Web 2.0 - It's The Future!

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Information about Web 2.0 - It's The Future!

Published on February 5, 2014

Author: lindaeckert

Source: slideshare.net


This is a presentation to inform future educators about Web 2.0 and some of the features that are part of it!

WEB 2.0 ...It’s The Future!

For my presentation I chose... SLIDESHARE!!! www.slideshare.com



What is SlideShare? SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations. It is amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world. Besides presentations, SlideShare also supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars.


What is Google Calendar? Google Calendar can help assist teachers and students know when items are due and teachers can share what they want to share with the students for them to see what is coming up. Everything will be posted on the date that is due and this will help everyone have all the information needed to succeed in the classroom!


What is i>clicker? Download the free software, create your course, pass out the clickers, and begin polling. i>clicker does not require any sort of log-in procedure and every question asked is automatically captured and saved for review. You can register student remotes before class, in class, after class, or never at all!


What is SMART Board? SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard which helps improve learning. It combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer. It lets you deliver dynamic lessons, write notes in digital ink and save your work – all with the simple touch of a finger!

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