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Information about webctassess3

Published on December 6, 2007

Author: Gabir

Source: authorstream.com

WebCT Assessment Tools:  WebCT Assessment Tools Extracts from materials at http://www.netskills.ac.uk/ WebCT Assessment Tools:  WebCT Assessment Tools Self-tests Self assessment by students Quizzes Formative assessment Summative assessment Surveys Anonymous student feedback Requirements for Assessment:  Requirements for Assessment Network requirements Network must be stable and secure Quiz time still passes if a users computer crashes Browser requirements Browser must be JavaScript enabled Multimedia may require use of plug-ins May exclude users of assistive technologies Students requirements Equal access to computers and internet Training: Use of computers/software Quiz techniques e.g. saving answers after each question Surveys:  Surveys Tool to gather anonymous student feedback Assessment of course tutors, materials, etc. Tutors cannot associate students with feedback Created in same way as a Quiz Survey questions created in Questions Database Same question types can be used Survey Editor used to add questions to survey Self Tests :  Self Tests Tool for self assessment by students No scores given or recorded Assessments available on demand Can be available continuously for repeated use Multiple choice questions Unlimited numbers of questions and answers Only one answer can be correct Grading is automatic Immediate feedback can be provided Correct/incorrect and comments Can use HTML in questions, answers and feedback Hyperlinks, images, audio/video, etc. Integrate assessment with teaching materials Quizzes:  Quizzes Tool for formative and summative assessment All student attempts are graded and recorded Progress monitoring for students and tutors Range of question types: Multiple choice, matching, calculated, short answer text entry and paragraph entry Can use HTML in questions, answers and feedback Randomised question selection Grading is manual or automatic Sophisticated results reporting and analysis Controlled Quiz delivery Creating Quizzes :  Creating Quizzes Quiz/Survey and Database Management Index page Access point for all interfaces required to create Quizzes Quiz and Survey Management Add, structure and manage quizzes/surveys Questions Database Create and maintain questions for course Quiz Editor Import questions to Quiz from Questions Database Create Question Sets to randomise order of questions Preview Quiz Provide links to Quiz from content pages, homepage and/or course Menu Quiz Settings :  Quiz Settings Timed release Quiz available only on specific dates Selective release based on: Student ID, last name, etc. Successful completion of other quizzes Time limit for Quiz completion Number of attempts can be limited or unlimited Security options Password protection Based on IP address - e.g. restrict to cluster room Reporting results to students Report automatically and immediately Report manually – e.g. after a specific date Quiz Submissions:  Quiz Submissions View Quiz Submissions Different attempts Grading can be done by Designers or Teaching Assistants Via Quiz Management or Manage Students pages Grading Quizzes:  Grading Quizzes Grading can be automatic or manual Manual grading allows you to: Grade questions that can't be graded automatically Override automatic grading Add comments and assign bonus or penalty points Possible to reset and regrade results Grades automatically updated in Manage Students area WebCT & QuestionMark:  WebCT & QuestionMark Question Mark Perception (QM) Commercial assessment software QM can be integrated with WebCT Created in QM Delivered through WebCT Results stored in WebCT Extends functionality of WebCT assessment Drag and drop, hotspot question types Summary:  Summary WebCT assessment tools include: Self-tests Quizzes Surveys Grading can be automatic and/or manual Control over quiz features and functionality Availability, grading, reporting, etc. Important technical/software considerations Technologies used Client-server interaction Student training may be required

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