WebRTC and Emergency Services

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Information about WebRTC and Emergency Services

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: MarkFletcherEnp

Source: slideshare.net


There is no doubt that WebRTC is enabling multimodal communications across the board. It also has the ability to accelerate the adoption of multi-modal NG Emergency Communications Services between Public Safety and constituents without a complete rebuild of the PSTN.


WebRTC and E9-1-1: Impact on Public Safety Communications Mark J. Fletcher, ENP Chief Architect Avaya Public Safety Solutions FletcherM@Avaya.com 908-848-2602 @Fletch911

Where  we  are,  and  how  we  got  here   EMERGENCY  COMMUNICATIONS  TODAY   3   3/4/14  

The  First  Call  -­‐  Haleyville,  AL     At  2  p.m.  on  Friday,  Feb.  16,  1968,  the  first  9-­‐1-­‐1  call  was  placed  from   the  mayor's  office  in  Haleyville,  AL   9-­‐1-­‐1  is  turning  46  next  year!  

The  Purpose  of  9-­‐1-­‐1   •  Single  number  access   –  Police   –  Fire   –  Medical   •  Consistent  number  access   –  EliminaNng  unique  agency  numbers   –  Routed  based  on  LOCATION   5   3/4/14  


Under InformaNon  Over-­‐load   •  The  Network  today-­‐   –  Analog  based   –  Lidle  Intelligence   –  Reached  its  limits  to  pass  informaNon     •  Today’s  Devices   –  Intelligent  Endpoints   –  MulNmedia  Enabled   –  Aware  of  their  surroundings     Even  though  Smart  Devices  exist,  they  have   no  way  of  communicaNng,  other  than  voice.     7   3/4/14  

NG911 Where  we  are  headed,  and  how  we  are  gegng  there   EMERGENCY  COMMUNICATIONS  TOMORROW   8   3/4/14  

NextGen  9-­‐1-­‐1:    Are  we  there?   NG9-­‐1-­‐1  will  be  implemented  in  successive  releases   ESInet  is  an  IP  enabled  network   Full  replacement  for  exisNng  E9-­‐1-­‐1  funcNons     Introduce  addiNonal  features      InteracNve  MulN-­‐Modal  messaging    Policy-­‐based  rouNng  using        Device  LocaNon        Call  type        Target  PSAP  status        Network  status        AutomaNc  acquisiNon  of  supporNve  data   NG  9-­‐1-­‐1   PHASE  1   2   3   4   ?   9   3/4/14  

AddiNonal  Data  Feeds   10   3/4/14  

Survey  Says  .  .  .  .     How  would  you  prefer  to  be   able  to  reach  9-­‐1-­‐1?     3,149  surveys  were  issued   2,973  or  94%  users  responded  (could  select  mulNple)     1,431  or  48.1%  wanted  to  use  TEXT   1,045  or  35.1%  wanted  to  use  VIDEO     695  or  23.4%  wanted  to  use  SPEECH   939  or  31.6%  wanted  to  use  VOICE,  VIDEO  and  TEXT  

NG9-­‐1-­‐1  Data  CorrelaWon   Fletch  just  made  a  9-­‐1-­‐1  call   Someone  needs  to  see  if  Fletch  is  alright.     Fletch  just  made  a  9-­‐1-­‐1  call  AND   The  ambient  temperature  near  Fletch  is  227   degrees!   Someone  needs  to  see  if  Fletch  is  ON  FIRE.    

SituaNonal  Awareness   In  addiNon  to  people,  devices   should  be  able  to   intelligently  summon  for   assistance  based  on   environmental  condiNons   or  addiNonal  data.  WebRTC   will  allow  that  to  happen.  

Enterprise  Data  Feeds   LocaWon  URI/URL  conveyed  in  the  SIP  header   • Enterprise  LocaNon  Management    (ELM)  servers  in  the   DMZ  provide  informaNon  about:   •  Users     •  Devices     •  LocaWon     •  Environmental  Data     •  Event  CorrelaWon     • This  will  empower  Public  Safety  with  addiNonal   informaNon  enabling  beder  decisions   •           Temperature  Sensors   •           Video  feeds     •           Physiological  data    



Web  RTC   Stand  Alone     or  Dual  Path  

Legislative side of E9-1-1 “If WebRTC is being sold—or can be interpreted as delivering a replacement to traditional telephone service (desktop device), then the 9-1-1 capability must be addressed. “ Martha Buyer, Attorney martha@marthabuyer.com www.marthabuyer.com 716-652-4413

Current  LegislaNve  Landscape   !  18  States  have  a  reference  to  MLTS/PBX   !  Michigan  defines  a  penalty  for  non-­‐compliance   !  OSHA  maintains  you  must  have  a  ‘safe  workplace’   !  NENA  filed  very  strong  comments  on  a  recent  Federal   CommunicaNons  Commission  NoNce  of  Inquiry  regarding   MLTS  –   !      “MLTS  Loca6on  capabili6es  are  feasible,     and  [the  FCC]  should  begin  a  proceeding  to  establish  a   6meframe  for  mandatory  implementa6on.”    

Avaya’s  PosiWon   u  Next  GeneraNon  Emergency  Services  have  been  clearly  defined  in  both  the     US  (NENA  08-­‐003)  and  Europe  (NG112-­‐LTD)   u  Enterprise  administrators  must  look  to  the  future  when  designing  emergency  services   in  their  networks   u  Building  an  architecture  that  is  compliant  NOW  is  the  best  possible  decision  from  a   technology  and  investment  perspecNve     Avaya  DevConnect  Partners  that  have  followed  best  prac7ces  and  guidance  set  forth  by  Avaya’s  strategy  and   thought  leadership  in  the  industry,  are  are  able  to  provide  resilient,  life  safety  solu7ons  that  are  fully   compliant,  and  in  lockstep,  with  the  Next  Genera7on  Emergency  Service  standards  of  tomorrow,  effec7vely   future  proofing  the  customer’s  emergency  communica7ons  infrastructure  investments  today.     Mark  J.  Fletcher,  ENP   Chief  Architect   Avaya  Public  Safety  Solu7ons  

Thanks for attending! RESOURCES For Additional Information Avaya’s Public Safety Page Fletch’s CONNECTED Blog Fletch’s E911 Talk Podcast Fletch’s YouTube Channel http://www.avaya/PublicSafety http://Avaya.com/Fletcher http://Fletch.TV http://YouTube.com/Fletch911TV Avaya  Podcast  Network     h]p://Avaya.com/APN  

BACKUP  SLIDES   These  slides  contain  informaNon  that   may  be  useful,  but  are  not  contained   within  the  main  presentaNon  material   22   3/4/14  

Hosted  911  for  FCE  Topologies   • Fla]en  Consolidate  Extend   • Robust  E911  ConnecWvity   • POPs  in  Most  Major  CiWes   Home Office 911  ETC   Web  Dashboard   PSAP   • Eliminate  Local  Trunking   SIP/PSTN   Call  Server  /   PBX   • Full  Support  for  UCaaS   VPC  Network   • NG9-­‐1-­‐1  ready  NOW   • Full  compliance  in  ALL  States   • Web  Based  User  Dashboard   • Subnet  or  L2  Discovery   • On  Site  NoWficaWon  by   PSAP   Remote Office With No Local Trunks PSAP   Soft Phone

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