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Information about Webpage Proxying

Published on October 14, 2007

Author: m1ke

Source: slideshare.net

Webpage proxying “surfing to the same page all day long” Michael Hendrickx <mh@code.ae> www.code.ae

Proxy • Doesn’t have to be proxy *server* • Web server can serve HTTP content • Web scripts can retrieve HTTP content • So, dynamic web content can be used as a proxy www.code.ae

Webpage Proxy: use? • Government censors Internet, blocks content • Corporate content filtering • Privacy needed in certain cases www.code.ae

Introducing “phrogsy” • Proxy -> Phrogsy – Hey, it’s only a name • Idea sprung up during development of covert channel PoC • Allows surfing through a web page • Increases surfing privacy • Bypasses proxy restrictions www.code.ae

How to.. erm.. “phrogsy”? • Download phrogsy • Install firefox extension • Upload PHP or perl script to *your web server *server you have access to • Ready to go www.code.ae

Phrogsy • How webpage proxying works: Transparent connection Target website Proxy SITM server* Site in the middle (optional) www.code.ae

Phrogsy 5. response 6. response Target website SITM Site in the middle 3. Browser connects to SITM, passes on target URL 1. User requests page (target) 4. SITM sends request to target 2. Browser rewrites URL to SITM website www.code.ae

Security issues • SITM will be able to see your requests • SSL (target) is not supported yet • SITM can reside on SSL server you SITM Target Proxy server www.code.ae

SSL - privacy • If you connect to SITM over SSL, (mandatory/transparent) proxy server won’t see your traffic • Optional Base64 possible SSL you SITM Target Proxy server www.code.ae

You (browser) • (Currently only) Firefox extension • Rewrites target URL to SITM • On recv(), rewrites SITM back to original target you SITM Target Proxy server www.code.ae

You (browser) • URL entered in FireFox http://www.evil.com/ • Rewritten to http://SITM/?page= http://www.evil.com/ • Reply is seen as “coming from SITM” • Reply is rewritten: http://SITM/?page= http://www.evil.com/ Becomes http://www.evil.com/ www.code.ae

Site in the Middle • (for now) PHP & Perl scripts • socket connection to target • Passes on vars (cookie, post data, ..) you SITM Target Proxy server www.code.ae

Proxy server • Proxy server only sees legitimate traffic – http://sitm/ is not blocked – http://target/ is blocked Often outside of ISP restrictions, depending on geographical status Results in “blocked error page” Allowed *Allowed you SITM Target Proxy server www.code.ae

HTTP Connection • As said before, SSL is possible • Base64 encoding to avoid keyword detection • Crypt (charCodeAt()+1) optional you SITM Target Proxy server www.code.ae

Constraints • Caching can mess up things sometimes • URL doesn’t get rewritten properly • Hosting provider can block outgoing connections www.code.ae

Future? • More SITM platforms (asp, aspx, etc…) • More fiddling with mod_rewrite • Proxy chaining? – Integration into TOR (tor.eff.org) www.code.ae

Questions? Email: mh@code.ae Or catch us on www.code.ae www.code.ae

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