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Published on January 9, 2008

Author: Renato


Slide1:  APPLIED COHERENT TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION CAPABILITIES BRIEF We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us. About Applied Coherent Technology:  About Applied Coherent Technology ACT is 15 years old. Founded in 1988. Founder and President: Dr. Erick Malaret PhD Purdue University We hire the best and the brightest! Over 85% of our staff have advanced degrees (Masters or PhD) including EE, Physics, Meteorology, Aerospace Engineering, Business Over a century of experience. We are Mission and software solutions oriented Interplanetary Missions Important roles in many Planetary missions for NASA Moon, MARS, Mercury (Data Processing and Mission Operations) Earth Observing Missions Important roles in Earth Observing for NOAA, US Navy, NATO SACLANT, NESDIS Software Solutions WWW Information Processing Environment (WIPE™) – ACTs Flagship COTS Product An architecture that powers the data ingest, processing, dynamic product creation and distribution of over 70 data types and formats US Navy Tactical Environmental Database, NITES, SACLANTCEN ACT is an 8-A company growing to meet market demands. Investing in: Technical Staff Business Development Business Infrastructure OUR GOALS::  OUR GOALS: Services: To understand our customer’s needs - as well as they do - and work with them to exceed their expectations in providing solutions. COTS Products: To empower data producers and users to easily find each other across the WWW or LAN/WAN and to maximize data use. Our Building Blocks:  Our Building Blocks Integrity Quality Honesty Good Value Strong Work Ethic Customer Focus Open Communication Our Organization:  Our Organization Interplanetary Missions:  Interplanetary Missions Our Participation in Interplanetary Mission Operations:  Our Participation in Interplanetary Mission Operations UVPI/LACE Earth Observing Missions:  Earth Observing Missions Our Participation in Earth Observing Missions:  Our Participation in Earth Observing Missions NATO Our Newest Addition Software Applications :  Our Newest Addition Software Applications Applications Development and Software Support:  Applications Development and Software Support Ingestion, fusion and distribution of critical imagery for Ice analysis Institute a Tactical Decision Aid Based on Environmental Thresholds Our Flagship COTS WIPE™ :  Our Flagship COTS WIPE™ ACT Introduces WIPE™ Power:  ACT Introduces WIPE™ Power WWW Information Processing Environment (WIPE™) A “virtual” single geospatial data base architecture Provides the ability to access and integrate data stored in geographically distributed repositories, no matter in what format, and delivers it to the end user in the needed format. Grows the knowledge base by allowing a two way data flow between the end user and the data base Information Flow Today:  Information Flow Today Data Type Data Type Data Type Data Type Data Type Multiple Databases / Archives from Single Organizations DATA SOURCE DATA PROVIDER WWW DATA USER Characteristics of Current Information Flow:  Characteristics of Current Information Flow Users still need easier ways to find existing information of an area and time of interest: Current searches demand familiarity with different web sites Use of separate databases with different protocols Not normally able to interact with data directly and immediately Must download it first or receive it via mail Must get all information to the client side when in fact what user needs is a derived product (from multiple data sets) Limited to information type or format offered – can not easily convert to desired format Product offerings are static - limited to the information obtained from original source and only flows in one direction WIPE™ Enabled Information Flow :  WIPE™ Enabled Information Flow Data Type Data Type Data Type Data Type Data Type Multiple Databases / Archives from Single Organization Information Flows in two directions, thus increasing the Knowledge Base WIPE DATA SOURCE DATA PROVIDER WWW DATA USER New Information Flow Vision - Characteristics:  New Information Flow Vision - Characteristics Single point (Portal) of access to ALL pertinent databases – no matter where they are located Ability to work with different data types Ability to add new data types as they become available over time Access to new “knowledge”/data generated by other users that pertain to area/time/topic of interest User can interact with the data through application, without having to download data first User