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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: TheWindermereCentre


+ Website essentials: key ingredients and how to get started How to create an engaging web presence (TheWindermere Centre, February 2014)

+ The History of the Internet in 3 minutes! Macintosh 128 vector:

+ Web 1.0 (1991-2003)  A ‘noticeboard in cyberspace’  Read-only  ‘Look but don’t touch’  Expanding the ‘broadcasting range’

+ Web 2.0 (2004 onwards): Playtime! Interactive; Collaborative; Social; User-driven

+ Web 3.0 (as we speak)  Connections and relationships  Recognises connections (eg my email, FaceBook,Twitter, website)  Focus on building relationships  Being human, online

+ Local Churches and theWeb Source:

+ What ingredients make a good website?

+ Design  Usability and functionality  Understanding your audience  Visual appeal  Less is more  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

+ Content  Understanding your audience  Open to conversation  Tone  Less is more  SEO

+ Design “Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

+ Usability and functionality  Source:


+ Source:

+ Source:

+ Understanding your audience Site Owner  Who are we building the site for?  What do we think the site is for?  What do we want to tell them? Site User  Who is actually using the site?  What are they using the site for?  What do they want to find out?

+ Source:

+ Visual Appeal  Make use of white space to draw the eye  Avoid unneccesary gimmicks and widgets  Use colours & typography wisely: either harmonise or contrast  Prefer clarity over cleverness  Make the layout and the look logical  Consistent: build your own box

+ Source:

+ Source:

+ Source:

+ Less is more Source:

+ Search Engine Optimisation

+ Content

+ Understanding your audience Use language that resonates with them Make your content relevant to them Targeting to ensure maximum receptivity and engagement

+ Their top 5 priorities (probably):  “Where do you meet?”  “When do you meet?”  “What happens to my kids?”  “Are you weird?”  “What are you really like?” Source:

+ Source:

+ Conversation Source:

+ Tone Don’t be afraid! Writing for the web is a different genre Make space for conversation Prefer shorter words and shorter sentences

+ Source:

+ Less is more Keep content relevant Avoid bloat Archive things that are out of date Conversation space vs. library “Be church, online” – create spaces for God

+ Source:

+ SEO Be authentic Search engines now read ‘human speak’ If your content is engaging, and is active (eg people are clicking on things) search engines will recognise this and rank your site higher

+ Source:

+ Website Essentials 1. Easy to maintain and update 2. Easy to navigate 3. Provides a good user experience 4. Responsive (can be displayed on different sized devices) 5. Customisable 6. Interactive 7. Search Engine friendly 8. Attractive

+ Website Essentials TheWindermere Centre

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