are there links to more sites? Are the links reliable? Why? : Why? Why was the site created? Who is the intended audience? Is the purpose of the site stated? Is there another reason it exists? Tobacco Chips Ahoy Considering Bias : Considering Bias Does the source present a particular view point? Is the page affiliated with an organization that has a particular political or social agenda? Is the page selling a product? Can you find other material to offer balance so that you can see the bigger picture? Was the information found in a paid placement or sponsored result from the search engine? Information is seldom neutral. Sometimes a bias is useful for persuasive essays or debates. Recognizing bias is important. Look at the URL : Look at the URL The suffix of the URL may help identify the type of website: .com=commercial sites .edu=school or university site .gov=U.S. government site .org=organization How? : How? How easy is it to read the page? How quickly does the page download? How easy is it to navigate through the web site? How well do the links work? Evaluate a few of these sites: : Evaluate a few of these sites: Velcro Crop Tree Octopus Buy dehydrated water The Biology of Vampires Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs MoonBeam Enterprises and Lunar Travel Agency Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie World Chocolate Supply Nearly Exhausted. Left-handed Whopper release from Burger King Dog Island DHMO info Google secrets Don’t believe everything you see or read on the Internet! these evaluation techniques whenever you need information to make a decision. : Don’t believe everything you see or read on the Internet! these evaluation techniques whenever you need information to make a decision.

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