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Beginning of Part 3 : Beginning of Part 3 Posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at November 1, 2008 9:05 AM Slide 2: By Lisair on November 1, 2008 10:48 AM Salam Tun & all, Always be with U, Yup, the last Financial Turmoil, DSAI was a disgrace! I still remember, since at the time I was taking my SPM exam (I like my School simple life) He's a manace!! I DUN LIKE U DSAI!! DSAI have a bad aura! Tun, Keep on writing yeah...TERIMA KASIH! Slide 3: By ninja on November 1, 2008 10:48 AM Dear Dr The 'burning plant' is a good idea. The rubbish truck I think is the problem, if it is always leaking. Nobody wants the roads around the plant to be turn into a stinking stream with thousand of leaking truck travelling every day. If the plant is built with no additional, mark-up hidden cost that will have to be bourned by the next few generations. (a little is OK). If the plant is built with proper and professional planning with no ill intention, proven technology, practical, efficient, not necessary grand as small can be beautiful. Thk & rgds Slide 4: By aliaswn on November 1, 2008 10:50 AM Hidup DR M Hidup DR M Hidup DR M. Masih teringat lagi daku apabila our PM Dr M dulu bagitu cite pasal sampah ini. masa tu aku baru umur 15 tahun tapi satu malaysia kecoh bila Dr M komen bandar KL byk sampah. MALU orang luar duta 2 dtg malaysia tgk jalan raya penuh sampah. ape la korang ni. makan minum air pastu lontar sembarangan.,... eh eh.... agaknya kalau kena tangkap wat keja amal mcm singapore lagi bagus... biar muka depa masuk paper lagi... lagi satu .... cerobong asap kat kilang di malaysia ni ada pasang meter atau analyser tak.... biar sambung terus ke jabatan alam sekitar untuk pemerhatian.... jangan ada rasuah da.... wokey aku nak layan cite norman hakim ,,,ni apsal la dier ni yer...http://intro2u.net/new/ Slide 5: By Dr Zhivago on November 1, 2008 10:51 AM Yes agree with you Tun.Infact I was just talking about this to my dad the other day.In Canada too, they have three seperate bins to segregate rubbish.Organic, Plastic & Paper, Tins & GlassAnd thus the segregation is done by each one at home itself.When someone mixes up - he/she responsible for it and a fine levied on him/her. My Dad is in Plastic recycling,and I am only amazed at the amount of plastic that is recycled in tons, back in to resin pellets which is sold again for reuse, back into Plastic paraphernalia. I only hope, Malaysia can come one with this implementation.atleast in the urban areas of KL, PJ, SJ, Shah Alam. Slide 6: By blackheart on November 1, 2008 10:53 AM dear sirwe are led by rubbishwe are fed by make believe rubbishwe are surrounded by rubbishand i'm askingwhat are you waiting for? Slide 7: By Lost Aborigine on November 1, 2008 10:53 AM What amazed me the most is that we are about to purchase helicopters in the mids of country's economic meltdown. We are no more in the mode of alert but to spend like nothing is happening. Rubbish? Who cares? We are thought to throw rubbish anywhere and such environmental project is unnecessary because it will not benefit anyone. By MML on November 1, 2008 10:55 AM Slide 8: By MML on November 1, 2008 10:55 AM Assalamualiakum wbt,Dear Tun,I am happy for you to highlight about the rubbish. Yes there are rubbish everywhere in the country so do the new development, such as Putrajaya, Nusajaya, KLCC, Airports, and Corridoors everywhere. Well as Malaysian I am proud of these developments but what really upset me is the maintenance part of it. I know we can built the best incenerator like Japan but what happen few years down the road can the government or whoever responsible of these developments guaranty they will be forever good...I doubt.We need strong leader to realy look into every aspect of maintenance. This is what is lacking in this country even during your time. I knew you had tried your best to adopt maintenance mentallity to your team but your team adopt it as "hangat-hangat tahi ayam". Once you turned your back everything stopped !I belived to do this we need team that works not team for political suvivor whom will end with the YES men mentallity. Slide 9: By nmjnh on November 1, 2008 10:57 AM Tun,I believe as a blogger we must take all pro and con comments whether it is desirable or not. This is because in cyber space, everyone is free to voice their opinion. Perhaps one opinion is not in agreement with the other. But then you have to accept the fact that at least it is still true to himself or herself. One good thing for sure for being a normal citizen, now you should realize that every action of the leader is not necessarily can be fully accepted by all. Slide 10: By Han Solo on November 1, 2008 10:57 AM Dearest Tun, The Government is good at keeping rubbish hidden from view. And they try to incinerate the rubbish, but not too well most of