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Information about Web20.09

Published on May 27, 2009

Author: avantaggiato

Source: slideshare.net


A presentation on the educational implications of the Web 2.0. It is the latest version, I believe better worked out and clean.
Redondo Beach edition. May 2009.

WE ARE THE WEB: EDUCATIONAL IMPLICATIONS OF THE WEB 2.0 Antonio Vantaggiato Universidad del Sagrado Corazón APAD blogs.netedu.info apad.ac.pr

http://www.flickr.com/photos/adangarcia/ 2009 Redondo Beach edition

http://blogsforedu.pbwiki.com Everything is on-line!

Time flies... 2000-2009 e-learning model for Sagrado en Línea Congreso Puertorriqueño de Web e-ducación Research on Innovación in Education ¡Moodle in Puerto Rico (2004-05)! Proyect e-learning Manifesto APAD, President (apad.ac.pr) netedu.info The STEMmED Project (2008-2010)

We are the Web! Mass collaboration Users provide for contents Collective Inteligence

1.Introduction: Web 2.0 2.Turbulence/Confusion 3.Gradual Adjustments Program for HOPE XXIX

The Internet? Bah! Clifford Stoll 27 Feb. 1995 1995: The Internet? One to many

WEB 2.0 users Upload content

users edit content

What about Authority? We all contribute ::: Social Construction of Knowledge

“By removing the central control points, the Web enabled a self- organizing, self-stimulating growth of contents and links on a scale the world has literally never before experienced.” --David Weinberger No control >>>Power to the People<<<

users Upload content

users Upload content

users Upload content

users collaborate

Welcome, William Hamlet (facebook edition, XXI Cent.) http://www.angelfire.com/art2/antwerplettuce/hamlet.html

We, the users Are the new Web!

What about copyright? It must be thought out anew…

Some Rights Reserved

JRLN: Web:::educa+10n Journal http://blogs.netedu.info/?page_id=194 mashup Among the most important educational technologies: horizon report 2008 (nmc)

bloggin’ in the wind! (weblogs)

CogDogBlog Alan Levine

DigiZen El blogfesor Mario Núñez

bavatuesdays Jim Groom

Blog (RSS) aggregation A pleasant reading!

microblogging Twitter, FriendFeed

Some friends I have… Twitter! Micro-blogs of 140 characters…

This is me in Twitter

This is Howard Rheingold Author of “Smart Mobs”

This is Mike Wesch Author of “The Machine is Us/ing Us”

This is Barack Obama US President

And this is Britney! …what?

…And what about Education? Visions of students

Question IS our children learning? -George W. Bush

…Indeed Childrens do learn! -George W. Bush

Michael Wesch Daniel Altschuler www.stemmed.org Plus: Panel Núñez-Meléndez-Córdova Universidad del Sagrado Corazón 15 May 2009 San Juan, Puerto Rico Symposium: Science & Web 2.0 A Dialogue

What about educación? What to do?

Houston, we have a problem…

Does education need to change?

What should education try to do? Humans Will Not Survive the Century -Robert Caillau (CERN), 2006

e-Learn The Web: Fundamental pedagogic environment (Suter 2005), not just a tool…

Predictions 2009 Real education ...is about learning to live and learning to make a living (John Adams), an idea that got lost between the late 1700s and today. High schools and universities have simply failed to teach what needs to be taught. This will change in 2009. —Roger Schank

Predictions 2009, 2 As free and open learning becomes the norm for millions of learners around the globe, high schools, universities, and corporate training centers will need to adjust their policies, procedures, and philosophies related to teaching and learning. If not, it may be time to say goodbye to many of them in 2009. —Curt Bonk

Educational Technology Jean Paul Lyotard (1979): miniaturization and commercialization of machines would change “learning the way was acquired, classified, made available and exploited”.

Effects of technology & the Web Technology enables modalities such as constructivism, etc. (Norman & Spohrer 1996) + Significant transformation of the teaching-learning process (Hannafin 2003)

Convergence “...we must assume the technology of online learning will produce learning systems of a blended nature that are far better than the prior 'gold standard' of the face-to-face class. As a beneficial side effect, distinctions will blur between traditional learning and distance learning.” (Hiltz & Turoff 2005).

However… The Web is not being used at the max of its innovation capability; It’s used to “reformulate what is already familiar” (Alan Kay)

A new territory The limits of my language are the limits of my world -L. Wittgenstein

The education we want Una educación desde la cuna hasta la tumba, inconforme y reflexiva, que nos inspire un nuevo modo de pensar y nos incite a descubrir quienes somos en una sociedad que se quiera más a sí misma, que aproveche al máximo nuestra creatividad inagotable y conciba una ética-y tal vez una estética- para nuestro afán desaforado y legítimo de superación personal.” - Gabriel García Márquez

The education we want, 2 Papert, Minsky & Kay (2005): • The key educational task is to make connections between powerful ideas and passionate interests. • Teach to think deeply • Teach to think rigorously

An experiment... Poll: Web + Cellphone >> GREAT idea!

Another experiment Again, phone + Web

Source: www.internetworldstats.com, 2008 Internet Access

Source: www.internetworldstats.com, 2008 USA 72.5 EU 59.9 Norway Puerto Rico 87.7 35 Antigua Chile 85.9 44.9 Costa Rica 35.7 Argentina 39.3 Brazil 26.1 Internet Access

Baby boomers • TV, typewriters, memos • Gen X • Videogames, computers, e-mail Net Gen • Web • Mobile equipment • Instant Messaging • On-line Communities The situation (1) -D. Oblinger, Educause

The Situation (2) net gen

Possibilities & Challenges WE ARE THE WEB!

The Social Web Browsers Blogs Tools

Revolution? Jim Groom (2008) bavatuesdays.com

Blogs Web logs

Dec. 2008: State of the Blogosphere http://technorati.com/blogging/state-of-the-blogosphere/

State of the Blogosphere 2008

State of the Blogosphere 2008

Feeds • Suscripciones RSS 80


Feed, aggregation


BLOGS w/ CLASS And the vantaZEN method

a class of blogs… http://tecnoinfozen.wordpress.com

Tag Cloud

And a collaborative research…

Info overload Leon Botstein: “It overwhelms you with too much information, much of which is hopelessly unreliable or beside the point.” 92

Info overload Leon Botstein: “It overwhelms you with too much information, much of which is hopelessly unreliable or beside the point.” It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information. -Oscar Wilde 92

And facebook?

And Google Docs?

So? Who’s going to organize all this information?

rss aggregators RSS: The New Web’s glue!

Class Aggregation netvibes

Who’s going to store & catalogue all this info? We are…?!

Enter Social Bookmarking

del.icio.us tags 97

Generating a... Folksonomy Popular Taxonomy… a social System 106

del.icio.us tags

del.icio.us & rss: feed! Easily embeddable in blogs etc.

del.icio.us & rss Automatic blog posting

A del.icio.us project TAGs allow to define projects URLs get stored under a particular TAG A Resource Repository!

Questions? Antonio Vantaggiato avantaggiato@sagrado.edu Visit Skate of the Web! blogs.netedu.info

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