Web Application Security | Beginner Session - Cross Site Request Forgery

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Information about Web Application Security | Beginner Session - Cross Site Request Forgery

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: null0x00

Source: slideshare.net


null Bangalore February meet

CSRF/XSRF? (pronounced as „sea-surf‟) It‟s BAD. How? 1

How? Suppose you have an online bank account and you‟re already authenticated (you have already logged-in). 2

How? Now, you clicked on link from another website, maybe from a comment. Ex. <a href=”http://bankwebsite.com/transfermoney.hmtl”>I posted photos</a> This will just look like: I posted photos 3

How? Your bank website would not know that is not really your intention. 4

What is it?  Attacker exploits the fact that the victim is authenticated to a website Identifying the attacker can be difficult  What can it do?   Proxy requests/commands for the attacker from the victim‟s browser  Even POSTS can be forged as GET requests in some cases  Web forms One Click Demo in module 5

How it is exploited?   Can be very simple – Image link in email, script on a blog, simple link Attackers gets user to  Click a specially crafted link (or inject JavaScript to a site victim visits)  Execute a request (can be very simple as requesting an image url in email)  Innocently browsing a web site  Can users include hrefs or Image links to your site? Link to bad url   Ever click “view images” in an email? All browsers happily send over credentials if already logged on  If already logged in (forms auth) the cookie is sent over even for an image request 6


CSRF – HOW IT IS EXPLOITED? DEMO – Repeatability is the key 8

CSRF – HOW IT IS EXPLOITED? DEMO – Piggyback with some other attack like XSS 9

CSRF – POSTs protect me  They do, don‟t they? Don‟t they? Hello?  Web Forms One Click attack  Page.IsPostBack doesn‟t always tell the truth  A button click doesn‟t always mean someone click the button 10

How do you prevent it?  All Web Apps  Ensure GET only retrieves a resource (as per HTTP Spec)  No state is modified  POSTS/PUT/DELETE can be forged, must take additional precautions  Try to make requests unique and non-repeatable 11

CSRF Defenses  CAPTCHA  Attacker must know CAPTCHA answer  Assuming a secure implementation  Re-Authentication  Password Based ○ Attacker must know victims password ○ If password is known, then game over already!  One-Time Token ○ Attacker must know current token ○ Very strong defense!  Unique Request Tokens  Attacker must know unique request token for particular victim for particular session  Assumes token is cryptographically secure and not disclosed. ○ /accounts?auth=687965fdfaew87agrde … 12

Web Forms – CSRF Prevention DEMO 13

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