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Published on May 2, 2008

Author: Riccard

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Atos Origin – Web Integration How the Customer Experience is driving the Web Integration Agenda :  Atos Origin – Web Integration How the Customer Experience is driving the Web Integration Agenda Graham Binns 2nd Nov 2007 Slide2:  Agenda Atos Origin Introduction The changing on line environment What is being achieved in the 3rd Sector today ? The 4 steps A future based on the customer experience What capabilities should we expect ? What are our integration options ? Next Steps Atos Origin your Leading SRM Partner:  Atos Origin your Leading SRM Partner 45,000 employees in 50 countries We are the third largest consultancy firm in the UK We are the Olympic Games worldwide IT partner 2nd Largest employer of doctors in the UK after the NHS Partnership approach with leading vendors including Oracle, Microsoft, Blackbaud, CS Group and Fisk Brett Annual worldwide revenues of €5.4 Bn means we are financially stable We are product agnostic so we can work with any of your existing systems The on-line experience is being transformed by advances in web technology:  The on-line experience is being transformed by advances in web technology The internet used to be … Static pages Pages built by developers which were infrequently updated Web sites Its now changing … User generated content Highly interactive Social Networking Software delivered as a service Self Service via the web is becoming the norm Supporters are changing:  Supporters are changing Supporters are looking for transactional value they are looking for impact Looking to get engaged with the cause Expectations of service are increasing Expect access any time and by any channel The experience of using web 2.0 applications is placing high expectations on the web customer experience. Direct mail is becoming less effective People are using the internet to do business to a greater extent Rapid growth of 3rd sector microsites has resulted in fragmentation:  Rapid growth of 3rd sector microsites has resulted in fragmentation Proliferation of fundraising microsites Inconsistent customer experience No single view of the customer Lack of integration to the back office (batch files) Fundraising innovation is driving a huge increase in the complexity of web sites:  Fundraising innovation is driving a huge increase in the complexity of web sites The State of the Current 3rd Sector:  The State of the Current 3rd Sector Most organisations have a web site Ability to donate on-line is common however for a significant numbers of sites this is not an integration point to the back office but is simply on-line forms based. Organisations are starting to leverage user generated content and social networking Just Giving FaceBook YouTube ‘stewardship’ and Supporter Relationship Management programmes will place new demands on your internet capabilities:  ‘stewardship’ and Supporter Relationship Management programmes will place new demands on your internet capabilities NSPCC restructures and kicks off stewardship programme to manage most valuable supporters Stewardship and SRM are all about building deeper relationships through interacting, understanding and illustrating impact The Internet is a great medium for these initiatives I give more to my charity because ….:  I give more to my charity because …. They recognise and show appreciation for the donations I have made They understand and recognise all that I do for the charity including regular donations, volunteering and my retail spend. As a major donor I have the relationship with my fundraiser that is appropriate. I give more because my charity makes it easy, quick and I can do it any time using my preferred method The experience I have with my charity is very personal , I receive news and campaign updates on what matters to me. It’s all about the supporter experience My charity makes it clear how my contributions are making an IMPACT Every time I contact my charity they recognise who I am and help me help them more I know what I raised last year and my charity is helping me beat it this year The result is i've gone from a making a one off donation to an active supporter because of the experience I have had. Capabilities to support the e-supporter:  Capabilities to support the e-supporter Do you have a membership portal ? Can you process online donations ? Can supporters register for events on-line ? Do volunteers have access to a portal ? Is the web personalised ? Do you provide on-line retail sales capability ? Can you execute on line marketing ? Do you provide personal impact reports ? The 4 Stages of integration complexity:  The 4 Stages of integration complexity Static Web Sites Supporter Transaction Integration Self Service & Retailing Supporter Relationship Management Stewardship Programmes No Integration Event Registration Donations online Update personal details Personalised fundraising page My Home page On line volunteering Event sponsorship Online Campaigning Personalised news Forums Donate to specific cause Personal Impact reports Multi-channel integration Single supporter view On line marketing Facebook / You Tube On line retailing Sites are starting to get personal:  Sites are starting to get personal We believe there is still a lot of potential:  We believe there is still a lot of potential My Events My Donations My Volunteering My Sponsorships Forums Information About Me My Friends & Family My News Channel My Campaigns My Impact Other ways I can help My Home Page Targeted Cross Sell Content Welcome John you are well on your way to beating your last years total support of £300 this is equivalent to 30 hours of valuable research. We have some news with regards to the impact this is having the people we help. A big thank you from all at your charity All the team at your charity wish you the best in your upcoming event and we know you will enjoy the day. Personalised News My Charity.COM How does all this affect your integration strategy:  How does all this affect your integration strategy Begin with the end in mind What should the customer experience be like for a supporter or volunteer Have a defined customer journey How should this be personalised for various donor groups What process’s need to be supported ? What integration is needed to make it happen ? What are the options for integration:  What are the options for integration The problem with point to point integration:  The problem with point to point integration The Future is a Service Oriented Architecture Approach:  The Future is a Service Oriented Architecture Approach Add Supporter Edit Supporter Register for event Make Donation Setup Committed Giving Membership Fundraising Application Slide19:  Development of services realise in the order of 20%-40% savings Longer-term savings due to re-use delivers in the order 20%-40% savings Needs a concurrent applications portfolio rationalisation to deliver optimal savings. © Gartner Research (December 2004) Service Oriented Development of Applications (SODA) Traditional Development Service Oriented Development Lower cost and quicker Benefits of an SOA Approach Your Next steps ?:  Your Next steps ? What would your internet strategy look like ? What will your customer experience be ? How will you web integration support the strategy ? What’s the best integration architecture for you now and in the future ?

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