the time. It seeps out to the public's residence area. Must be the incinerator deal gone wrong as usual. http://wtfmalaysiangovernment.blogspot.com/ Slide 11: By paracool on November 1, 2008 10:58 AM Salam TUN,ini yang cek bangga dengan tun, tun boleh meneliti suatu hal waima sampah sekalipun....teruskan komentar2 bernas tun untuk menjadikan negara malaysia lebih sejahtera By shahrul on November 1, 2008 11:02 AM may be when you drive your helicopter higher, you can see a better view. Some people ask, why didn't you make the changes nor cultivate the people during your tenure? Maybe many "langau" sticked to the helicopter and made it unable to fly higher. Slide 12: By cucu tok wan on November 1, 2008 11:06 AM Ayahanda... Kita suka tiru banyak benda dari negara maju macam cara berpakaian...muzik...wayang...cara hidup..ade yang baik ade yang memang tak baik langsung...tapi benda yang kita memang kena ikut mesti orang kat malaysia ni tak nak ikut...macam incinerators ni... Dah sampai tahap kritikal untuk kita ikut..tapi perkara ni bila nak di bangunkan mesti org bantah..!!! mungkin kita ni membantah tanpa berfikir untuk anak cucu kita. akan hilanglah kehijauan bukit bukau dan diganti dgn kecoklatan bukit bukit sampah!! Yang bau nya tak kurang 'nyaman'... Kita mesti berani merubah mentaliti ini!!! Slide 13: By jadi on November 1, 2008 11:08 AM Assalammualaikum Yg Bhg Tun Dr Mahathir, Anwar as usual will con in every aspect to get the credit. He should be shame of himself after what he did in 1997. I told my 12 years old son that you are the one that lead to save Malaysia from the financial turmoil and even give my son a few books about you for him to read. I want him to know the real hero of Malaysia. Those who talked bad behind you are merely coward since they don't have the guts to write to you. I wonder where all this bastard came from and what are their motive. Judge Ian Chin who talk lies has got his lesson. It is high time to talk about rubbish waste. Malaysian dont have the dicipline to dispose rubbish. We need a better system. I propose in every district we should have the system. Slide 14: By artdeep on November 1, 2008 11:08 AM salam kepada tun, hmm saya berterimakasih sebab dgn adanya blog/penulisan tun nih saya bertambah dekat dgan tun..dr segi pembelajaran kepimpinan malaysia, pentadbiran malaysia dan kepimpinan MEMIMPIN.. actly semua segi la saya observe n learn.. ..tun bess dan terhebat sangat2 dan kpd mereka org2 yg komen merapu dan sibuk carik pasal ngan tun sila2lah kita kaji dulu yerr, takde yg maksum kat dunia nih.. =] MARILAH KITA SEMUA BACA N BELAJAR N UBAH YG KAT KERAJAAN UTK YG TERBAIK UTK SEMUA YERR..ape2la janji utk yg terbaikk dan ingatlah sejarah telah membuktikan - ingatlah yg kalau takde kepimpinan, ketegasan, KESUKAHATIAN tun ;) dan pencapaian tun nih selama 22 tahun, maka malaysia sebenarnya mundur la beb ;p wek Slide 15: salute n respect kat tun, terusskan apa2 jer tun..Allah jer yg tahu =] :D ...yg pasal rubbish tuh, hehe MEREKA ADA KEPENTINGAN la tun..kalau tak, mestilah ikut teknologi logik bersains teknologi jepun tuh =] ..kadang2 pening gak, dahlah kite belajar jauh2 sampai barat n jepun serta china, tapi takbelajar dari semua sudut baik dan buruk negara majuu..kite belajar nak duit lebih jer;p rgrds/adibp/s: semua blog tun saya ikuti n halusi ..cuma kadang2 asyik bz ngan kerja harian jerr.. walauapepun, tun tetap dihati! Slide 16: By Anthony Barcott on November 1, 2008 11:08 AM Tun Mahathir has successfully built a system in the government such that everybody is so scared to be sacked or downgraded (because they will lose all kind of interrelated benefits if that happens) whereby they would help each other to cover their shits or wrongdoings and do not dare to voice out eventhough they know something is wrong. Only Lim Kit Siang is questioning all these shits in the parliament and he has been fighting alone for so many years...........We need to remove this evil system and unhealthy culture. Slide 17: By Zahari S on November 1, 2008 11:09 AM Assalammualaikum YBhg Tun Dr. Mahathir, Interview Basically, the interviewer couldn't differentiate between facts and fictions. What make it worse is that the interview was conducted by BBC. As one of the millions who suffered during the IMF like policy instituted by Anwar, I can categorically say that Anwar was not the one who introduced pegging in 1998. In fact he was the major contributor of rakyats suffering from increasing mortgage payment due to a high interest rates policy. Anwar strategy was to reduce the economy to dust so that it would be easy for him to takeover as PM. Well we all know what happened then and now the west is emulating what Malaysia during your PMship have done to bail out the economies. Slide 18: One major dfferent is that Tun's policy was to safeguard the country; industries, financials, workers, and