Web Application Security 101 - 07 Session Management

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Information about Web Application Security 101 - 07 Session Management

Published on July 24, 2014

Author: websecurify

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In part 7 of Web Application Security 101 we will explore the various security aspects of modern session management systems. We will particularly explore vulnerabilities such as weak session management and more. We will also look into session bruteforce attacks

Session Management Attacking the post-logging state management system.

Background HTTP is stateless protocol. Cookies were introduced to keep state. But state can be tracked with other tools too.

Session Management Machinery Client Server GET /resource Set­Cookie: cookie Cookie: cookie Cookie: cookie

Common Attacks Session Guessing Session Hijacking Session Fixation Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF)

Session Guessing Cryptographically week. Improper use of cryptography. Not enough entropy. Attacks Analyzing the session entropy. Finding session collisions.

Which Is The Weakest? Set-Cookie: SESID=1328802552... Set-Cookie: SESID=31b0b3ff82776a18a081973be4f8dd76... Set-Cookie: SESID=04ee313c76d3b90087bd333fe041b5c8f6dd19eb...

Session Hijacking Sessions are sent over HTTP. Lack of secure flag. Lack of HTTPOnly flag. Attacks Sniffing network traffic. Hijacking the session via XSS.

Sniffing The Network sudo tcpdump -i en1 -w session.pcap tcpdump -r session.pcap -A | grep ‘Set-Cookie:’ tcpflow -i en1

Session Fixation The session is created before login. The session is never expired. The session is user controlled. Attacks Obtain a valid session and send it for the victim to authenticate.

Session Fixation In Action 1. Ask for Cookie 2. Here is a Cookie Attacker App Victim 3. Set the Cookie 4. Use the Cookie

Cross-site Request Forgery Cookies are sent automatically. Attacks Forging of client-side requests.

CSRF In Action Attacker Victim App 1. Authenticate 2. Visits Site 3. Sends Payload

Security Controls Strong Session Token Correct Same Origin Policy Secure Flag HTTPOnly Flag Reduced Persistence

Lab Let's do some session management attacks.

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