[Webinar] Introduction to Twitter Ads: How to Plan and Build a Successful Campaign

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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: simplymeasured

Source: slideshare.net

Introduction to Twitter Ads: How to Plan and Build a Successful Campaign

Housekeeping Listening/voice options Questions and chat room #SMwebinar Recorded webinar Post-webinar survey +

Speakers Jimmy Hang Adoption Manager Twitter @jimmyhang Uri Bar-Joseph Director of Marketing Simply Measured @uribarjoseph Danie Pote Marketing Manager Simply Measured @daniepote + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Agenda Why Twitter Ads A few pro tips Promoted Products overview How to plan and build your first Twitter Ads campaign 4 tips for optimizing your campaign Q&A +

Why Twitter Ads +

A short history of social ads November 2007 + April 2010 July 2008 #SMwebinar October 2013 December 2013 © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Faster way to reach wider, engaged audience 241 active users > 500 million Tweets every day >25% of total social shares across all social networks 76% access on mobile devices Language agnostic + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Build your audience Image in Progress + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

But rent it while you build Image in progress + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Twitter Ads = Leasing + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Better, smarter, hyper targeting Explicit Profile Behavior Username Language Time Zone Country Gender Followers Friends Searches Hashtags Keywords within tweets Activity Time Device Explicit Profile Behavior Company Interests Interest Similar Users + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

It works! + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

It’s a fast growing interest platform 76% of monthly active users access Twitter from a mobile device Available in 35+ languages 1,000s of Twitter Ads advertisers + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Your customers are on Twitter Sales Reach Word of mouth 72% 70% 30% of followers are more likely to make a future purchase of followers retweet because they like a business’s content lift in recommendations after following/interacting + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Before We Start: A Few Pro Tips +

A few important elements + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Flock to unlock Incentivize followers to spread your message by retweeting (i.e. sharing) your Tweet to unlock exclusive content. Read more: https://business.twitter.com/tactics/flock-unlock © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Twitter cards Read more: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Scheduling Tweets & photo optimization © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Amplify Your Presence With Twitter Ads +

Overview Promoted Accounts + Promoted Tweets #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

A framework for campaign management Set Objective & Goals + Plan Do #SMwebinar Measure & Analyze © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Step 1: Define campaign objectives Compare up to 10 Twitter accounts in this report. Type in cells below to change. Competitive Leaderboard Engagement Followers Potential Impressions Brand Tweets + All Account Avg. Lowest Account Leading Account How does the leader compare? 121 9 261 1,205 total engagement @accorhotels @hiltononline Leader tweets less often than average. Content is mostly normal tweets and links. 121 5,597 341K total followers @accorhotels 170K @MarriottIntl 121 3,179 12.0M 22.4M total impressions @accorhotels @MarriottIntl 121 0 364 @accorhotels @hyattconcierge 1,056 total tweets #SMwebinar Leader has 129K (318%) more followers than the next best brand @StarwoodBuzz. Leader has 54% share of impressions and gets an average of 72K impressions per tweet. Leader sends about 12 tweets per day and gets an average of 0 interactions per tweet. © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Step 2: Identify your target audience + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Answer all your ad campaign questions with Simply Measured Questions Answers Best time to Tweet?............................................ Twitter Account Report What Keywords to target?................................. Conversation Driver Analysis What Interests/Topics to target?....................... Twitter Follower Report What Followers to target?................................. Twitter Audience Analysis What Influencers to target?............................... Influencers & Advocates Report What Locations to focus on?.............................. Twitter Account Report What Devices to add/limit?................................ Twitter Account Report + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Step 3: Create content + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Research your best hits with Simply Measured 1. 2. What type of Tweets (retweets, @replies or normal Tweets) drive the most engagement? What type of Tweet content (photos, videos, links or normal Tweets) drive higher engagement? + 3. What type of engagement (replies, retweets, mentions and favorites) you can expect to see? 4. Get examples of Tweets that drove strong engagement 5. Keyword frequency in your Tweets #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Step 4: Bids & budgeting Read more: https://business.twitter.com/products/pricing © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Step 4: Bids & budgeting + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Step 5: Reflect and measure + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Measure with Simply Measured + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Use data to analyze your process Set Objective & Goals Was the goal: Attainable? Reasonable? Challenging? Appropriate? Set Objective & Goals + Plan Was the plan: Right? Realistic? Do Measure & Analyze Where there gaps in: Execution? Knowledge? Fundamentals? Plan #SMwebinar Do Measure & Analyze © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

4 Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Ads +

1. Use links with calls-to-action Tweets containing at least one link drive 98% of top brands’ average engagement. Source: How Top Brand Marketers Use Twitter; Simply Measured, 2014 + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

2. More Tweets are better + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

3. Use images A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you’re limited to 140 characters. + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

This campaign saw a 2.44% increase in engagement rate between Tweets with images and Tweets without – which is pretty significant for PTs + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

4. Newsjacking 3,200+ people shared this article across social + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Wrapping up Recorded webinar posted and emailed tomorrow Post-webinar survey $50 gift from Twitter Ads +

Why Simply Measured for Twitter Twitter Account Report Twitter Follower Report Twitter Audience Analysis Multiple Twitter Channel Analysis Vine Tweet Analysis Twitter Competitive Analysis Twitter Customer Service Report Multiple Twitter Customer Service Report Complete Social Media Snapshot + #SMwebinar © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc

Q&A +


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