consumers, whilst the west policy is to bail out big businesses, not their citizens. Rubbish As usual, Tun always thoroughly study any new technology before Tun decided to implement it. One case in point is the internet and the whole MSC initiatives. With regards to the smokeless incinerator technology from Japan, it was kid of sad that the government of the day find it fitting to cancel the project just because some rakyats with the help of opposition protested took the case to court. Basically, such decision created a precedent that if we protest enough, we can get what we want. Slide 19: Since then, we have been informed by a number of leaches that have flown into river and rendered the river water to be polluted. Bacically, this is a selfish act on behalf of the rakyat. Although we can blame them for being selfish, the government who is taking care of 27 rakyats couldn't find it in them to do a proper cost benefit analysis and proceed with the incinerator project. Unlike you, the government of the day is trying very hard to be accommodating to a handful of the rakyats whilst leaving millions to suffer from a "clean" environment. Regards and Wassalam LoyalCitizenSHAH ALAM Slide 20: By amir3333 on November 1, 2008 11:12 AM Asalamuaikum. My Dearest Tun, Seperti biasa sebenarnya rakyat dan orang awam tidak mendapat informasi yang betul, tepat dan menyeluruh. Rakyat perlu diberi pemahaman tentang sesuatu isu baru la mereka boleh respon dengan betul. contohnya kini penurunan harga minyak, rakyat menyoal kenapa turun sedikit sedikit sedangkan naik hari tu seperti roket. Ini tak pernah berlaku di zaman Tun, dan apabila dah naik harga barang terlalu tinggi bukanla mudah nak turun kembali !! So Tun yang dikasihi bukan rakyat menentang program kerajaan tetapi kita takut ini juga akan jadi flip flop, kejap nak beli helikopter kejap tak jadi, kejap nak buat keretapi letrik kejap batal kemudian nak buat balik, nanti tengah-tengah buat incenarator cancel pulak takut dituduh membazir oleh anwar atau lim kit siang flip flop. misi dan visi yang jelas perlu sebelum sesuatu projek itu akan dilaksanakan. Semoga Allah la yang membalas jasa-jasa Tun. Tq for just being you... Slide 21: By hazhas on November 1, 2008 11:14 AM Dear Tun and Bloggers, I agree with Tun (of course) that those comments against him in this blog are usually lame and without any support. Mind you, my own comments so far have been crap also and contain no real value other than to puji Tun. But I believe Tun very much deserves these puji-pujian. Therefore, I feel the urge to comment on the solid waste and environmental issues which Tun brought up here. I was told of a particular case, where a chemical store was burnt down. As usually, much about it was being hushed up quickly so as not to stir up public anxiety. This is Malaysia... semua boleh. We usually hide things under the carpet. Until one day these become too much and uncontrollable. I refrain from exposing any real information here since I do not want anyone to get into trouble. The event itself took place quite sometime ago. The "chemical waste" from the fire was disposed safely and carefully in a chemical graveyard. We do not have a proper Slide 22: incernerator. I have nothing to do with this, but knowing this makes me feel very guilty. And I carry this guilt with me. While the action may be "ethical" to a certain extent (to curb public panic, due to ignorance), but exposing such issue (through this blog) would, I hope, increase more public awareness and sense of responsibility. The aim here is not to blame anyone or punish anyone. But that, we all become more responsible of our present and especially our future. The chemical graveyard may be safe now or some hundred years from now, but what about beyond that? These are really toxic chemicals. May be, we do not care what happend thousand years from now. But this is the fate of our earth and our future generation. Therefore, I agree whole-heartedly when Tun called for the development of a safe incernarator to be build. Wassalam..... Slide 23: By alibabaanjing on November 1, 2008 11:17 AM Yeah!! Tun, you're right. UMNO is a corrupted organization. If we do not get rid off UMNO, this corruption culture will seed through the young generation mind and pollute them. We are a great nation that produces many rubbish politicians. To have a clean and modern incinerator likes Japan; we need to rid off these UMNO’s warlords, so that Malaysia able to move forward to achieve Tun’s “2020 vision”. It wastes our taxpayer monies on these politicians for not implementing effective policies. Until today, we are still not able to sort our rubbish and dump them into the correct bin, as we are still unable to define ourselves as “Anak Bangsa Malaysia”. Slide 24: By The Zul on November 1, 2008 11:17 AM Hi Tun, Semoga Tun sekeluargs di kurniakan kesihatan sentiasa. INTERVIEWBiasa