Web 2.0 for Business (in Malaysia)?

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Information about Web 2.0 for Business (in Malaysia)?

Published on February 6, 2008

Author: myPajamanation

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State of Technopreneurship and Web 2.0 readiness in Malaysia, especially in Penang by Nasir of Persatuan Usahawan ICT Pulau Pinang (ICTpenang.net). As presented during Penang Technopreneurship Dialog & Web 2.0 Sharing Session 2008 @ Bayview Hotel, Georgetown (1feb08)

Web 2 0 Business W b 2.0 & B i – Malaysia? Nasir Sobri: Are we there yet? www.ictpenang.net

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 Web 2 0 is W b 2.0 i easy… It’s about YOU… Just Wiki Just Google Just Do It: Blog website in minutes Blog… Don’t know 2.0? Join/Talk… Tech nites etc. Business with 2.0? In Malaysia?? We didn’t start the fire….

WWW.ICTPENANG.NET Web 2.0 Another b bbl ? A th bubble? Exciting times… Better playing level: Internet access in Malaysia in 1999 at ~10%. (broadband almost non non- existent); Today (2008) ~ 50% with good hopes for broadband (exceeding 1-million subscribers) Video ~ 2.5-min… (Web 2.0 needs a folk song!) 2.5 min… – fresh… (~200k views) – just humour (not mine)

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 BJ: B bbl 2.0 BJ Bubble 2 0

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 Survey 2 0 S 2.0 Press release - 17 Apr 2007 (also on NST Tech & U. 7may07) – 406 senior execs worldwide: “Almost 80% of corporations believe Web 2.0 Almost has the potential to increase revenues” - Economist Intelligence Unit (eiu.com) “CEOs more enthusiastic about Web 2 0 than CEOs 2.0 CFOs, middle managers” - FAST / EIUresources.com

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 Most popular sites for p p Malaysians (Alexa): 1. Yahoo – portal 2. Friendster – social networking 3. Google.com.my – search etc. 4. YouTube – video sharing 5. Google – international search 6. Windows Live – windows, hotmail, blog, media etc. 7. Myspace – social networking 8. Blogger – blogging host (Google’s) 9. Facebook – social networking + open platform 10. Wikipedia – collaborative info/reference (25x larger than Encyclopaedia Brittanica)

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 Next 10 (plus sites in (p Malaysia) 1. MSN – portal, IM 2. RapidShare – file sharing 3 3. Megaupload – file sharing 4. Onemanga – NEW! 5. Cari Malaysia – ‘pride n j y also social networking y p joy’, g 6. Lowyat.net – tech-centric forum 7. (censored) 8. Maybank2u – gotta bank! 9. Microsoft Corporation – office, enterprise, events etc. 10. 10 Crunchyroll (2006) – Singapore? Media sharing with Asian content 11. … 90% of Top-100 are Web 2.0-centric sites, mostly for creative sharing and networking…

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 Traffic R ll f W b 2 0 T ffi Roll for Web 2.0 Jan 2007-Jan 2008

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 Malaysia/SEA = F i d t L d M l i /SEA Friendster Land JAN 2008: US-based Friendster has 85% users from Southeast Asian countries of Philipines (37%), Malaysia (19%), Indonesia ( 5%), Singapore (14%) co pa ed o USA (15%), S gapo e ( %) – compared to US (100+ million Internet users – only 3.4%!) About FOUR (4) millions Malaysians have a Friendster web profile page. page Friendster is #1 in Philippines & Indonesia, #2 in Malaysia & Singapore, #62 in USA.

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 Competitiveness of Malaysia (“Malaysia Boleh!”) Malaysia #3 (US$3.6B/1.2% - AT Kearney, 2007) for outsourcing attractiveness behind ) g India (11.5%) & China (4.4%)… - Zdnet Asia Connectivity Scorecard (30jan08): #2 among efficiency and resource driven economies, behind Russia, but ahead of Chi h d f China, I di and S th Af i India d South Africa. IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook (2007): #4 in business efficiency #6 in government efficiency (PM: “better than Britain, Germany, Thailand, Spain, Japan, Thailand Spain Japan Russia and France Not bad huh?”) France. bad, huh? ) #8 overall.

