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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: darko3

Source: slideshare.net

Web technologies for desktop development Darko Kukovec

Hybrid apps • Web technologies + native wrapper! • Mobile hybrid apps! • PhoneGap! • Custom! • Desktop

Why hybrid desktop applications?

Multi-platform development • Java! • .NET + mono! • QT! • Hybrid app

You already know JavaScript (and HTML and CSS)


Adobe Air • Slow! • Limited developer tools! • HTML5 + ActionScript! • Distribution: Executable file

QT • Custom wrapper! • HTML5 + native code! • C++! • Python! • JavaScript! • Distribution: Executable file

Chrome Apps • HTML5 + Chrome APIs! • 50+ APIs! • Distribution: Chrome Web Store

app.js • webkit + node.js! • Slow development! • HTML5 + node.js! • Distribution: Executable file

node-webkit • Chromium + node.js! • Fast development (Intel)! • Chromium 32! • node.js 0.11.9! • HTML5 + node.js! • Distribution: Executable file

brackets-shell • HTML5 + some v8 extensions (e.g. file access)! • Made by Adobe for the Brackets code editor! • “Note: The brackets-shell is only maintained for use by the Brackets project.”! • Distribution: Executable file

TideSDK • HTML5 + PHP/Ruby/Python! • Distribution: Executable file


Hello world! • What you need:! • node-webkit! • manifest (package.json)! • HTML, JS

Running & testing • Running! • If nw is in the Terminal path: nw .! • alias nw='open -a node-webkit' • Testing! • Chromedriver! • Selenium

Debugging • Chrome Dev Tools! • DevTools Jail! • Remote debugging! • Sublime Text console

Packaging & distribution • package.nw or package.json in the same folder as the node-webkit executable! • Packaging into the executable file! • Windows and Linux - make a package.nw file and run one command from the console! • OS X - copy the package to Content/ Resources/app.nw inside of the app

Native elements • File dialogs! • Files and folders! • Opening URLs in the default browser! • Opening files in the default app or in the file manager! • Menu bar / status bar! • Clipboard access! • Kiosk mode! • Frameless mode

Tech stuff

Node.js changes • global window! • Chromium console instead of the node.js console! • Conflicts! • node.js require and RequireJS! • underscore

Node.js modules • Builtin! • require! • JavaScript! • Local install (node_modules)! • require! • C/C++! • nw-gyp! • Platform dependent! • node-webkit version dependent

DOM changes • iframe! • Disable security! • Node.js! • Top! • DevTools Jail

Code protection • v8 snapshot! • Can hide a part (tens of KB) of the code into a binary file! • Platform & node-webkit version dependent! • Little slower, loaded at startup

Our node-webkit experience My code is compiling

Infinum • Three node-webkit project in the last year! • Two kiosk mode apps for Windows! • Desktop app for Windows and OSX

Crypto • Decrypting about 50x faster than Adobe Air! • Tens of ms instead of a few seconds per photo

Optical media • Detection! • Windows: periodically check all the letters! • OSX: Watch /Volumes! • File access! • fs module

Auto update • Not supported out of the box! • Our own update detection & downloading! • Windows: Installation wizard is downloaded! • OSX: All the app files can be replaced while the app is running

What else is node-webkit used for

• Gifrocket • • Ambiance • • Creating gif animations from videos Code editor with support for modules (npm) Arduinoscope • Osciloscope for Arduino • Hardware access

What is possible

Node.js + Chromium • Atwood’s Law:! • “any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.”! • http://www.reddit.com/r/atwoodslaw/

Node.js + Chromium

Thank you! Any questions, Dave?

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