Webinar - Marketing Metrics Madness in an Account Based World

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Information about Webinar - Marketing Metrics Madness in an Account Based World

Published on March 20, 2017

Author: Engagio




2. Charlie Liang Director of Marketing Engagio Dayna Rothman VP Marketing BrightFunnel MEET THE PRESENTERS:

3. What are we talking about? • New Account Metrics in a Account Based World • Lead to Account Matching • What are engagement minutes? • How to measure campaign success & A/B test • Analyze target accounts, campaign & analysis • Understanding channel influence • The different types of content that work (measured & proven!) • Q&A

4. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel 3 Types of Metrics Funnel ProgrammaticAccount Trending

5. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Account Trends to Watch • Account based web traffic – Measure both cookied & anonymous • Number of & newly engaged people • Account insights & key triggers • Sales prospecting activity

6. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Key Account Funnel Statuses Break out awareness by account funnel. See MQAs by week. Known Aware – New Aware – Recycled MQA Meeting Opp Customer Engagio Dashboard Engagio Dashboard

7. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Engagio’s Own Account KPIs Meeting -> Opp Opp -> CustomerMQA -> Meeting 20% 65% 30% 3.9% MQA -> Customer

8. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Programmatic Metrics to Measure • Account penetration • People focus • By account status, persona, industry, content type, geography, etc.

9. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel 1 2 3 4

10. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Challenges Faced Leads Contacts Accounts Opportunities Campaigns Activities Offline Marketing Automation Sales Rep Activity Anonymous Web

11. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel The Solution: Lead to Account Matching Engagio Salesforce Screenshot Leads & Contacts in one place!

12. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel How Lead to Account Matching works

13. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Lead-Centric vs. Account-Centric A is for Account Old School (Lead Gen) • Leads • MQLs • Lead Score New School (Account Based) • Accounts • MQAs • Engagement Minutes Star of the show:

14. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Get Account-Level Communication Visibility

15. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel All the way back to Salesforce VMware Account in SFDC

16. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel And see touch statuses of leads & contacts

17. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel New World Order = New Currency Engagement Minutes

18. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel What is an Engagement Minute? 5 minutes 30 minutes An Engagement Minute is how much time a prospect or customer spends interacting with your brand.

19. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Why are EMs Important? Account Lead Contact Lead 1. Account Based 2. Sales Understands

20. Launch Account Based Ads Package send + Email Package delivered + Email Phone call Phone call Phone call Phone call + LVM Email from Jon cc’ing ADR LinkedIn view from Jon Email FU to other 5 personas TAP Play

21. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Results To Date 136 120 36 26 15 1Mtgs Opps Deal (so far) EngdPkgs Resp 19% Meeting Rates Ads and Kindle: 20.0% Books only: 18.8% Kindle only: 17.2% Ads and Books: 8.3% Not significant Web Traffic Visitors Ads +43% +47% No Ads +22% +8% Directionally meaningful but not significant 11.2x pipeline to spend

22. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Measuring Account Based Ads Reverse IP Lookup

23. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel A/B Testing, Account Based Style Pro tip: Tag accounts to A/B test campaigns.

24. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel How to Measure ABE Campaigns 6 KPIs for ABE Campaigns

25. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Account-Based Full Database Measurement

26. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel How Should You Segment for More Data? • Segment your account- based measurement by: – Target Account Tier— what target accounts are engaged? – SDR Owner—how are your SDRs engaged their assigned target accounts? – Company Size—does engagement vary with companies of different sizes or industries?

27. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Look at Cohorted Target Account Funnel Velocity and Conversion

28. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Target Account Engagement Overview Metrics • Overall account engagement metrics: – Total engagement – Total marketing engagement – Total sales activity – Total web activity

29. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Target Account Engagement Analysis

30. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Target Account Campaign Analysis • What marketing programs has your target account been engaging with? • Who in your target account has been engaging with your marketing programs?

31. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Target Account Sales Activity Analysis • What does the rep activity look like at your target account? • What rep is engaging with what contact at each target account? • What is the frequency of engagement?

32. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel How is Your Target Account Finding You?

33. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Marketing Engagement Over Time • How engaged is the account? • What are the peaks of account engagement?

34. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel What Channels Source Contacts From Target Accounts?

35. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel What Channels Influence Target Accounts?

36. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Look at These Metrics on a Campaign Level

37. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel What Content Works Best for Target Accounts?

38. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel ABM vs. Demand Gen Content Difference between DG & ABM Demand Gen Content ABM Content

39. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Content in an Account Based Everything world Evolution of Content in an ABM World

40. Copyright ©2017, Engagio Inc. @CharlieCLiang @Engagio | @dayroth @BrightFunnel Be Everywhere, But Don’t be Overbearing Top 5 ABM Channels Engagio’s Top 5 Account Based Everything Channels: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Human Email Live & Virtual Events Direct Mail Ads

41. THANK YOU! Charlie Liang Director of Marketing Engagio @CharlieCLiang Dayna Rothman VP Marketing BrightFunnel @dayroth Learn More Tools of the Trade:  Everything ABM & ABSD: 

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