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Information about Web Performance Workshop - Velocity London 2013

Published on November 14, 2013

Author: AndyDavies

Source: slideshare.net

Hands on Web Performance Workshop Andy Davies @andydavies Tobias Baldauf @tbaldauf #VelocityConf London 2013

We’re planning to cover ● Tools ● Techniques ● Live Analysis But…

…this session is about YOU so feel free to jump in with questions

What sites should we test? http://man.gl/londonworkshop

Do you use WebPageTest?

PhantomJS http://github.com/ariya/phantomjs/

Phantomas http://github.com/macbre/phantomas { "url":"http://tobias.is", "metrics":{ "requests":11, "gzipRequests":2, "postRequests":0, "redirects":0, "notFound":0, "timeToFirstByte":107, "timeToLastByte":120, "bodySize":151897, "contentLength":206417, [...]

All together now! #!/usr/bin/env bash URL_to_measure="$1" #!/usr/bin/env bats @test "Time to first byte" { [ "$timeToFirstByte" -lt 200 ] } Metrics_to_analyze=('timeToFirstByte' 'requests' 'cssSize') Phantomas_JSON_output=$(phantomas --format=json --url "${URL_to_measure}") for((i=0;i<${#Metrics_to_analyze[@]};i++)) ; do eval ${Metrics_to_analyze[$i]}=$(echo "$Phantomas_JSON_output" | jq ".metrics."${Metrics_to_analyze[$i]}) export ${Metrics_to_analyze[$i]} done bats --tap performance-tests.bats #1..3 ok 1 Time to first byte ok 2 Number of HTTP requests not ok 3 CSS size # (in test file /test/webperf/performance-tests.bats, line 23) @test "Number of HTTP requests" { [ "$requests" -lt 30 ] } @test "CSS size" { [ "$cssSize" -lt 15360 ] } http://github.com/technopagan/simple-website-speed-test

WebPagetest API http://github.com/marcelduran/webpagetest-api

Run WPT Run! webpagetest test http://velocityconf.com --server wpt.yourdomain.tld --location Local-SGS2 --wait { "statusCode": 200, "statusText": "Ok", "data": { "testId": "131019_VF_1", "ownerKey": "b5cf1cb86be59d94f3ee714f15da3efe5cf05b7z", "jsonUrl": "http://wpt.yourdomain.tld/jsonResult.php?test=131019_VF_1", "xmlUrl": "http://wpt.yourdomain.tld/xmlResult.php?test=131019_VF_1", "userUrl": "http://wpt.yourdomain.tld/results.php?test=131019_VF_1", "summaryCSV": "http://wpt.yourdomain.tld/csv.php?test=131019_VF_1", "detailCSV": "http://wpt.yourdomain.tld/csv.php?test=131019_VF_1&amp;req=1" }

SwissArmyKnife Results "response": { "statusCode": 200, "statusText": "Ok", "data": { "testId": "131019_VF_1", "summary": "http://wpt.yourdomain.tld/results.php?test=131019_VF_1", "from": "Samsung Galaxy SII - Native", "runs": 1, "successfulFVRuns": 1, "successfulRVRuns": 1, "average": { "firstView": { "loadTime": 6285, "TTFB": 2852, [...]

TAP & Jenkins Integration

What if we want to test more than one page?

./sitespeed.io -u http://news.bbc.co.uk

Setup your own HTTP Archive… Barbara Bermes - http://man.gl/1eHoyqB

Lots of data!

Import data into R library(RMySQL) drv = dbDriver('MySQL') con = dbConnect(drv, user='user', password='password', dbname='dbname', host='') results = dbGetQuery(con,statement='select * from pages;') Plot histogram of requests / page hist(results$reqTotal, xlim=c(0,200), ylim=c(0,375), breaks=seq(0,200,by=5), main="", xlab="Number of Requests", col="steelblue", border="white", axes=FALSE) axis(1, at = seq(0, 225, by = 25)) axis(2, at = seq(0, 400, by = 25))

Sometimes bi-modal distributions

Commercial tools available too…

Let’s look at some live sites

Performance isn’t just about load time http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaxport/8554780980

Painting every 20ms!

Logo is actually made of four images that fade from one to another. CPU load varies between 7 - 20% Has detrimental impact on mobile battery life

A Tale of CSS Checkbox Hacks <input type="checkbox" id="toggle" /> <label for="toggle" class="toggle" onclick></label> <ul class="menu"> <li><a href="#">Sictransit</a></li> <li><a href="#">Gloriamundi</a></li> </ul> #toggle:checked ~ .menu { display: block; } http://css-tricks.com/the-checkbox-hack/ http://thenittygritty.co/toggle-navigation-with-purecss body { -webkit-animation: bugfix infinite 1s; /* here be dragons */ } @-webkit-keyframes bugfix { from { white-space: default; } to { white-space: normal; } } http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=45168

Be neighborly Adjacent sibling selector trumps general sibling selector <input type="checkbox" id="toggle" /> <nav> <label for="toggle" class="toggle" onclick></label> <ul class="menu"> <li><a href="#">Sictransit</a></li> <li><a href="#">Gloriamundi</a></li> </ul> </nav> #toggle:checked + nav .menu { display: block; }

Lessons learned Working in web performance is as much about educating as optimizing. Choose your battles http://sapdesignguild.org http://josefbrandenburg.com

Thank You (we’re around all week) Andy: @andydavies hello@andydavies.me Tobias: @tbaldauf kontakt@tobias-baldauf.de Office Hours: 12:30 Thursday

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