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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: davisporter

Source: authorstream.com

WEB DESIGN TRENDS AND TECHNIQUES: WEB DESIGN TRENDS AND TECHNIQUES PowerPoint Presentation: The internet now-a-days has become the centre for almost all the things, whether it be business, service providers or entertainment and shopping. And all these things work through websites designed for each and every company. The websites that have latest design trends running on them also have advantage over the other websites as the clients are more drawn towards that website which offers new and updated web trends rather than the traditional ones that are provided by almost all other websites . PowerPoint Presentation: Many new web design and trends are present at present time and some few of them are huge success as well due to their great demand and favorable results. Few successful web design trends are listed below: 1. Animation The latest versions of HTML i.e. HTML5 and CSS3 provide great deal of new animations and stylish formatting tools like “border radius”, “text shadow” along with 3D animations are very useful in getting attention of the users. PowerPoint Presentation: 2. Minimalistic The concept of Minimalism is an emerging web trend these days. This trend is preferred by almost everyone as it is the best way to convey the message to the audience in the most precise manner possible. The designers use this technique along with negative space to draw the user’s attention towards their message effectively. PowerPoint Presentation: 3. Typography As it is said that new is always better so the different and stylish fonts used in the websites today surely leaves an impression on the visitors of that website. The demand for new and more fascinating fonts is increasing every day which have given the opportunities to the designers to use tools like CSS Type test, Typetester and other to use their creativity in building a new typography that suit the latest new trends. PowerPoint Presentation: 4. Single Page Website The need to click more to get more proves boring for many of the users online. They prefer to be able to get the entire information from the same place and this has given place to the new web trend of single page website. In this developers summarize all the content to be able to fit it on the single page so that it is more convenient for users. PowerPoint Presentation: Many other such web trends are prevailing on the internet like Thumbnails, Info graphics, Multi-columns and many more. There are many design firms also that provides with the latest trends to their clients in an affordable price. Going by the reviews, one can trust Landau Designs reviews that are mostly positive indicating their good work and ability to provide with all the latest web design trends and techniques needed to boost the business of a company. PowerPoint Presentation:  Thank You

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