receives only the data he wants/needs (a derived product and not the individual data sets, if that is what is required) User receives data in the format he/she needs – not limited to original data format Data can be both pushed to the end user or pulled Data can be accessed through applications or through web browser directly WIPE™ Powers::  WIPE™ Powers: Your data ingestion and archival capabilities Modular design that is able to handle multiple and disparate data sources and output formats: Point Data Vector Product Format Vector Data GeoTiff Image Blobs Shapefiles Gridded Data MIFF Non-gridded Data GRIB Volumetric Data ASCII Temporal Data NetCDF Text … Video and Audio Streams! Your data analysis capabilities, Your data distribution capabilities, Your application development efforts! WIPE™ Powers::  WIPE™ Powers: Some of the Data Types Handled by WIPE Include: DATA TYPES:  DATA TYPES WIPE Data Type Name Description Data Provider MORE DATA TYPES:  MORE DATA TYPES WIPE Data Type Name Description Data Provider MORE DATA TYPES:  MORE DATA TYPES WIPE Data Type Name Description Data Provider WIPE™ Powers::  WIPE™ Powers: And more than 50 other Data Types not listed here… And GROWING EVERYDAY!! New formats can be brought into WIPE via: our interface to the Open-Source Geographic Data Abstraction Library Via DLL, source code, or direct invocation of existing executables Expanded Information Flow Vision:  Expanded Information Flow Vision Data Type Data Type Data Type Data Type Data Type Other Servers Commercial Data Provider Other Sources Multiple Databases / Archives from Single Organization Information Flows in two directions, thus increasing the Knowledge Base WIPE DATA SOURCE DATA PROVIDER WWW DATA USER So WIPE™…:  So WIPE™… Maximizes the benefits of the WWW in data ingestion, manipulation, product creation and distribution. Slide26:  Agency WIPECENTRAL Many Different Datasets Agency Agency X-Band Ground Station Internet or other pipe Commercial Data Providers Conceptual Data Flow View Agencies share data LAN/WAN WIPE Remote User (Internet) WIPE Remote User (LAN) Firewall Slide27:  WIPE’s BUILDING BLOCKS ARE WELL DOCUMENTED On-Line Documentation Gives END USERS and 3rd Party DEVELOPERS the tools they need to work with, and add functionality to WIPE!! ACT’s in-house personnel provide additional support to END USERS and DEVELOPERS Sample ProView© Code Snippet:  Sample ProView© Code Snippet Added functionality can be built using ACT’s own ProVIEW© SeaWIFS, TOPO, Shiptracks Mammal Sightings:  SeaWIFS, TOPO, Shiptracks Mammal Sightings Bathymetry, Anchorage Mosaic etc.:  Bathymetry, Anchorage Mosaic etc. WIPE© Powers Functionality::  WIPE© Powers Functionality: The ability to not just access, retrieve and view data…. THE ABILITY TO WORK WITH THE DATA!! Applications developed to work with WIPE DEVELOPERS and END USERS can design and plug-in new applications as needed Here’s an example…the Environmental Profiler:  Here’s an example…the Environmental Profiler Allows end-user to view a vertical cut of environmental conditions over a user defined path Designed as a WEB based product using ACT’s MSHELL© Gaining Access to Data…an Example using World Ocean Current Data:  Gaining Access to Data…an Example using World Ocean Current Data Start with the Global View WIPE Access to NODC/WOCE Data:  WIPE Access to NODC/WOCE Data Overlay the available data on the Global View WIPE Access to NODC/WOCE Data:  WIPE Access to NODC/WOCE Data Filter for time (1998-2001) on the Global View WIPE Access to NODC/WOCE Data:  WIPE Access to NODC/WOCE Data Drag and drop a box to Zoom in Voila’! Access to the Metadata AND Data:  Voila’! Access to the Metadata AND Data Easy Access to Individual Profiles For Selected Time and Region of Interest Slide38:  Choose “Slide Show” to View the Various Data Types in one Loop Slide39:  CONCLUDING REMARKS ACT is a mature, multi-faceted and well respected (8a) small business. ACT is easily accessible under: (8A), GSA, NASA-SEWPIII, and NATO-BOA We have core competencies in: Interplanetary Mission Operations and Data Management Earth Observing Mission Operations and Data Management Application Software Development COTS Packages for WWW enabled data ingestion, fusion and distribution Our Flagship product: WIPE™ and PIPE provides dynamic access to information and data across the www. Our products are well tested and low risk. WIPE™ enables collaboration between local, national and international agencies. The End:  The End Contact Dr. Erick Malaret (703) 742-0294 Find Additional Information:

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