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 Is Malaysia Blogging- y gg g Competitive Nation? Blogger.com (World’s Top-12) users come from these countries:- 1. United States13.0% 2. Brazil8.3% 3. Chile7.7% 4. 4 Singapore3 6% Singapore3.6% 5. Mexico3.5% 6. Argentina2.7% 7. India2.7% 8. Malaysia2.6% 9 9. France2.5% France2 5% 10. Spain2.3% 11. Venezuela2.3% 12. United Kingdom2.2%

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 CASE STUDY (2-wk project, 1-wk marketing) Penang Technopreneurs Dialogue & Web 2.0 Sharing 2008 (TODAY, Friday, 1 FEB ‘08) 15 JAN (Tue) - Proposed (memo): 18 JAN (Fri) - Website (info) up: 24 JAN (Thu) - Site registration live (announced internally via email etc.) 25 JAN (Fri) - First Penang meeting 28 JAN (Mon) – 30 signed up; web 2.0 at work – blogs, email groups (10,000+ nationwide, 100+ in Penang), facebook, IM etc. NO banners, no letters to agencies/companies, ZERO paid ads. 29 JAN (Tue) – 60 signed up; 30 JAN (Wed) – 100 signed up – we didn t even use forums yet! didn’t 1 FEB (Fri) – Event Day (111+ ppl signed up).

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 List -> Event -> People p Network

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 Malaysia tops biz y p networking too ;)! Crowdvine.com users come from these countries: 1. United States50.0% 2. Germany10.5% 3. United Kingdom6.4% 4. Malaysia5.9% 5. 5 India3 6% India3.6% 6. Canada2.7% 7. France2.3% 8. Portugal2.3% 9 9. Australia1.8% Australia1 8% 10. Belgium1.4% Where people go on Crowdvine.com: Wh l C d i 1. Web2berlin.crowdvine.com - 34% 2. Crowdvine.com - 15% 3. Ictpenang.crowdvine.com - 7% -- ;)

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 Web 2.0 besides marketing & socializing? Enterprise (ERP, CRM, Accounting etc) – Salesforce.com etc. MINDS – Idea Management System… E commerce E-commerce – Ebay Malaysia, Paypal, Lelong Malaysia Paypal Jobs – Jobstreet, Monster Malaysia V i / d ti it Various/productivity applications – G li ti Google l coming to Malaysia?? Misc… you, me, technopreneurs – start crunching!! Mobile 2.0??

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 So, Are W R d ? S A We Ready? Some of us are, even ahead! Mindvalley, Billadam… y, Top Bloggers – LiewCF, Kenny Sia, SZAB, Gobala raking RM10 000s/mth RM10,000s/mth. Homegrown Online Ads Network: Nuffnang, Advertlets Facebook Open Platform & Google Open Social MDeC is supporting us ;)

WWW.ICTPENANG.NET Web 2.0 Tengku Zafrul (15jan08 – CEO Series Talk): 17 Understand that we’re in the era of Web 2.0. Nearly everyone is connected and if you want to communicate y y with the public you are going to have to use the tools they use. Blogs and networking sites are not “out there”. They’re the Th ’ th communication t l of th new age. A d i ti tools f the And tomorrow there will be different ones. So talk to a lot of people, people get a sense of the trends and always be willing to modify your strategy. The key thing is to communicate and you do whatever it takes. Web 2.0 by nasir@ictpenang.net

WWW.ICTPENANG.NET Web 2.0 TengkuZafrul.com Blog (continued) 18 A CEO today has to be hands-on. He or she cannot delegate and go out for another round of golf. That may have been what it was like before b t that time has passed Yo need to know what’s but passed. You kno hat’s going on at every level. Things are likely to slip if you let them. It helps if you’re an insomniac especially when you find yourself in meetings at three in the morning. You have to learn to be a performer because most likely you will be the face of the company and if people like and trust you, they will like and trust your company… Being a CEO is not a glamour [sic] job job. It just appears that way. Do you have the stomach for it? Web 2.0 by nasir@ictpenang.net

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 LOCAL RESOURCES ICTpenang.net MiRC.org.my – Tech Nites, ICT Week etc. ITsociety.MMU.edu.my, ITsociety MMU edu my IEEE Computers etc. etc Ruby Brigade Malaysia (Googlegroups, Facebook etc.) TheCicak.com / Webwatch.com.my, iTutor.net Tech communities – Lowyat.net, Putera, WM, Sifoo etc. etc MDeC, USM, UUM etc? Microsoft, Sun, Google, IBM… g Periodicals: Star In.Tech, NST Tech&U, BH, HM, PC.com Malaysia, PC com Malaysia SME Magazine etc etc. Google for “penang technopreneur”, “web 2.0 malaysia” for blogs etc…

www.ictpenang.net Web 2.0 We W need more… d Digital LIVE TV & radio (community/independent) Podcasts like Radio Leo, Godaddy Live, GBTV, EpicFu, Textra, DL.tv etc. p , , Talk shows Local periodicals (good start with “Sinar”) Sinar ) Mega events – MDeC bring Tim/Ito/web2expo to Malaysia? ;) M l i ? ) Academic – Industry collaborations

nasir@ictpenang.net | http://ictpenang.net ( (016) 41-nasir ) WWW.ICTPENANG.NET

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