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Published on January 8, 2009

Author: aSGuest9572

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WEBEVALUATION : WEBEVALUATION © www.ozedweb.com Slide 2: 1: The Importance of Web Evaluation 2: The 5 Traditional Evaluation Criteria 3: Adapting Traditional Evaluation Criteria To Web Resources …Topics © www.ozedweb.com Slide 3: 4: The New Challenges of Web Resources 5: Applying Evaluation Criteria To Web Resources Topics (continued) © www.ozedweb.com Slide 4: Ubiquity… err… it’s everywhere. Web Reliance However there is great variation in quality © www.ozedweb.com Slide 5: Traditional criteria are still useful …but new criteria are needed New Criteria © www.ozedweb.com Slide 6: There are FIVE Traditional Evaluation Criteria © www.ozedweb.com Slide 7: 2. Authority 3. Objectivity 4. Currency 1. Accuracy 5. Coverage © www.ozedweb.com Slide 8: Ask yourself: How reliable and free from error is the information? Are there editors or fast checkers? Accuracy © www.ozedweb.com Slide 9: Almost anyone can publish on the web Many web resources are not verified Web standards to ensure accuracy are still being developed Accuracy (continued) © www.ozedweb.com Slide 10: Can you determine who is the author? Authority What are the authors qualifications for writing on the subject? © www.ozedweb.com Slide 11: Can you tell who is the publisher? How reputable is the publisher? Authority (continued) © www.ozedweb.com Slide 12: How much of the information presented with a bias? Is the author trying to change the opinion of the reader? Objectivity © www.ozedweb.com Slide 13: The Web often functions as a soapbox This may be ok… …provided it is stated. Objectivity (continued) © www.ozedweb.com Slide 14: Is all content up-to-date? Is there a publication date? Currency If there is, does it indicate: 1. The date first created? 2. The date first placed on the web? 3. The date last revised? © www.ozedweb.com Slide 15: Are the types of media included appropriate for current technology levels? Currency © www.ozedweb.com (remember you must conceptualise whom the audience is likely to be). Slide 16: What topics are included in the work? To what depth are these topics covered? Coverage Issue: It is often difficult to tell the extent of a web publication © www.ozedweb.com Slide 17: Hypertext Links Use of Frames Other Challenges Blending of Entertainment, Information and Advertising © www.ozedweb.com Slide 18: Software and Hardware requirements affect access Susceptibility of web pages to alteration More Challenges Search Engines can retrieve pages out of context © www.ozedweb.com Slide 19: Web evaluation techniques are still being developed Technology is changing, making it difficult to establish guidelines Conclusions Creating guidelines will be an ongoing evolutionary process © www.ozedweb.com Slide 20: You can apply this knowledge when using the web as a research tool. So...?????? © www.ozedweb.com Slide 21: Step 1: Identify type of page Step 2: Use checklist Evaluation Step 3: Based on the criteria in the checklist, determine the relative quality of a page © www.ozedweb.com

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