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Published on August 16, 2019

Author: Chawtech123

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slide 1: Web application development: An overview The web application is an emerging business strategy which is getting adopted by almost all the business entities. The business firms are providing all types of business data and services to their clients through webs. Now a days every business firms want to operate their business by a secure and private network. Web application development Web application development is the way of developing and maintaining the software applications which are framed to use in web pages or providing a web-based solution. These types of developments concerned with modifying the programming languages such as Java and PHP which is necessary for developing the required application. The web development companies get multiple choice of languages which help them to make the application compatible with wide range of platforms and systems. Using the web application by business firms Now a days every business is dealing with varieties of product and they are creating separate web applications for each product. Customers can easily access these products by opening this web application they get all sorts of information about the products starting from product nature to price. In todays date every business organization are selling their product via online therefore the demand and uses of the web application by the business firms are increasing. Future of web application Similar to other software technology market this web application development market is also an emerging business and it will expand beyond the expectation because of the increasing demand of the web application development. A web application is providing a safe and secure application to the seller as well as buyer as per online money transaction is a concern. This web application development is increasing because of the increase in using smartphones. Over the next few years now it can be expected that many software engineers will go for startups for web application development services. The web application development model The Web application model is also similar to other software models which are based upon three tiers that are user services business services and data services. This model creates an application which bridges the gap between consumers and producers. The user services deal with helping the consumers to visualize the application and to know about the existing activities of the business firms. The business service deals with the marketing of the product selling of the product via online and paying for the product online. The user service then engages with business logic and methods form the business service. The last tier is data service which deals with the retrieving storing and updating the information of the business. In future web application will take new areas of development it will become more manual and less automated. slide 2: SourceLink:https://www.chawtechsolutions.com/web-mobile-development/web-application- development/

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