lah Tun, saperti pepatah melayu " LEMBU PUNYA SUSU SAPI PUNYA NAMA " COMMENTNo worries Tun. You are still the best leader.The best there is, the best there was and the best ever. RUBBISH Yes Tun, both verbal and solid rubbish is a big problem.Something need to be done fast. The Zul Slide 25: By isadarus on November 1, 2008 11:18 AM Salam Tun,BBC-Sudah perkara biasa orang putih tak suka tengok bangsa kita senang. Depa kalau boleh hantam depa hantam kita teruk2. Tapi dgn Tun depa ada respect sikit! Rubbish - Singapore punya landfill letaknya di pulau jauh dari kediaman orang. Kalau kena racun pun mungkin cacing2 dan ikan2 di laut?New Water katanya bebas kuman dan supply kerumah2 buat air minum juga. So far tak ada orang sakit kerana minum air NewWater. Herannya Malaysia banyak gunung banyak air tapi orang2 Batu Pahat, Mersing dll kadang kadang tak ada air. Malaysia sama Indonesia sama aja, nama saja majoriti Islam tapi Slide 26: pengotor,toilet kotor sampah sarap merata2,politik uang,korupsi. Singapore negara bukan Islam tapi amalkan kebersihan cara Islam, negeri bersih, toilet bersih, korupsi tak nampak. Cuma sayang politik orang Cina yang control. Tun boleh komen tentang Razak Baginda? Kasihanlah dengan 2 orang polis itu, mereka tak kenal pun dengan Altantuya tapi buat apa mereka terlibat? Atas arahan siapa tu? Yang kenal rapat secara peribadi dgn perempuan Mongolia itu lepas bebas. Undang undang apa ini? Mungkin Najib ada jawapannya. This will be the downfall of Najib!Wassallam Slide 27: By hanif on November 1, 2008 11:23 AM salam tun, Di Malaysia ni banyak idea yang bagus, tapi sebab dilaksanakan secara korup sehingga menjejaskan rakyat walaupun menguntungkan kontraktor, jadi la dia tak bagus atau kelihatan tak bagus. Banyak la benda macam ni kat Malaysia ni, buka mata dan[pandang keliling. Saya menyokong idea yang bagus dan dilaksanakan dengan penuh bertanggungjawab dan mempunyai akauntabiliti yang tinggi. Bukan kalau projek rosak, Kerajaan saja yang kena, sedangkan kontraktor lepas begitu sahaja. Slide 28: By solcroft on November 1, 2008 11:23 AM "I am disappointed that those who made critical comments never argued their cases against me. All they could say is that I was worse when I was Prime Minister or that all the problems began during my time. No supporting evidence at all. And obviously not even true." Maybe the worshipping of your bootlickers have gone to your head, Mahathir. Ada bahayanya kalau hanya mendengar kata-kata manis para pengampu hari selang hari. You decry money politics in UMNO, yet you seem to believe that it has sprung up only under the Abdullah administration instead of flourishing for 22 years under yours. You seem to have forgot that Barisan Nasional won with a thumping majority in 2004 PRECISELY because Abdullah promised to reform the legacy of corruption, nepotism, and racism you left for him to shoulder. Slide 29: You condemn the lack of media freedom, the lack of the ability of the media to report your dissenting views, but you have forgotten that it was you who revoked the permits of newspapers yourself when the media carried negative reports about yourself. You vociferously attack the decision to pension sacked judges simply because you refuse to accept the fact that you have wrongfully sacked them. You complain and complain and complain - you sit comfortably behind the scenes and take potshots - yet you cry foul whenever anyone so much as dares to point out the very obvious fact that you're nothing more than a hypocrite who's now trying to take the moral high ground by pretending his own misdeeds never happened, or that he wasn't the cause for these problems in the first place. Slide 30: By Ainaq on November 1, 2008 11:25 AM RUBISH IS MONEY SOMETIME BURNING IS NOT THE ONLY WAY There are other alternatives as wellInfact burning destroy bio mass that already created by nature I am an agriculturistscientist and know many things about organic waste that can be turn into fertilizerIf we could only organize and classified rubish by allocatingdifferent bin different kind of rubish than recycling them into usefull peoducts is possible.In Korea they advoacate Natural Farming base on recycling kichen waste into organic fertilizer which can be use in ornamental plant Insdustry if we are scared to eat rubish!!! Slide 31: The Problem in Malaysia we do not listen to scientific Idea as most of our leader with exception of Tun are not scientistDSAI - ArtistPak Lah - LawyerSome Economist. There is one student of mine Advocate of Organic and produces Hypo fertilizer in collaberation with MARDI.Once upon a time he own a factory ,I heard his factory is taken over by some bigger Tycoon ?Why not this company do something. End of Part 3 : End of Part 3 Posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at November 1, 2008 9:05 AM

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