Web 2.0: It's a Whole New Internet!

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Information about Web 2.0: It's a Whole New Internet!

Published on June 8, 2008

Author: sbrandt

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: Web 2.0it’s a whole new internet One “target” at a time. : One “target” at a time. Slide 4: http://npsdd.pbwiki.com productivity >> instruction >> assessment Slide 5: Productivity Organize  Manage  Communicate Information @ our fingertips : Information @ our fingertips Problem… : Problem… Too many pages Too little time Solution: RSS : Solution: RSS Really Simple Syndication WithGoogle Reader… it’s easy! : WithGoogle Reader… it’s easy! Copy Paste Read + Electronic > Note Cards > Electronic? : Electronic > Note Cards > Electronic? Electronic > Note Cards > Electronic? : Electronic > Note Cards > Electronic? I Google, you Google, we all Google for… : I Google, you Google, we all Google for… iGoogle Dynamic Themes : iGoogle Dynamic Themes iGoogle: Overcast : iGoogle: Overcast iGoogle: Storming : iGoogle: Storming iGoogle: Snowing : iGoogle: Snowing iGoogle: Productivity? : iGoogle: Productivity? Customize with Google Gadgets Bookmarks Calendar To Do List Google Reader 100’s more! PageBull: Search Visually : PageBull: Search Visually ZapReader : ZapReader Social Bookmarking : Social Bookmarking Delicious EdTags Quality Lesson Plans : Quality Lesson Plans Discovery School Scholastic Thinkfinity (formerly MarcoPolo) DE Streaming Intel® Unit Plan Index Microsoft Education Intel® Story Finder : Intel® Story Finder Technology integration ideas Searchable Hands-on Time : Hands-on Time Surfing Efficiently Lesson Plan Databases Story Finder Integration Ideas Online Tutorials School-Home Communication :15 Slide 24: Instruction Develop  Deliver  Facilitate AB Tutor Control : AB Tutor Control Teacher Students AB Tutor Control : Lock all student computers (message) Watch all student screens Broadcast teacher’s screen Block Internet access Communicate with individual student Logoff / Shutdown all computers AB Tutor Control LCD Projector : Timer: Manage classroom activities Remote: More than on/off switch Freeze A/V Mute LCD Projector TeacherWeb: “Portal” : Your students’ window to the world List website links Upload assignments Post instructional resources TeacherWeb: “Portal” PowerPoint: Multi-media : Images Hyperlinks Music/Sound effects Video PowerPoint: Multi-media Picnik : Picnik SlideShare.net : SlideShare.net Mindomo: Mind Map : Mindomo: Mind Map Digital Storytelling : Digital Storytelling Pictures, video, audio, and music Software Programs PhotoStory MovieMaker Online Programs… ToonDoo : ToonDoo VoiceThread : VoiceThread Word 2007: Citations : Word 2007: Citations Online Video Services : Online Video Services Kleenex® is not the only tissue YouTube™ is not the only online video Blip.tv : Blip.tv Download YouTube? : Download YouTube? Interactive Whiteboard : Interactive Whiteboard Hands-on Time : Hands-on Time LCD Projector TeacherWeb Portal The Power of PowerPoint Mind Mapping Digital Storytelling Online Video Services Mimio: Interactive Whiteboard :15 Slide 42: Assessment Collect  Measure  Evaluate RubiStar : RubiStar Review Games : Review Games QuizStar : QuizStar SurveyMonkey : SurveyMonkey PollDaddy : PollDaddy Hands-on Time : Hands-on Time Rubrics Review Games Online Quizzes/Tests Online Surveys/Polls :15 You have two choices… : You have two choices… “Sit there, hoping things will get better (knowing they won’t).” : “Sit there, hoping things will get better (knowing they won’t).” Or reach for the next target. : Or reach for the next target. Slide 52: Web 2.0it’s a whole new internet Shawn Brandt Technology Integration Specialist New Prague Area Schools sbrandt@np.k12.mn.us http://www.np.k12.mn.us/TechIntegration

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